We Should Boycott This Youtube Channel

boycott this youtube channel


I never felt much sad as Today I’m.

Where is leading our online world?

The freedom of uploading anything to Youtube is being abused.

The recent incident on Youtube is a perfect example of it.

I mean people are encouraging other to do the same.

I do respect women people’s integrity and won’t do anything that might hurt someone.

I am really upset after watching all such things happening around on Youtube.

There is a channel name The Crazy Summit. The guy Sumit who is running this channel named it on its own name.

He uploaded a Kiss and Run Video on on his channel. The video was completely a harassment. We guys ask everyday to stop such non-sense things.  We all notice the misbehave and molestation cases happening with the women across the country.

Even after knowing all these things created that video and now apologizing.

Dude grow up and give respect to women. I am really very upset and request you those 1,53,270 subscribes to Unsubscribe such channels. You should also unsubscribe any such channel that runs similar sort of videos.

The outrage also flown on Social Media.

outrage on social media on a youtube channel video

Was it a publicity stunt that lead him to create controversial content?

Well, this is an easiest way to get the millions of eyeballs when we talk about online world. Anything can go viral in minutes.

Don’t support such a crap. Respect the women. They make our society. Please share this post and let the other people know about this crap.

We are here to a build a healthy online community. Don’t take shortcuts. They don’t last long.


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