How to Build a Modern WordPress Website and Stay Trendy for a Long Time

So, you have decided to start your site. The idea is great… you have content and passion, and what is more – you wish to share your vision with the world. What else might you require?

Naturally, you start your website, and it takes some expertise to succeed. For some newbies, the idea of creating their website might seem frightening as they lag in HTML and CSS proficiency. With WordPress, however, this is not the case. The majority of instruments you may require are already on the site, so you can find some useful tools to accomplish the task.

Still not sure?

This article will explain how to build your website with WordPress and stay trendy in turbulent 2021.

How do I Build My Website?

In the beginning, think about the platform you wish to go with. This will definitely give you some food for thought as your platform should contain all the tools for your task’s website.

Thus, if you are into e-commerce, go with WordPress as it comprises 21% of the successful website globally, Australian Research Agency reports. It has popular plug-in called WooCommerce which includes all necessary tools for your site’s popularity and everything needed to promote your shop.

Still, this is not the only option you can go with.

1#. Choose Your Site Type

As was mentioned above, some sites may require a different toolset from our today’s topic. You can take a look at these landing page builders to pick the one that suits your objective most.

If your site heavily relies on imagery, Unbounce might be your best pic, while if you are into e-commerce, you may go with Wix or Squarespace.

Still, we stick to WordPress as the one rich in plug-ins and an efficient toolbox to start your business.

2#. Select Your Theme

WordPress already created some outstanding websites that have a large following and are synonyms for good taste.

You can get your inspiration from The Obama Foundation or Houston Zoo to see how well they utilize themes and general site layouts. This approach will certainly give some insight into how the professional site will look like in the end.

Remember that your theme is the way others see your vision, so choose wisely. You can try Generaptress, Thrive OR Astra. All of them are my favorites themes and you can create any type of website with them

3. Choose Domain Name

Create your domain name that can be recall easily. A domain is a url basically that will show your site to the user once he or she puts it into the web browser.

It descirbe your site type in brief. A domain holds so much importance so choose it wisely. Always choose a brandable name that is easy to pronounce.

Few trusted domain name sellers are Namecheap, Nameslio, Bigrock, etc.

4. Decide Upon Website Structure & Design

Start building your page with Gutenberg – it edits your interface and website overview though dragging information into the blocks.

The principle of drag-and-drop is the major one on WordPress, so that will make your posting even more comfortable.

You may consider some creative ideas underway, for example, your website blog or gallery.

The user-friendly interface is highly intuitive to add substance to your structure without heavy reliance on the profound webmaster knowledge. The site structure is free for editing, so make sure that your key info is easy-to-find.

5. Select Trusted Hosting

Select such hosting that will fit your business needs or check those recommended by WordPress itself.

For example, you get 24/7 support with Bluehost that already maintains more than 2 million websites and is perfect for the WordPress platform.

You can compare their prices, stability, and managing capacities and choose one best plan for you.

6. Keyword Research

Plan keywords that will make it possible to find your site online.

To achieve success, Google should be able to see the usefulness of your information to assist your content promotion.

Select SEO plug-ins from WordPress to organize your research, like Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO Pack, etc. Make sure you later send your search to a Google Webmaster to make it easier to find your site’s pages. Enjoy!

7. Start Adding Content For Your Website

Before this step, make sure you have some pre-written articles or content blocks and think how often you are ready to update them. In this case, the success of other people finding your site heavily relies on search engine optimization.

How to Stay Trendy in 2021?

So, your site has started. However, how to make sure it is trendy in 2021? How to make it attractive to people of all backgrounds or potential business partners? In this case, professionalism takes the prize. The following two hints might be most prominent this year:

1. Watch Out for The Recent Trends.

Thus, extremely colorful or eye-catching designs are slowly going out of fashion. According to DreamHost, minimalistic lines and asymmetry are vogue in 2021.

Still, if you wish to follow your favorite bright palette, do not hesitate to do so, as cyberpunk-like saturation will stay in-style for a long time.

2. Use Promotion Pools**

WooCommerce is a supreme example of customizable tools and templates for SEO, promotion, and building your shops and businesses.

WordPress SEO advantage allows you to rise to the search results by leveraging your conversion and traffic. As the authority of your site increases, apply other conversion tools to gain even more audience. As a result, you not only look trendy but function as such.


As you can see, building your website is easier if you take right approach right from beginning.

To make it right, make sure you have a clear and concise plan of what you wish to post online and what kind of organization you create.

If your project and tools match well, just share your vision with the world. With seven easy steps, your website will start working with WordPress or any other website builder to your liking.

In the end, keep it informative and professional to match the modern trends and requirements for design. Creating a website is an exciting and highly-rewarding task that will bring your business traffic and popularity over the net. 

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