A Simple Tweak to Change Headings from Upper Case to Title Case in WordPress

How to Change Headings From Upper Case to Title Case

Are you stuck off with the uppercase  titles and searching for – How to Change Headings from Upper Case to Title Case in WordPress? Do not worry. Here you will get the solution.

Just Suppose, I published a post with the title How to Find Out Your Competitor’s Keywords (Try a Smarter Way) and it’s all showing in capital letters. Just like the below image.

Change Upper Case Headings to Title Case

It will look awkward to the visitors and they will feel difficulty in reading the title and other headings which are in upper case.

I was facing the same issue with one of my old blog theme. Each heading (h1,h2……h3) was shown in the upper case. I was looking for a simple trick to alter it.

Firstly, I thought to make use of any plugin that could do it easily. Then I realized that it could be done without taking help of any plugin. If I get to able to do this without using any plugin, then I could make my blog safe from the burden of one more plugin as I am already using several Plugins on my blog.

Hence, I searched for – How to Change headings upper case to lower in WordPress? I got many answers, but they weren’t pointing to the complete procedure to do so.

As I am from the tech background and a little efficient in Php. I took this responsibility of making changes in the case of Headings.

I had already known that the code I need to make changes will be found in the CSS file. Now I had to find the properties that can convert all the headings into title case.

I researched on it and become able to make changes. Here is the procedure that you can easily follow when you find this issue in your blog headings.

How to Change Headings from Upper Case to Title case in WordPress?


You can easily do it if you have admin rights. I am carrying the admin rights for my blog, so I did it very easily. What I did first was – just went to the WordPress dashboard. Then Apprearence>Editor.

Wordpress Editor

In the editor section, you can edit most of the files of your WordPress. You should be seeing a list of files at left side. You have to find the stylesheet file that has the extension (.css).

Stylesheet file basically contains the CSS code of your WordPress. It controls all the styling features. Once you get the file. You need to take the next step.


Open the CSS file and look for the “text-transform” property. You might be asked to provide rights to access this file as it is very crucial to your WordPress. You should not make changes in it until you know about it properly.

You could take an easy approach to find this property. Just open your browser’s search box and type “text-transform”. By this method,  you can easily spot this property in the CSS file.

As you found the code, it should look like the below screenshot-

Change Upper Case Title
Change Upper Case Title

Just change the property value from ‘uppercase’ to ‘title-case’. You may directly copy from here without single inverted comma.


Now update the file and clear the cache. All the headings will begin to show in title case. Looking better now. Isn’t it?

Change Upper Case Headings to Title Case

It was such any easy way that anybody can use to convert headings from upper case to title case. I wrote this post for the bloggers who love to do things in an easy way. If you really loved this post, just share it on social media.


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