The 6 Best Ways to Watch Free Movies on Android in 2022

Movies are a popular source of entertainment that stands out than the other ways of entertaining yourself. Free does not mean that it is illegal.

It is up to you to ensure that you are doing legal viewing. For example Amazon Prime Video, where you can watch free movies if you are a member of Amazon Prime. They usually offer a free trial period so you can know more about the quality and service.

There are many apps available on Google play store but most of them are limited to few countries which do not provide service in other countries.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, every day it is getting easier and more accessible for everyone to get a mobile device from which it is possible to watch movies.

If you are a movie buff who wants to watch your favorite movies anywhere, then you will surely be interested in this article. Today I want to show you all the ways to watch free movies on Android devices.

#1 Afdah:


Afdah is used to watch movies totally free on Android, there is nothing much to comment on it, the only thing remarkable is that it is free and it manages movies in categories, which can facilitate a little to search them. (Make sure they have the playback and viewing licenses) Something else you could say about afdah movies is that it has movies in standard quality, which is somehow good to save data on your internet pack.

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#2 Amazon Prime Video:

amazon prime

In Prime Video, you can download the series and movies to see them offline. It supports Androids , iOS phones, Fire tablets and also has an application for Smart TV for LG and Samsung. You can also watch movies and series directly from the Prime Video website. Apart from that, you can find a good variety of new films on it. You can see very good series like the winner of a Golden Globe, Mozart in the Jungle or Transparent and many other movies from different countries too.

#3 Popcorn Flix :


Popcorn Flix is the most famous free movie site that many of the big producers hate. Since its launch it has given access to millions of users to a huge list of movies for free and best of all, there are less advertising. It’s a good way to watch free movies online on Android. This website disappeared for a while because of legal issues, since it is based on the torrent protocol for streaming movies, many movie companies wants it down from quite a time. Besides being free, which in itself is a lot, it also has the facility to watch the films in different qualities.

#4 Netflix :


The undisputed king as far as streaming of series and films is concerned. Netflix has an App for Android, iOS, Smart TV and PC, so you can see it from wherever you want.  Although, we need to pay a monthly fee. If you go for a monthly payment, you get access to a lot of movies in high quality.

The only problem I put is that the movies are a little old, does not have premieres, but if you like the series then Netflix is best for you as they have all. The last original Netflix series that I loved was “Narcos”, I highly recommend it. They also have many movies from their own production. They also signed contract with popular actor Adam Sandler for series of movies for only Netflix.

#5 Sockshare :


Sockshare is following the model as similar to the Popcorn Flix. It’s a website to watch free movies. Thousands of movies are available to watch on Android and in different quality. It has a list of thousands of movies ready to watch and with the advantage that many of them are either in 1080p quality and many movies have subtitles. As we said at first, the operation is similar to Popcorn Flix. Movies are available through torrent, which can make certain movies look a bit slow. The website is easy to operate and to search of new movies.

#6 Movies123free :


Movies123free allows you to watch free movies on Android quite easily and has films in different formats. The only disadvantage of this website is that it does not have movies in any other language, since it is an application entirely in English. Here you will find the latest released movies in MP4 format for easy viewing.

Final Words

It’s good to know that we can use these sites and apps to watch free movies. Another important issue is to be careful about bandwidth consumption. These types of streaming applications consume a lot of bandwidth and this does not suit you if you have a limited data plan. So, it is advisable to use WiFi to watch the movies without spending data, so that you do not have those annoying buffering that happen when the speed of internet is not good.

We cannot guarantee that these platforms will properly manage intellectual and industrial property. They are important in some countries but it doesn’t matter that much these days or you can use a proxy. Some of the websites or apps are banned in some countries but you will easily find any alternative and can stream the movies all over the world for free.

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