BlogX ~ Let’s Memorize the Fantabulous Moments of Biggest Blogging Meet 2016

It has been a long time that I have published any article on Myquickidea. Well, a little bit busy with some personal stuff. In between all such things, I just thought to share my experience of a blogging event that I attended on 5th August 2016. But I didn’t find myself the right person to describe the beauty of that event. I couldn’t express the things in such a way that can get you the real experience of this awesome blogging event. So, I invited my good friend and a fantastic blogger Sai Ramesh to tell the story. Let’s know all the things in his own words.

Hi!!! I am Sai Ramesh, Trainer & Blogger. First of all, I’m really grateful to Nikhil for giving me such an awesome opportunity. I have tried my best to cover everything that happened there. At last, you have to decide whether I got succeed or not. Now let me tell you the complete story of the event. If you missed it, then get ready to take a real feel of the event, or if you were in the event, it’s time to recall those superb moments.

Now let me tell you the complete story of the event. If you missed it, then get ready to have a real feel of the event, or if you were in the event, it’s time to recall those superb moments.


I recently attended a wonderful Blogging event Blogx followed by DomainX in the capital city of India. BlogX, the first conference held on Friday 5th August at JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi. BlogX moved from Shangri-Las’s Eros Hotel to the Marriott due to more registrations than expected.

BlogX created networking opportunities with most talented people and leaders in the Blogging Industry. I want to share highlights of BlogX 2016. BlogX is the first kind of event conducted for Bloggers, Content Marketers by Manmeet Pal Singh (, The founder of BlogX and Co-Founders Manoj Dhanda (CEO of Microhost) and Gaurav Kohli (VP of BlogX 2016: Sponsors & Partners are,, .CLUB, OpenSRS, DONUTS,, WittyFeed, AdPushup, ThemeMarket, IftiSEO, BloggersIdeas, V2Technosys and and Rusty Blogger (Social Media Partner).

Blogx Event 2016

BlogX Highlights:

I headed to BlogX event by 8.00 Hrs at JW Marriott and Registrations started by 9.30 Hrs. Whole hearted thanks to Chandu and Manmeet for issuing me VIP pass. The event starts presumably at 11.00 Hrs with a huge number of attendees.

Abhishek Jain (Rusty Blogger), hosts the event and also mesmerised by his Anchoring at BlogX 2016. BlogX 2016 was flagged off by Manmeet Pal Singh Mahal, Manoj Dhanda, Vinay Murarka and Gaurav Kohli with the welcome speech by Manmeet.



The first speaker of BlogX, PARVEEN SINGHAL Co-founder & COO at Vatsana, the parent company of Expert in hacking virality while making content go viral on the Internet.

Congratulations, Mr Praveen Singhal for having such a great website ( which stood as World’s second largest viral site

I was most inspired by the site stats shown in blogx. Before seeing the stats, I had never thought that Indians would also have such world popular viral site. Especially those Stats have changed my thoughts towards my dreams and plans. The speech on “10 Secrets about WittyFeed and how they create the viral content” was really impressive. I’m pretty much sure that this session would help other bloggers and me in shaping our future.


Jon Yau Who acquired for a whopping $250,000 shared his experience and inspired me a lot. He also had given some strategically Investment ideas. He shared valuable points to make your blog grow like anything.

– Ankit Oberoi (ADPUSHUP)

Ankit Oberoi, CEO & Co-founder of, shared great tips on how to increase advertising revenue using Ad layout & many other types of testing. After this event, I applied adpushup for one of my sites and experienced 25% revenue growth. After attending blogx, I also got a chance to improve revenue which is crucial for bloggers & content Marketers. Thanks Adpushup

Ankit Oberoi (ADPUSHUP)

Jitendra Vaswani (BLOGGERSIDEAS)

JITENDRA VASWANI, a famous blogger in India, talks on “Solid Success Parameters That A Millionaire Blogger Lives By“. He shared a lot of tips for Branding & importance of social presence. Up to today, I m lack of these two …but after attending Blogx; I started plans for branding & social presence to Become a Millionaire Blogger.

Jitendra Vaswani (BLOGGERSIDEAS)

– Panel Discussion: BLOGGING – KAL, AAJ AUR KAL

Danish Wadhwa (DANISHWADHWA.COM Getsetlive), Iftekhar Ahmed (IFTISEO.COM), Divya Rai ( and Om Thoke (WEBFOSYS.COM) with Gurpreet Singh Tikku (MISTERTIKKU.COM) They all did a great job in a very short time, Panel discussion on BLOGGING – KAL, AAJ AUR KAL discussed many things including the evolution of Blogging, How it happened, why it happened, what does it hold in future for the current bloggers and also how it would help the next generation bloggers.

Panel Discussion: BLOGGING - KAL, AAJ AUR KAL


Preet Sandhu, a well known female blogger. Firstly Congratulations for your success. Given speech on “piece of content can change your life” really your words had changed my opinion towards Female/ Women bloggers in India. I loved her style of speech, and it had boosted my confidence. She also given more clarity and inspiration for Female/Women bloggers.



  • Vivek Rajput (THE247TECH.COM)
  • Evan Derek (VEBBLABBS.COM)
  • Yugansh Chokra (YUGANSHCHOKRA.COM)
  • Atman Shah
  • Chiranshu Monga

This session for only great Bloggers who are under 18, started without any expectations. But after they started speaking about their journey & experience Inspired me a lot. Believe it or not, most of the session I’m having eyes that are wet with tears. Their session ended with standing ovation. I loved these teens so much that I want to get a Selfie with the Rising Stars, but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen, but I will meet them personally again soon. All the very best for the RISING STARS. Atman is the world record holder to pass CCNA & CCNP advanced level at the age of 11 & 13 respectively.

RISING STARS (Under 18 Bloggers)

– KULWANT NAGI (Bloggingcage)

KULWANT NAGI (Bloggingcage)

Kulwanth Nagi addressed his speech on “Building 6 figure Business with Blogging” which helps every Blogger and content marketer to grow their business. I previously met Kulwant Sir, and he is a very nice person.But I never expected his speech to be such a mesmerising one. Actually, from the morning in Blogx, everyone out there is eagerly waiting for this session. The presentation shown was excellent. If possible kulwanth sir please shares that presentation and also Manmeeth ji if possible plz share kulwanth session as soon as possible, it helps many of us (Newbie’s & Pro’bie’s).

Finally, BlogX given me a great opportunity to meet Greatest Bloggers and also to make new friends from Blogging Industry. You, people, are the inspiration, and that inspiration made me share the memorable moments and experiences I spent in Delhi.

Thank You Very Much BlogX,

Thanks BlogX

We are eagerly waiting for Blogx 2017.

Thanks to Manmeet Pal Singh Mahal Bro for giving such a great opportunity for Great Networking. I learnt simplicity from Manmeet. I had never met a person like you in my life who’s very Simple and humble. Responding to Everyone, Treating everyone Equally and Caring about All, these qualities make you one of the best

This was my experience throughout the event.  I hope you enjoyed the post. If yes, please share it with your friends on social media with hashtag #blogx

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  1. Hi Sai,

    You did a great job covering up the whole event here. Thanks for refreshing the whole BlogX event.

    I would suggest you to cover the PTI Meetup thing as well.

    Vinay Katiyar

  2. BlogX was one of the best events in Blogging history of India. Lot of folks enjoyed and network with other bloggers, I was so pleased to see that people are really interacting and learning from each other. Thanks for the nice wrapup Nikhil.

  3. Hey Nikhil,

    Thanks for the awesome post. I was also there. This was my first event which I have attended. and I enjoyed a lot there with lot of learnings specially from last but not the least presentation by India’s most wanted blogger, Kulwant Nagi.

    I also met you in that event saying “Hey Jaipur blogger”. 😉


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