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  1. Hai Nikhil,

    I just missed it will try to come for another one.


  2. Man! I just missed it. On that day i was in Delhi.
    Hope you enjoyed it.

  3. Vinay Katiyar says:

    Hi Sai,

    You did a great job covering up the whole event here. Thanks for refreshing the whole BlogX event.

    I would suggest you to cover the PTI Meetup thing as well.

    Vinay Katiyar

  4. Nice
    Thanks for the detailed story and the link to download all the images. I was found three times there 😛

  5. I just missed great opportunity, next time I will never miss

  6. BlogX was one of the best events in Blogging history of India. Lot of folks enjoyed and network with other bloggers, I was so pleased to see that people are really interacting and learning from each other. Thanks for the nice wrapup Nikhil.

  7. Hey Nikhil,

    Thanks for the awesome post. I was also there. This was my first event which I have attended. and I enjoyed a lot there with lot of learnings specially from last but not the least presentation by India’s most wanted blogger, Kulwant Nagi.

    I also met you in that event saying “Hey Jaipur blogger”. 😉

  8. Hey its aswme….just missed it .Looking forward to it on the next meet…Thanks for sharing

  9. Hi,
    I missed it, I will attend all next blogger meet up. Thank you for sharing !!

  10. Great write-up Nikhil and i enjoyed a lot and grab all information that i want. Thanks for reminding me again.

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