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Blog Commenting sites have always been a hot talking point among the internet marketers. They have different opinions about it. However, a significant number of people are in the favour of them. These sites are the favourite source of referral traffic for many bloggers. I am also in the favour of them. They help me to grow my blog traffic.

Blog commenting is still effective when you make use of it in a right way. Most of the times you get benefits when you comment on dofollow commentluv blogs. I am not sharing the dofollow blogs list here as I have already written a post on it. You may comment on them and may get link juice to your blog or website.

In my opinion blog commenting can also be utilised for no-follow comment blogs. It increased my blog’s referral traffic, so I considered to write a post for the newbie bloggers who are struggling to have traffic on their blogs. They would be able to get help through this post.

I would like to ask you read the below two case studies of getting traffic from blog commenting sites. These case studies  show the step by step implementation of each stage.

# Two Case Studies of Traffic/Leads Generation by Blog Commenting Sites

  1. Case Study -1
  2. Case Study-2

By reading these case studies, you will get to know about the power of blog commenting. It is not a deprecated technique. Many bloggers are still using it and improving their visibility over the internet.

# Benefits of Blog Commenting Sites:

  • First, advantages that your brand identity will be established.
  • It drives laser targeted traffic to your blog.
  • If you’re doing some business online, like furniture, interior designing, etc., just go to relevant blogs and post your comment, place your name and get the link it back to the “About us” section of your website. It drives targeted traffic. People come back to your site and contact you for a business enquiry. It may happen that the conversion range may be low as 3 to 5% of your business, but still they are highly targeted. It opens the doors of the opportunity.
  • In search engine optimisation perspective, it creates more visibility towards the right audience. It creates more relevant links that can be dofollow or NoFollow. The search engines will love it because you are placing the relevant comments on the related blogs and the comment approval rate by the blog admin will be high. These links with the comments will get your blog/ website quality traffic.
  • A few blog commenting sites offer do-follow backlinks that pass link juice to your blog or website
  • The best method to build relationships.
  • Helps in getting a chance to publish a blog post on authority blog
  • Improve online visibility
  • Increase Social Media Following
  • Increase knowledge
  • Get new Blog post ideas
  • Get back more comments on your blog
  • Get Identity

These are some benefits of blog commenting. I have seen on several blogs where bloggers are accepting that the blog commenting has helped them to create their identity in the online world. By using this useful technique, they got a chance to be connected with the influential bloggers who helped them a lot. Most of the bloggers give the credit to commenting on their blogging success.

I want to tell you the smartest way that those influential bloggers follow for comments on blogs. By using this way, you would able to get approved all your comments on the authority blogs.

# Things to Consider for a Qualified Comment

These are few key points that you should always consider when you leave a comment. 

> Build your brand

I have seen some blogs were purely ranking with on page optimisation and with their brand establishment what they have done with blog commenting.

When you comment on a blog, it should look natural. Always keep in mind- Add value, not spam.

> Build the conversation

You should build the conversation through comments. They should create the engagement. Respond to others questions.

Be cool if you’re getting criticised because it does not matter, but still your brand identity is being established. So, always stay calm and respond to others questions with the knowledge that you have. If you don’t know any answer, then just put the question in the Google, get the knowledge and write a meaningful answer in the comment.

> Don’t just place comment and forget

This is what most of the people are getting into. They comment on the blogs and disappear.

Just try to change it. After leaving the comment, subscribe to it. By this way, you will get comments update directly into your mailbox and later, whenever someone involves in the conversation, you can answer quickly.

Now you can begin with the comments. I would like to share the list of blog commenting sites that will get you the benefits that I have talked about.

# List of Blog Commenting Sites (CommentLuv Enabled)

# List of Blog Commenting Sites (NonCommentLuv)

Freelance Writing Services



About Wording Well

Front Page


WordPress Website Design, Digital Marketing, And Blogging Tips

NJ Web Design, SEO & Social Media Marketing Company


eCommerce and WordPress Selling Online


I will keep updating these lists in the timeliest fashion. If you want to include your favourite one to this list, please comment below, I will surely add to this list after the verification process. You would also like to have more sites for link building. Enjoy the following posts:

At Your Side

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