5+ Top vTuber Software to Power Up Live Streaming

Live streaming is a fantastic way to connect with audiences and grow your online presence. But what if you’re a bit camera-shy or value your privacy? Enter the world of vTubing!

Instead of showcasing themselves, many are choosing the vTuber path. As vTubers, individuals use animated avatars to represent themselves during live streams. With the right vTuber software, even the most introverted among us can comfortably share content without stepping into the spotlight.

In the past, vTubing required a myriad of equipment – motion trackers, advanced cameras, avatar software, and voice changers. But thanks to AI advancements, it’s never been easier! Now, all you need is the right vTuber software to start connecting with fans on popular platforms.

Top vTuber Software

I’ve done the legwork and tested various vTuber platforms for you. Read on to find the perfect fit to boost your online engagement.

What is the Best vTuber Software?

Let’s get into the world of vTuber software! While I stumbled upon several options, I’ve handpicked the top five just for you. Some others didn’t quite match up, so I’ve saved you the hassle. Let’s keep things simple and explore the best of the bunch!

1. Animaze: A New Era of vTubing


Meet Animaze, previously known as Facerig – a top-tier vTuber software that’s loaded with every feature a virtual YouTuber might dream of. Not only is it adept at streaming to platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming, but it also provides the tools for creating one-of-a-kind 3D avatars.

Features at a Glance

  • Streaming Simplified: With the virtual camera within Animaze, streaming via OBS is a breeze.
  • Avatar Customization: Personalize avatars down to the finest details, from adjusting the tail size of a fish avatar to modifying a lion’s ears. Enhance the experience with backgrounds, props, and stickers.
  • Voice Personalization: Set the tone with voice effects and even integrate with VoiceMod to alter your voice in real-time.
  • Interactive Rooms: Stay within Animaze and connect with fellow vTubers.
  • Automated Streaming Features: Animations, Stream actions, and Quick Scenes bring automation to your streams.
  • Advanced Motion Capture: Captures detailed facial movements including the nuances of jaw movement, puckering lips, and more.

User Experience

Navigating Animaze felt seamless. The first-time user guide is a lifesaver, helping me set up my avatar without any hitches. The avatar’s intelligence is praiseworthy, replicating my facial movements with only a negligible delay. One noteworthy feature is its ability to adapt when my face is partially covered, such as when wearing a mask. The avatar’s mouth moves autonomously. On top of this, the software has handy shortcuts, including switching between various virtual camera angles, like movement, fly, and chase.

Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface complemented by clear instructions.
  • Wide variety of avatar themes, from animals to inanimate objects.
  • Seamless integration with VoiceMod.
  • Smart facial tracking that defaults to natural motions if tracking gets hindered.


  • Some avatars come with restricted animation features.


Begin with Animaze’s free plan. For those desiring more, a monthly subscription of $19.99 will remove watermarks and unlock an array of features.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of vTubing, Animaze stands tall. It boasts cutting-edge motion capture technology, intuitive tools, and a rich assortment of visually engaging avatars. All in all, if you’re looking to delve into virtual videos, Animaze is worth considering.

2. Live3D vTuber Maker: A Streamer’s Dream Tool

Live3D vTuber Maker

For Twitch streamers in search of an exceptional vTuber software, Live3D vTuber Maker is a formidable contender. Renowned for its state-of-the-art facial tracking capabilities, the software precisely mirrors the streamer’s facial movements in real time.

Notable Features

  • 3D Avatars: Dive into a vast collection of lively animated avatars, ready to captivate any audience.
  • User Interface: Upon launching, users are greeted with a default avatar, a compact webcam panel, and an easy-to-navigate menu on the right.
  • Streaming Tools: Equipped for immediate streaming, users can:
  • Select from a variety of avatars and fantasy-themed characters.
  • Use the interaction tool to link with Twitch, apply visual effects, animations, and activate chat alerts.
  • Share screens or presentations using the whiteboard feature.
  • Employ the virtual camera to project the avatar’s visuals onto Twitch.

User Experience

My journey began with downloading and registering for Live3D. And I must say, it didn’t disappoint. The vivid backdrop complemented the avatar, which exhibited subtle yet intricate movements. This hinted at the software’s advanced AI capabilities. Live3D’s generosity stood out with the number of avatars available even in the free plan. Switching themes, repositioning the avatar, and especially experiencing the precise facial tracking technology was truly awe-inspiring.

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive vTubing assets, intricately designed avatars, customizable with colors, props, and behaviors via the VTuber Editor.
  • Impeccable facial and, for premium users, body tracking. Compatibility extends to controllers like Leap Motion, Xsens, and Noitom.
  • Unique Twitch extensions and effects such as hammer, sakura, and glow stick, enabling game streamers to accrue Twitch’s virtual currency, Bits.
  • A seamless experience even for vTubing novices.


  • Unlike some competitors, lacks a voice-changing feature.


The journey with Live3D vTuber Maker can start for free. For those desiring a richer experience, premium subscriptions kick off at just $3.90 monthly, unlocking features like hand tracking.

Final Thoughts

Live3D vTuber Maker is undeniably a top-tier vTubing software tailored for Twitch streamers. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced streamer, its array of features, high-precision motion tracking, and visually captivating avatars make it a worthy tool to consider.

3. Vroid Studio: Crafting the Perfect Virtual Persona

Vroid Studio

Enter Vroid Studio: a complimentary software that empowers you to craft detailed and unique 3D characters. With its vast array of design tools, vTubers can now breathe life into their virtual avatars with remarkable precision.

How it Works

Upon finalizing your design in Vroid Studio, the 3D avatar can be exported in the requisite format and then integrated into vTubing broadcasting applications.

User Interface

Available for Windows, Mac, and Steam, Vroid Studio’s canvas greets users with a sleek, minimalist design filled with intuitive controls:

  • Top Panel: Delve into details, choosing the avatar’s face, hair, body, attire, accessories, and overall appearance.
  • Left Panel: Browse through a diverse collection of presets and styles tailored to the selected part.
  • Right Panel: Refine your avatar’s features down to the minute details such as nose dimensions, positioning, and color palettes.

Additional Features

Vroid Studio isn’t just about avatar creation. With its Photobooth feature, you can:

  • Pose your avatar amidst varying settings, manipulating lighting, wind effects, and facial expressions.
  • Capture snapshots of your avatar, leveraging diverse post-processing options.

Hands-On Experience

Venturing into Vroid Studio, I was pleasantly surprised by its user-friendliness. My experiment began with crafting an avatar, guided through body selections, ultimately yielding an anime-esque figure. Editing was a breeze: pick a body part, opt for a preset, and refine. The array of hairstyles and outfits, reminiscent of classic Japanese manga, was a treat. Accessories, though somewhat limited, added flair. Concluding my design, the Photobooth offered a sneak peek into the animated potential of my creation.

Pros & Cons


  • Cost-free.
  • Simple to use, facilitating comprehensive avatar creation with ample presets.
  • Advanced tools cater to designers seeking in-depth customization.
  • Exports avatars in the VRM format, compatible with many vTubing platforms.


  • Limited selection of accessories.


Embrace the free nature of Vroid Studio, with the freedom to showcase your avatars across platforms.

Final Thoughts

For those looking to manifest their virtual identity, Vroid Studio is a gem. It combines the simplicity needed for beginners with the sophistication demanded by seasoned designers. With a myriad of presets and intuitive controls, your virtual persona awaits its creation.

4. Restream: One Stream, Multiple Platforms


For vTubers desiring to expand their reach across multiple streaming platforms, Restream emerges as a powerful online solution. With it, simultaneous broadcasting to giants like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Steam becomes effortless.

Streaming with Restream

By integrating with OBS, vTubers can effortlessly stream across chosen platforms using their avatar. A standout feature is Restream’s unified chatbox, compiling messages from all platforms, ensuring seamless interaction with followers.

Functionality and Usage

Operable directly from your browser, Restream offers a few user-friendly streaming methods. Users can either broadcast directly from the built-in Studio or synchronize Restream with third-party streaming applications, notably OBS, Zoom, and VMix.

While Restream’s Studio doesn’t directly support avatar creation, it adeptly bridges this gap. By incorporating an external RMTP source, like OBS, vTubers can easily broadcast their avatars. Alternatively, connecting a vTuber software to Restream is a breeze; all you need is the RMTP URL and Stream Key.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide Coverage: Streams to an impressive 30+ channels concurrently.
  • VR Integration: Not limited to live broadcasting, you can also upload VR videos to simulate live streams.
  • Unified Chat: Respond to messages from all platforms through one consolidated chatbox.
  • Cost-Effective: Free for dual channels without any bitrate restrictions.
  • User Engagement Tools: Schedule events and notify followers with social alerts when you’re about to go live.


  • Limited Analytics: Provides only basic metrics, without differentiation based on individual streaming platforms.


Restream won’t break the bank. While they offer a free version, more extensive features come with the paid plans, which start at just $19 a month.

Final Thoughts

Restream is a game-changer for vTubers whose audiences are scattered across various platforms. By centralizing streaming, it maximizes engagement, ensuring your content reaches every corner of your fanbase.

5. VRChat: Dive into Virtual Realities and Beyond


VRChat is more than just a game; it’s an expansive virtual universe that beckons users to dive into immersive experiences. Whether you have a VR device or not, VRChat promises an engaging journey, available on platforms like Steam, Quest, Rift, and Viveport.

What’s VRChat All About?

vTubers can build entire virtual worlds within VRChat and host exclusive events for their fans. Subsequently, these events can be streamed to platforms such as Twitch. Upon launching VRChat, you’re placed in a homeworld, prompting you to select a vTuber avatar for interactions.

VRChat stands out for its freedom and possibilities:

  • Avatar Selection: Personalize your presence by choosing a fitting virtual character.
  • World Exploration: Either visit worlds crafted by other players or design your own realms of adventure.
  • Social Interactions: Find and befriend other players, manage connections, and create private groups for closer communities.

To enrich the VRChat experience, downloading the VRChat SDK is necessary. It empowers users to design their avatars and worlds, ensuring unique and tailored experiences.

My Journey in VRChat

Starting VRChat felt a bit daunting initially due to the absence of an in-game guide. However, tutorials and control lists, accessible via the settings, eased the process. The varied virtual environments, ranging from ‘Prison Escape’ to ‘Solar Cabins,’ offer diverse experiences. Some worlds buzz with activity, while others resonate with serene emptiness. Socializing is simple: spot a player, add them as a friend, and jump into conversations. Over time, your friends’ list grows, allowing for richer engagements.

Pros & Cons


  • A robust and stable platform with a vast user community.
  • The VRChat SDK enables vTubers to craft custom avatars and worlds.
  • Proactive safety features shield users from unsuitable content and behaviors.
  • A vast array of avatars, props, and worlds, including those by users, enriches the platform.


  • Some virtual realms might inadvertently host NSFW content.


While VRChat can be enjoyed for free, the premium VRChat Plus ($9.99/month) unlocks enhanced capabilities.

Final Thoughts

VRChat is a staple in the VR universe. It’s an ideal platform for vTubers looking to engage their audience in custom-designed VR realms, whether it’s for parties, gaming sessions, or casual chats. Streaming these experiences to other platforms broadens their reach, making VRChat a worthwhile investment for virtual engagement.

What is vTuber Software?

vTuber software is essentially a digital platform enabling users to broadcast content through a virtual avatar rather than showcasing their real image. Think of it as a dynamic video generator tailored for platforms like social media and gaming.

At its core, this software leverages sophisticated AI techniques to capture and imitate user movements. By doing so, the digital avatar can emulate speech patterns, gestures, and facial expressions just like the actual individual operating the software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What software do most VTubers use?

vTubers often employ a combination of software to enhance their online streaming experiences. Predominantly, they’ll utilize broadcasting platforms such as Live3D vTuber Maker and Animaze, which seamlessly stream content to channels like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. Some vTubers might also incorporate voice modulators, model rigging tools, or delve into VR gaming to enrich their streams.

What app do VTubers use to make their avatars?

While many vTubing platforms come with a suite of pre-designed avatars, creating a bespoke avatar requires specialized tools. A popular choice among vTubers is VRoid Studio, designed to facilitate the creation of virtual avatars from the ground up.

What program do VTubers use for face tracking?

Face tracking is an intricate process, demanding advanced motion detection tech that collaborates with webcam feeds. Notably, Animaze and Live3D vTuber Maker stand out in the vTubing community for their impeccable face-tracking capabilities.

What is VTuber rigging?

vTuber rigging is the art and science of modeling a digital avatar to ensure it can effectively emulate the voice, facial reactions, and gestures of the live streamer. This involves a harmonious interplay between broadcasting tools, avatar creation platforms, voice modulation utilities, and motion tracking applications to fine-tune the avatar’s behaviors.

In essence, vTuber software and associated tools have revolutionized online streaming, offering users the flexibility to craft and control digital identities that resonate with their audience.

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