Content Strategy in 2018: 3 Tips to Maximize Your Results


Web content refers to anything and everything that you can read, see or listen to on any given website or social media page, so it’s pretty obvious that content marketing is the single most important aspect of online marketing, because without it, marketing just cannot exist. However, it’s 2018 and that means the content you will post now or that which is already on your sites, needs to be updated accordingly. Here are three important tips to help you do just that.

Content Strategy in 2018 3 Tips to Maximize Your Results

Quality Over Quantity

There was a time when it was possible to end up on top of the Google search engine result pages (SERP) just by spamming the search results with multiple, similar content, related to certain keywords, but those times are well and truly gone. Quality of the content plays a big role now and spinning articles on one topic with software just doesn’t work anymore. There are of course, multiple other SEO factors that affect Google page rankings, but know that quality, relevance and uniqueness of the content plays a huge role. Besides, even if you do manage to attract your target audience with sub-par content initially, most of them will likely not come back if they find the language to be sloppy and the content to be irrelevant to what they had searched for. Concentrate on producing unique and high-quality content regularly that’s relevant to your keywords, rather than trying to upload too much content on the topic by sacrificing on quality.

Domain Authority

Domain authority pertains to the trustworthiness and reliability of your blog or website and higher domain authority is directly linked to posts and other content being placed higher on the SERPs. There are other complex factors that affect a page’s domain authority, but you can check some of the important content related aspects below.

  • High quality web content is essential, as discussed earlier
  • Regular, steady uploading of quality content
  • Natural integration of high-value links and keywords within the content

Make the Titles Interesting and Relevant

Even before someone begins reading or viewing what’s inside, they read the title of your post, which comes up on the SERPs, social media news feeds or just directly on your blog. This means that the title needs to be interesting and relevant to the topic and keywords you are targeting. There’s also the question of your topics being relevant to your customer base because they are the ones you are targeting after all. To achieve this, use the Title Generator and customize the results until you find something that suits all the necessary criterions. The best content in the world would be wasted and remain unseen if people don’t find the title to be interesting enough to click through. Just don’t ever use misleading titles because that is a sure way to have your site blacklisted fast.

As the years roll by and AI in search engines become more and more enhanced, the three points we just discussed will become even more important. Content marketing isn’t going anywhere, but the way we market content needs to become even more refined than ever before.

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