7 Best VPN Services to Access the Deep Web

The web that we are able to access normally is just a fraction of the complete internet. Beneath it, lays the majority of the surface which comprises of the dark and deep web. It is hidden to the normal users. With a few efforts and attempts, one can easily see what is hidden inside the web. The basic reason we are not able to scroll through the deep web is that the content over it is not indexed by search engines keeping it hidden for normal users to access.

7 Best VPN Services to Access the Deep Web

Best VPN Services to Access the Deep Web

It is always advisable to use VPN when you wish to access the deep web. By having access to best VPN services, all internet traffic gets encrypted and data gets scrambled such that no details can be identified. Apart from this, the traffic also gets routed through non-local servers providing an extra layer of protection to the anonymity of the users. For users, who do not make use of the VPN while accessing the deep or dark web, they must be informed that they are broadcasting their name and location to the complete whole world, which is undoubtedly a risky thing to do.To enable users to have access to the web with privacy, we have brought forth some of the best VPN services to choose from.

1. IPVanish


It is one of the strongest VPN which builds up anonymity of the users by using over 40,000 shared IPs that are distributed amongst 75,000 servers in 60 different countries. The availability of large network makes it possible for the users to switch between locations and confuse theinternet spies about their identity. Apart from this, it features a strict zero-lagging policy and uses 256-bit AES encryption for traffic which is highly efficient in maintaining your privacy from the outside world. While there is no doubt that it has strong security features, it also offers unlimited bandwidth.

2. NordVPN


It is yet again another popular VPN which is known for its security feature in the market. Herein not just simple single encryption is used for the data instead the network here gets scrambled twice creating 2048-bit SSL, making it almost impossible for even a supercomputer to crack it. If we talk about its features then it has an amazing anti-logging policy and automatic kill switch for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android. Thus for all the users, this VPN is an excellent choice to make.In order to improve its functionality and to become one of the best VPN services, it is constantly working towards growing its network which currently comprises of 839 servers based in 59 countries across the world.

3. VyprVPN


VyprVPN is one of the best VPN services which provide users with extra and unique security features. The network functions with the use of over 200,000 IP addresses that is spread across 700 servers and 70 different locations. Further, it is featured with zero-lag policy and configurable kill switch for Windows and Mac software. For users, who are interested in trying this VPN, they can probably choose free three-day trial and can extend it if they find it useful and effective.

4. AirVPN


While using AirVPN, you can enjoy the highest security and ensure to remain protected throughout while browsing across the deep web. It not only prevents users’ identity, it also supports users by providing them features of SSL/SSH tunneling, TOR over VPN which is just perfect and suitable to keep your IP address protected. It also bypasses all the blocks placed on TOR exit nodes. So, once you are using AirVPN, you can access portions of the deep web and keep your identity concealed. If in case you are undertaking any purchase or service on the hidden web, bitcoins can be used and no logs shall be kept of any of the transactions entered by you.

5. Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy

Perfect privacy functions similar to its name, so while you are using this VPN, you need not have to worry about your privacy at all. It does not keep any logs, hence, there are no means using which any authority or spy can track you or your activities. The company is based in Switzerland and the best part is it is not restricted by the US regulations and laws. While you are using the best VPN services, a warrant canary is always published to keep users informed about any requests or court orders received. Once you are on this network, you can even use Bitcoin as a method of payment and keep your data protected with topmost encryption policy.

6. ExpressVPN


It is one of the most well-known names in the VPN industry and is known for the best VPN services. It operates from British Virgin Islands which is indeed a perfect location for VPN to function appropriately and provide users with the privacy they have been looking for. Currently, the network is working on different servers based in 87 countries, enabling users to make use of Bitcoins in every transaction they perform or do over the deep web. While accessing this VPN, users can ensure that no log will be maintained for their activities. Also, the DNS leak protection will enable them to browse through the dark web without having to compromise on privacy.

7. Hide.me


Hide.me is a Malaysian service provider which commits its users with privacy and extreme level of protection to the data. While you are accessing Hide.me, you can be a part of a variety of protocols wherein no monitoring is performed on any of the transactions or no logs are maintained of such transactions. With no data getting stored in the server, they have absolutely nothing to share or hand over to the authorities during investigation or request. While you are accessing best VPN services of Hide.me you can count on its solid protection against online traffic.

The Last Words

Above mentioned are some of the best VPN services providers that can be used for having access to the deep web in a completely protected and private environment. So when users are accessing the deep web using VPN they can rest assured of playing safe without exposing their identity to the outside world.

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  2. I would like to add some thing in 3rd VPN review: VyprVPN. That there are apps and setup instructions to run the service on almost any platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, smart TVs and multiple router types. Combine that with session logging (more on that in a moment) and this service is seemingly not the best choice for heavy P2P users.


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