3 Strategies to Build Your Personal Brand and Driving Traffic from Facebook

Build Authority and Drive Traffic from Facebook

Bloggers and business owners always strive to get traffic to their blogs and sites but mostly they aren’t getting traffic to their sites.

It always frustrates the bloggers and webmasters.

Now, if you try hard to get more traffic and more conversions, then you don’t have to hover over all the blogs and look for lots of resources.

Here I am going to say few techniques which you can implement easily. They can help you build your personal brand and driving huge traffic to your website.

You might be thinking how could it be possible?

But I would say it’s possible.

The solution for your traffic is a social media platform.

Facebook is having a potential to get some massive free traffic to your site without costing you a penny for ads.

You might think

How Facebook can get You traffic?

Facebook can bring a massive free traffic because it is the world’s largest social media network and  I don’t have to say it, I think you all know about it.

Coming to stats, Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users. And with those numbers you can have an idea that how much traffic you can get from.

Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users

A survey which was conducted by Shareaholic proved that Facebook had driven almost 25% of all web traffic. Although, this was 2014 you can imagine how much impact it will be having in 2016 and upcoming days.

A survey which was conducted by Shareaholic

I think now you are convinced about the Facebook traffic. Right?????

Now, let’s dive into the topic and let’s see how you can get the massive free traffic from Facebook.

3 Ways to Build Authority and Drive Traffic from Facebook:

Here I am going to mention 3 effective means to build authority on Facebook and drive traffic to your websites.

1. Make Your Content Share-Worthy To Get Massive Shares:

Make your content share-worthy so that people can share your content and brings you an enormous amount of traffic.

Usually, People always love to share some great content with their friends and family.  If they found your content helpful or funny, they always like to share it with their buddies.

For suppose if 20 members visited your website and only two people loved your content and shared with their 100 friends on Facebook. Then simply imagine how much traffic you can get from that post sharing. Two others may like it in that list of 100, and they will share, and it will go on and brings you a massive amount of traffic.

It’s just lots of traffic so, always create content which is share-worthy to get massive traffic.

Now you might be thinking how to build a share-worthy content?

If you have this question hovering over your mind, then don’t worry I am going to explain it.

Well, to create a share-worthy content you need to create content that attracts lots of eyeballs.

Let’s see how to create content that attracts visitor’s eyeballs.

–> Include Curiosity And Emotion:

If you desire to take your content viral, then all you need to do is include some share triggers of emotions to your Facebook posts to attract people.

Most of the people are so emotional and curious to learn new things. These types of people are all over the social media. Now here all you have to do is create a post which is triggered by anxiety and amusement.

Show them the anxiety in your post content and amuse them with your title.

Have you ever thought that Why Buzzfeed articles remain in Trends of Facebook?

Why would that happen always?


It happens because Buzzfeed always uses emotional share triggers and funny triggers to share their content. So it always amazes the visitors with its good headlines.

BuzzFeed always sprinkles all types of emotions in their posts, and they also include feelings in call to actions and the post they write and social media platform they are sharing. That’s why they get lots of shares.

–> Use Engaging Call To Action:

Call to action is a brilliant way to convert you visitors into the lead and also if it’s utilised in the perfect way then it best to get massive traffic to your site.

Most of you might already know the importance of the call to actions.

So, I don’t stress on that too much.

I only say that call to action is one of the primary element which is useful to get massive traffic to your site.

In fact, call to action works far more surprising than your research you might already have seen them on all the favourite blogs and popular social media accounts as well.

Use a strong call to action which always converts. Let’s see a strong call to action which is known by all of us.

Have a glance at Evernote’s call to action which is pretty amazing its starts with “Remember Everything” – site audience can easily understand its definition why they actual lands on this starting page itself.


Increase you shares by actually making your audience easy to understand when they have a look at the article or page in an instant.

And also specify to share your content, it definitely brings more traffic and shares for your site.

–> Use Power Words:

Power words are always a smarter option to choose in any content or optimising content.

For ex: “JOIN US”, “SIGN UP” are the similar phrases with little variety, but these words have their importance. They are many power words which you can use in your posts to boost your content.

These power words make your content stronger and encourage users to share your content on Facebook too because people tends to attract naturally for power words. It is proved in Phycology as well.

So using power words not only helps you to go your content viral as well as it drives traffic to your content.

So, use as many important power words in your title or headline to your post as long as it looks natural.

See this example:

neil patel video

Which one you would rather share:

The Step by step guide to creating money making a blog in 47 minutes?


Guide to building money making blog?

Here mostly people share the 1st one because it has some attractive power words like step by step guide, and also it mentions time. Which is far easier to understand and it’s clear.

So, always opt to choose power words in your title and make it attractive. You can also use the blog idea generators to get some impressive titles. Plug in your keyword and create compelling titles from them.

Along with these, always make sure that you have social sharing options to share your content freely even by non-friendly users as well.

Make it dead easy to share your article, because when people hover over your article simply encourage them to share your content rather than leaving them without sharing.

2. Make Your Content Visually Appealing:

Like you, all may know that Facebook is a huge social media, where people love to share visual content. I have seen most of the popular pages and got an idea that people who tend to share their content always do get attracted by their amazing visuals.

Whenever people tend to share content they always see whether they are visual appealing or not. In many cases, they even don’t read the full article, and they blindly share your post because of the fun image.

So, always try to share a visually appealing content and this brings lots of shares, clicks and engagement for your blog post.

To create a ravishing image, you don’t have to be an expert in designing. You can use online tools like Canva and Picmonkey to include your text and create excellent images for your posts.

If you don’t want to create then, you can make use of the stock images sites like pixabay, pexels and Bigstock, etc.

Even they are far more stock image sites which produce lots of pictures. This list can help you if you want to find the large stock images for your posts.

Whenever you create an image or design graphics for your Facebook Users or use a stock picture, always make sure that they fit within the ideal Facebook image sizes because it ensures that image will display nicely.

The standard sizes are given below:

  • Square: 470 * 470 pixels
  • Landscape: 1200 * 628 pixels (Best)
  • Portrait: 500 * 700 pixels

After you create your image, then make sure you set that image as a Meta image. So that people won’t have any trouble in sharing that article with that picture.

Mostly on Facebook you can find that whenever you post a link it won’t show few images correctly and it just show regular post without a picture.

So, to avoid those cases you can use Facebook Debug Tool. Just scrap your link and then debug the errors.

To make sure whether that the image is correct or not you can use Yoast Seo Plugin to add an open graph.

yoast seo plugin

With Yoast Seo plugin, you can even set Meta description and titles for Facebook.

3. Drive Traffic By Starting A Facebook Group:

The best way to get traffic for your website nowadays is the Facebook group. I have practically seen many groups, and I have posted and checked results of few posts.

I found that usually posting to Facebook accounts create less engagement compared to the Group posts.

By setting up a Facebook group, you can simply get lots of engagement to your posts, and you can also discuss the events and other activities on your Facebook Group itself.

As your group grows, your authority also increases with your group and so as your engagement.

Facebook groups not only offer the kickass opportunities for market research and traffic but also to get lots of suggestion on your content as well.

Creating a group has been an easy task through Facebook. If you want to create a group, then you can do in a couple of minutes. It’s that easy.

So to start a group and drive traffic you should think about the position of your Facebook group.

Here you can either position your Facebook group around some events, course or challenges. You can also do with the website and business in a general group, and if you want to be specific, then you can pick your niche and industry topic.

You must have a clear idea of why you are starting your Facebook group either it is to build your brand or to drive massive traffic to your blog or to increase affiliate sales.

You must think about those and just come to a clear view before creating a group

Here if you want to open a group for your brand or website, then you have to create a strategy accordingly. As per my experience, you should follow the below tips to build a successful blog. I have observed those tips by visiting several engaging groups on the Facebook.

  • Don’t always push your content in the group.
  • Don’t be over promotional.
  • Follow the 80:20 rule. 80% others content and 20% yours. Let other members allows to share their content.
  • Increase the engagement in the group by sharing, like and commenting on the posts in the group.
  • Share secret tips of your niche that can help other group members.
  • Ask Questions and reply to queries.
  • Organise giveaway time to time.
  • Have the moderators as per the size of the group.
  • Have clear rules and regulation for the group members.
hellbound bloggers FB group

The HellBound Bloggers Facebook Group is such a group I would love to mention here. You can find all the above-written characteristics in this group.

So, think about that and now let’s dive into the creating process.

Creating your Facebook group is an easy task – under the down arrow at the top left-hand corner of your personal Facebook profile page—which means it comes right after the privacy settings button. Once you click on it, you’ll see an option “Create group” click on it.

create new group in fb

When you click on that create a group you can find a pop up like this.

–> Name your group:  It better to name your group with your brand name if you want to improve your personal brand. Or else you can use some other names but always make sure that your group name is somewhat easy to pronounce and to understand.

–> Add Some People: After that add some people you can to add in that group and just pick the group as a closed group if you want to stay away from others or else you can keep your group as a public group.

–> Select Privacy: The huge groups are far best than the open groups so now after creating your group just fill all your details and as an average Facebook profile add your Facebook cover and set a compelling description for your group.

select privacy

After that set your group tags, these tags will help people to find your group so always try to add relevant tags to your groups.

Set a pinned post for your group either it may be a welcome note or rules and regulations and some of your valuable content etc. you can set that as pinned post.

To achieve better results from your pinned post set a call to action because you are targeting more traffic to your site its best to establish a call to action for your pinned post.

If you want to interact with you users more frequently on Facebook groups, then you can link to your Facebook group from your website.

Make your group a healthy crowded place by adding more members to your group. You can even approach your email subscribers to join your group by an email.

After you set everything on your group now, just aim for the discussion and post the highly relevant content and also encourage other members to post their research posts and give some suggestion for them.

By doing this, you can build your authority, and also you can increase your website traffic because of your engaging group members.

–> Answer Questions with Your Content:

If you find any queries on your group, then you can respond them with a pleasing and relevant answer. Here just share your blog or sites content which is relevant to that content. This gives a chance to increase your traffic.

These are the 3 primary ways to improve your authority and bring massive traffic from Facebook.


This is all about build authority and driving massive traffic from Facebook. It can drive huge traffic to your site. You just need to optimise your content as per the needs of Facebook. The facebook users share, like and comment only on interesting content and in the desire of consuming similar kind of content, they visit your site.

You can convert those visitors into loyal readers or subscribers. It completely relies on what you want to achieve through blogging.

If you are using any other unique method to drive traffic from Facebook, do let me know via your comment.

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