CPX Centre Review: Don’t Wait Monetize Your Blog Right Away

CPX Centre is one of the best ad serving platforms which is more reliable and is also affordable ad serving platform.

CPX centre provides software to websites and advertisers to serve their ads on their websites with ease.  It provides in-depth analysis of the ads and its real performing capability.

Actually, CPX centre was started in 2012 and the company has evolved on its base. It has continuously updated its technologies and is providing the best ad service .

This is an all in one platform for advertisers, publishers and also the affiliates.

Let’s have a clear view of CPX Centre:

CPX Centre is the part of popular known Yes Up Media Inc. It’s one of the leading marketing firms in Canada. It has worldwide projects as well. CPX centre has come up with aim to serve the ads in an effective manner. In the short span of time the company has evolved beyond its potential and it’s now used by top brands and big named companies like CPAInventory and Popsile etc.

CPX Centre has helped in offering latest technologies. It has maintained its potencies from the start as well and is continuously improving its tools and has improvised many features. CPX centre is helpful for all the advertiser and mainly affiliates and publishers as well.

Let’s know about the features and platforms CPX Is offering:

CPX Centre:

CPX Centre has great built in feature included in its powerful ad serving performance which is far more reliable than any other software.

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CPXCentre offers all the inbuilt systems to ad networks and also provides the individual affiliates to create the campaign. You can also try different approaches such as Cost per action (CPA), Cost per Visitor (CPV), Cost per click (CPC), and Cost per Impression (CPM).

This company has a new technology called traffic quality index technology where it shows the built in traffic and your sites performance by auditing your sites and establishing a trust between you and your advertisers to produce best information and profits as well.

This CPX also offers a new variety of tools for affiliates and ad networks to track there campaign’s with he advanced analytics and to monitor their performances.

Now we are sayings it’s helpful for all of the merchants and affiliates and all the publishers. Now let me define how they can really help you.


Generally, Merchants have a lot of problem while launching their own affiliate program. So to remove all their stress and to make their work easier, CPX centre plays a crucial role. It’s the best online sales driven tool you will love forever. Merchants can boost their sales effectively because of its unique features and easy interface.

Features for Merchants:

Complete control: The CPX Centre gives the complete control over full details and analysis of the affiliates and online process. Merchants have complete control on their product.

Real time reports: CPX centre is having a real time report’s features where it shows your links and the sales that are happening etc. Real time reports help you to concentrate on the products and help you in increasing the sales.

Private label branding: CPX centre has this unique features private label branding. By using private label branding you can increase reputation of your product.

Self Serve interface: CPX Centre has the self serve interface which is a new approach to customer relation management (CRM). CRM is the essential part to improve customer’s experiences.

Brings new customers:  CPX centre always provides the best and good quality to customers who are tempted to buy products. CPX centre has particularly taken care of this because they always assure their customers satisfactions.


Affiliate marketing has been a huge boost to many online marketers because many have earned handsome amount of money through affiliate network. As the world changes, to managing affiliate’s links and affiliate marketing process has been a nightmare for many internet marketers. And the affiliate link tracking has been so worse that normal bloggers and affiliates marketers are tired with. So if you are one of them, then for all of you CPX centre is the best solution.

CPX centre is the most powerful software for affiliates and it’s also called as ultimate affiliate tracking software.

Features for Affiliates:

Advanced tracking: This is the great feature for which CPX is famous. The software analysis, the link tracking is done in a perfect manner, where you can easily understand what’s going on with the product.

This advanced tracking includes the best tracking features as well.

Those are:

  • Server to servers tracking: In affiliate marketing to track the moment of the customer from first click to the last step until they buy can be tracked using server to server tracking. It identifies all the server activities which are done by the customer including ad impression. When the customer previously has got an ad impression and when he comes again to purchase then the unique Id will be matched and identifies the unique identifier back to the tracking server.
  • Image pixel tracking: It’s nothing but tracking the little piece of code which is containing the image that is inserted on a webpage or in an email to track the details of affiliate links.
  • Mobile tracking sdk: Mobile tracking is just by choosing an excellent sdk to analyses the conversions and tracking through the mobile apps.

Best tracking uptime ever:  The CPX Centre tracks your sales as quickly as possible. It is having an uptime of 99.99% for tracking results. It’s that fast in tracking.

Cloud based: The CPX centre is a 100% cloud based system where there will be no threats of losing data and security threat in our end. And it’s also globally distributed.

Advertiser (ad networks):

Ad network Advertisers always wanted to advertises on websites where they can get best sales or conversions for their products. They always want the ad space as they like. So for all the keen advertisers over there, CPX is the best choice for you all.

Features for Advertisers:

Exchange traffic: You can easily exchange your traffic and exchange your offers to the others networks. There are hundreds of others networks present.

Real time reports: CPX centre provides the perfect real time reports which include the statistics of the ads like how many views you receive, the percentage of new customers, followers’ reports and social media statistics etc.

Automatic Optimizations: Traffic coming to your site will be automatically optimized and helps you to bring more traffic through the optimization process.

Next generation API Suite:  CPX Centre produces next generation API Suite for the customer to show them more cryptographic grams and management suit which is configured specially to make API management easier.

Tracking statistics: CPX centre tracks all the platforms and devices including mobiles. And also it tracks each and every metrics to give the clear reports.

CPX Centre gives more and more benefits like stronger control and also helps you to build mutual benefits relationship.

These are the few reasons which tend to attract all the merchants, affiliates and advertiser to use this CPX centre and it’s also having even more features and all features works better than normal software.

Cost is pretty affordable:

CPX Centre is affordable and reliable than the other ad networks platforms when compared with them. CPX Centre offers such huge features for less and affordable rate for every blogger and marketer.

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The basic plan is just for $9 per month and gives you a 100,000 monthly impressions and 100,000 clicks. If you want any additional clicks and impression then they charge $0.5 per thousand additional clicks other than that limit and $0.8 for thousand Additional impressions.

It’s best to opt as per your own desired plan from the pricing list. As it’s having the standard Package for $9 for a month and if you want to pay it annual then you can grab a $65 per month plan. And rest two packs are expensive for normal marketers but if you are business person then it’s pretty affordable.

You can also try this for 30-Day it’s having a free trail and it’s not like other ad networks who ask for credit card details for trail. Here there is no need of credit card you can simply sign up and login and use it.

CPX Centre Support:

CPX Centre is also know popular for its friendly support because they respond frequently and resolve your problems as quickly possible as they know the value of time. The support can be easily reached through telephone or through email.

Let’s finally know about the unknown features where I will say about its pro and cons.


  • Tag management feature where you can easily insert and control third party tags easily
  • Dynamic member’s area that you can customize to your Dashboard as you like.
  • Multiple targeting options such as ISP, Channel, Geo.
  • Multiple tenancy management which allows you to manage unlimited number of advertisers.
  • They care about your Brand security and keep all campaigns safe by thoroughly scanning them before they go live.
  • They have an ability to calculate the quality of traffic using data analysis and third party audit services.
  • Comprehensive reports that give a clear idea of your expenditure and earning activities.
  • Flexible payment option that lets you choose your preferred payment method.
  • Product branding features helps a lot.
  • Their Support staffs are very kind and help to resolve problem quickly.


  • CPX doesn’t support the keyword targeting.


If you really want to be a best affiliate marketer, you must track each and every detail. So for you all the CPX Centre is the one of the best solution at affordable rate. Same as others CPX is very useful to mark your way more profitable and lead you to success.

Hope this helps you if you have any sort of doubts comment us in our comment sections.


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