Can I Use Robinhood on PC? Here is Everything You want to Know

Can I Use Robinhood on PC Here is Everything You want to Know.

Robinhood is one of the most popular free stock trading applications. It is from 2013 you can use it on Android and iOS. In both, the devices you can simply work and trade but using it on Computer or PC is the biggest problem. So the main question that comes to everyone’s mind is that can we use Robinhood on PC, Macs, and Desktop?

Robinhood in its official blog post in 2017 has disclosed its web version which will help Robinhood to open on a computer as well. Most people have thought that it would be difficult for them to use over web comparison to smartphones. But Nothing is like that. It has the same features and display. It has a very neat and simple interface which did not scare any viewer to trade over there. If you have to use the mobile app, the web has the same look and it is even easier to work there. 

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Robinhood on Computer

For desktop Robinhood has a web app called “Robinhood for web”. Like other sites and apps, you have to log in first and you will be welcomed with a simple display. You can easily understand everything while using this site.

Just like other sites, you will see a dashboard interface while you log in there. You can have a glance at how stocks perform over a certain length of time. In the corner, you see the stock you purchased and can even see how they react in past hours, weeks, months, or years. It is just like using the mobile app.

There are many features which we can discuss all day long. But we need to discuss this amazing and informative feature which you can come across using Robinhood for web”. While searching any stock you can see their charts and analyze them very well. Even you can find news and article related to that particular stock which will be helpful while buying any stock.

Here you can even check the movement of stock whether it is going upward or downward. You will get a news feed that will contain a link to the article of the stock which you are thinking to buy and searching for a long time.

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Does Robinhood have a PC App?

Everyone can use Robinhood on PC. It is simpler to use and you will need an online version of it. Robinhood cannot give different features in each device so it comes with all same features as you have in your phone and computer.

Though the interface is a bit different. It is very user-friendly, all you need to do is log in and trade your stock. The best thing about Robinhood is that on this platform you will find a commission-free feature. Plus, it will help beginners how to trade in different sectors and resources.

Does Robinhood Have a Mac App?

Yes, Robinhood provides its services for Mac users. Just log on to the official app and you will be ready to use all the available features. The users with US accounts have an edge here, they can install the extension on their Mac to use this platform. You can easily install the extension from the Mac App Store and add it to your browser.

This extension helps you a lot by delivering different features like real-time access to your account so that you can easily track your account performance.

Can you download Robinhood on the Computer?

Currently, you won’t find Robinhood to directly download on a computer. You can choose options like a web version to access your portfolio and learn to trade. But, there is one way that will help you to download Robinhood on the computer. Bluestack is an Android emulator application that will help you to download Robinhood on your computer. You can download this extension and feature a smooth experience in your investing.

After downloading, go to the play store on the app. There you will find a search button which will help you to find any app which you can download on mobile, now from there you can download it on your computer. Search Robinhood app, and check the app and then download it.

After downloading successfully you can easily use all the features of Robinhood on your computer. Log in and check whether it works properly. Trade some stocks. The best feature of using Robinhood on the computer is you can check all the charts and analyze them by just hovering your mouse. You can click on any stock or crypto, you will find an order ticket that will help you to buy and sell.

Bottom Line

Using Robinhood on the computer is a very good experience when you are just a beginner. You can trade your stock or crypto by analyzing them. You don’t even have to worry about your asset and information as it has prioritized security, which will make it safe.

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