Bluehost Review: Why You Should Choose This Hosting?

bluehost review

Bluehost is one of the traditional web hosting services which is trusted by millions of websites. It has created its name and fame with its unique features and decent customer support.

You might already know about the blue host, or you have at least seen it on the web advertisements or through other blogs and so on. If you didn’t see it, then you might be new to the browsing.

Bluehost has many advanced features, and it was trusted by lots and lots of individuals and millions of sites, so let’s have a look at the bluehost review that why these millions of people are going towards the bluehost.

History of Bluehost

Bluehost is a webhosting company which was started in 1996 by the Matt Heaton. They have begun bluehost in a small office, and at the outset, they only launched the shared webhosting services.

Matt Heaton was the former CEO of the Bluehost company until 2011. In 2010, the Endurance International group acquired the bluehost, and since 2011 its CEO was changed.

Dan Handy is the person who is operating Bluehost as the CEO. They have started all the webhosting services with additional types of webhosting services like VPS, dedicated and managed webhosting services. From then it has increased its popularity, and also it increase its support to improve their customer’s sites.


Bluehost Advantages

When coming to features, bluehost has a special place from other webhosting companies. It has been managing webhosting from past 20 years, and it’s still continuing it. The best of bluehost is it’s a worldwide company which serves the best webhosting plans which are affordable and also with some advanced features as well. Bluehost is a web host that offers cPanel and Lamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) setup for all the people who aren’t looking for the numerous features.

So, let’s go through the features it going to offer and its advantages:

  • It offers free domain name for 1 year along with your shared webhosting plan.
  • It has Integrated features Cpanel – There are many features, and apps are integrated into the Cpanel like Cloud Flare, page speed grader, Google apps, Speed optimization options and lots of other features and tools.
  • Its custom interface is easy to use, and it is user-friendly you can quickly change your Cpanel default themes and skins.
  • Bluehost has premium anti-spam solutions which protect you from spam attacks, and it was built right in the cPanel.
  • You can set up unlimited free email accounts for the higher plans offered by bluehost. It has email storage within your account storage. Although they are having some limits such as how many emails you can send in an hour, and the sending options of the email and all are some limited options.
  • You can use some third party solutions like Email Octopus to send emails.
  • It offers Automatic daily backups for all your website and stores your data. This is one of the best options when something bad has happened then you can simply recover your site from the damage with the help of these backups.
  • It has highly configured servers, which work pretty well and it also installs the regular hardware upgrades. And apart from these they also have the replacement of equipment when any damage occurred.
  • Hassle free scalability offers you to upgrade your present plan to any other plan without having to face lots of headaches and all. Moving your website is an easy task in Bluehost.
  • It has built in CDN (Content Deliver Network) support with the CloudFlare integrations, and it offers the hassle-free setup of CDN and it loads your site pretty faster in any corner of the world with the help of the CDN network.
  • It has customization for a shared hosting plan which includes Server shell access; server-side includes PHP.ini, and .htaccess modification.
  • It has multiple user access control mechanism so that you can assign multiple users to specific sections of the hosting accounts.
  • It has unique IPs, SSL, and site lock protections which can be handy to have in this new web-based hosting.
  • 30 – Genuine Day money back guarantee, it won’t object you to utilize this money back offer, you can easily utilize it anytime.

Apart from these features the distinctive features is


Customer Support


The bluehost offers the best customer support, and it has been the major advantage of the bluehost. Its customer support is user-friendly, and you can easily get your queries answers in short span of time. Their technical team is a top notch team with some sharp support, even their customer care executives have a good knowledge of the technical skills set, so it has been easy for the client to solve their queries quickly.


Speed – Testing Page Load time to Judge the hosting

I have conducted a quite a lot of test in some sites which are hosted by Bluehost server. And I found that it’s faster than many of the web hosting. It can manage to make the site load under <800ms. Where else it has not that great then faster webhosting services but it is decent.

It mostly seems that bluehost has upgraded their server’s hardware, so it has to have excellent performance for the user experience.

Uptime Stats


I am using the Bluehost since 2015 and experienced the downtime only for one day. It was all down. Nothing was working on the site. I have talked to the customer support and they asked to wait for some time. All their technicians were busy to patch up the problem. After some time, it got the site back. If you want to experience the good Up-time, then Bluehost is best choice for you.

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Price of the Bluehost’s Shared plans Compared


Bluehost’s shared hosting plans have come down a bit due the upcoming season of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. The plans mainly divides into the three sections that are the Basic, Plus and prime.

Basic Plan, Is generally $7.99/mo but in the offer, it is coming for $2.95/mo it is one of the most popular ones to begin your website. Because it is less expensive and, you can easily host your site actually. Average bloggers who get low traffic always tend to buy this plan because it is the perfect plan for them.

Plus Plan, is generally $10.99/mo but it offers just for $5.45/mo. It is such a significant discount, and you can find lots of features in that plus plan. It allows to place unlimited websites with unrestricted use of bandwidth and space. 

Prime Plan, it has a massive discount on this scheme, usually it cost around $14.99/mo, but it provides the prime for the same rate $5.45/mo. It was the great plan you can make a lot of this scheme. If you strive to save some dollars in webhosting, then this is the plan where you can get a huge amount of benefits for the small amount. It offers dedicated IP and an SSL Certificate and also a complimentary subscription to the site from the site backup pro services.

It offers slightly more than the other plans even when your site grows it can manage your visitors without any sort of trouble.

Bloggers and webmaster always strive to get this plan, if you want to grab this deal, then this is the perfect time to take the prime.

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Final Words for Bluehost Hosting

By testing the bluehost, it has been proved that it is one of the most comprehensive hosting which offers a broad range of features at the affordable rate. But if you strive to get lots of visitors to your site then I highly recommend not to use bluehost.

Although the plans are cheap in bluehost sometime your site will be going down due to the changes and also from past few months I have heard that bluehost is not effective in producing speed for other plans like VPS and another hosting.

But its shared hosting plan is up to mark so you don’t have to worry about that but it’s best to use bluehost if you have multiple websites with limited traffic.

This is it; this is all about the bluehost review. I hope you all have a clear of view on the bluehost. Share your thoughts and experiences if you are a bluehost customer it would be helpful for our visitors. I would love to hear your comments.

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