How to Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error in Windows 10

Blue screen errors are one of the most frustrating kinds of errors in Microsoft Windows. These errors can be caused by a number of possible reasons and make your system reboot which can be quite frustrating. Also known as a BSOD error, the blue screen of death errors have a … Read more

Find WiFi Password Windows 10

It’s quite normal to forget the WIFI password. I remember an incident. My younger sister had some net issue in her mobile, so she asked for the Wifi password. I was not in touch with my Laptop. It tried to recall the WIFI password, but nothing worked. Such incidents occur … Read more

How to Fix Driver Power State Failure in Windows 10

If you guys are going through this article then you might have encountered a common problem in Windows 10 OS known as the DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE error( also called error 0x0000009F). This problem is displayed on the screen as “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) error. Before giving the solution … Read more