How to Turn your Laptop into a Home Security System? Grab the Best Ways

Do you know that your laptop can work as a home security system for any of your rooms? Several apps run your laptop as a home security system. Many of them are free and easy to use. However, you can go for a fully-featured app for some monthly fee and enjoy their premium features.

One of the greatest apps is Yawcam. It’s free and easy to use. Although it gives all the basic features for free, you can always take its premium version for uploading FTPs.

Can You Use Your Laptop as a Home Security Camera

Let’s Start

I know you are so excited about knowing about your laptop’s other avatar where it can secure your home. However, it would be best to make some changes before using its home security feature.

Go to the power saver settings and choose to prevent it from being powered off after a while. If you change it and put your laptop in plugged-in condition, it will never go in sleep mode. Hence your webcam will be in working condition.

If you don’t make this change, then the laptop will sleep after 5 minutes, and your webcam will follow, and it won’t record footage. Um! A CCTV camera does not work like that.

If you are worried about the power saving, you can keep the monitor in dim screen light, and you wake the monitor up with the motion that Yawcam supports.

How to do it?

  1. Go to the battery option, which is found in the bottom right corner.
  2. Click on Power and sleep settings.
  3. Choose the never option from the dropdown that controls Power while in charging mode.

How to Setup Yawcam software?

Let’s find out what to do to setup Yawcam on your PC:

  1. Download Yawcam and Install it on your PC.
  1. Open the Yawcam console and go to the settings tab.
  1. Go to Device- Change the default option to integrated camera.
  1. Choose you would like the output to come as file or FTP or HTTP or stream. I selected a file for demonstrating purposes.
  1. Choose Motion Detection from the window tab.
  1. Go to the action tab and choose settings next to Save Video.
  1. Select a file location where you want to save your data and click OK.
  1. Click on the check box which is just next to Save Image and close the window.
  1. Now, you have to go to the Yawcam setings, select enable next to motion.

What is other software that makes your PC into a home security system?

It’s not just Yawcam that converts your PC into a home security system; some other apps let you do that.

1. iSpyConnect

It is an open-source program that is a leading one in the security field. It goes well with almost all the cameras like webcam, IP, or USB-based cameras.

The good thing about iSpyConnect is that you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere as it allows you to access the live videos from

But why would someone use iSpyConnect? The reason is simple that it is open-source software that has its benefits. Using this program, you can add plugins like reading license plate detail, barcode scanning, etc. It is only possible because it is an open-source program.

2. Ivideon

Ivideon is another great program that lets you use your system like a home security system. There are two variants of this software. One can be used indoor as well as outdoor. It has features like hybrid storage systems for large-scale use.

Ivideon runs on Android and iOS, which most mobile users use. This gives you a view of 125 degrees and notifies you of any activity which is not normal. It is smart because it starts recording whenever it feels something suspicious around.

The recordings taken by Ivideon are automatically stored on your PC, which you can view later in case you missed anything important. If you want to access cloud storage, you can get it by paying a subscription fee.

3. Contacam

Contacam is one of the most important surveillance software on our list. It is an easy-to-use software that can be launched quickly as it is a lightweight program.

This software can be used in two different ways. You can either set it to record in any condition where it records continuously, or you can set it in such a way when there is any motion detection, it starts recording.

You will be notified via email about any suspicious activity. Since it has a web interface and supports FTP uploads, you can view its recordings anywhere.

The software can be used in many camera options like webcam, WDM devices, IP cameras, DV devices, etc. When used in USB cameras, it can record audio too. Isn’t it smart?

4. NetCam Studio

NetCam Studio is another great software that helps you convert your PC into a home security system. It comes in free and paid options. Till the time you don’t need two video sources side-by-side, you can continue using its free version. However, when you need two screens together, you will be required to take the paid version.

You can get all the alerts through a web interface or on your smartphone to avoid missing any important alerts. This software has motion, and speed detection features that record videos only when required.

You can use it as a smart home device to play some sound and turn on the lights.

It can be used to record your home videos, office videos, children’s videos, etc.

Final Verdict

It is clear enough that your PC can efficiently act as a home security system. It would be best to have the right software and some settings on your PC to keep you awake while recording. Some programs work as per your actions. You can choose the correct action and start operating them for the best security.

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