Fix HID-Compliant Touch Screen Driver Missing on Windows 10

I must say, with time, many bugs of Windows 10 are being reported through users. The good thing is Microsoft is taking continuous feedback and trying to solve those problems through new windows updates. HID-Compliant Driver Missing is one of those very common issues people are facing after upgrading to … Read more

[Fixed] kmode_exception_not_handled windows 10

The KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED is a blue screen of death error which doesn’t let you install any software or program on your Windows 10 PC. Many Windows 10 users have been facing this issue on their systems which make them frustrating. This error could be casued by many reasons such as hardware … Read more

Fix: You need Permission from Trustedinstaller Windows 10

TrustedInstaller is a built-in user account in Windows 10 which can handle a variety of system files, system folder, registry keys and pretty much everything. Many times, when you want to delete or install something on the Windows 10 PC, it pops up a message “Folder Access denied.” To resolve … Read more

[FIXED] Razer Synapse Not Working on Windows 10/8/7

Computers are designed to work with plenty of other devices, and when it comes to choosing the perfect device for your computer, there are many brands available. If you’ve been using different types of razer devices on your computer, Razer Synapse comes to rescue. This driver software manages all of … Read more