6 Best Turo Alternatives 2024 | Car Sharing Services List

With the rise of the work-from-home trend, many people have cars just sitting in their garages. Why not make some money by renting them out?

Enter Turo, the popular car-sharing app of the year. It lets you rent out your car to others. But if you’re wondering whether there are other options like Turo, I’ve got you covered with the top Turo alternatives for 2024.

Best Turo Alternatives

If you’re keen on generating some passive income, then renting out your car could be a fantastic option. It requires minimal effort on your part. Also, for those tired of the lengthy processes at traditional car rental agencies, these platforms offer a swift way to rent a car for short trips.

Before diving into your options, here are some points to consider while selecting a car-sharing service:

  • Fees: Every service will charge some fees. If you plan to rent out your car, factor this in.
  • Available Cars: For renters, ensure the platform offers the kind of vehicles you’re interested in.
  • Mileage Charges: Some services set daily mileage limits and charge extra if you exceed them. Remember, more miles mean more wear on the car.
  • Key Exchange: Think about the meeting point. You wouldn’t want to travel a long way, maybe even getting an Uber, just to pick up the car.
  • Age Requirements: Being a licensed driver isn’t always enough. For those below 25, certain restrictions may apply based on where you are.
  • Insurance: Safety first! If you’re renting out your car, ensure you have sufficient insurance. Similarly, if you’re renting, ensure the car comes with adequate coverage. You never know when mishaps can occur.

Now, let’s explore some car rental alternatives! I’ve also curated a detailed list of various car rental apps for those interested.

What are the Best Turo Alternatives?

Here are the top six best Turo alternatives for 2024.

1. Turo: A Leader in Car-Sharing


Overview: Turo leads the pack in car-sharing services. As a pioneer in community car rentals, its extensive user base and wide array of vehicles make it a top choice. Serving the US, Canada, and the UK, it stands out as a popular option.

How to Use Turo:

  1. Dive into a vast collection of vehicle listings.
  2. Secure your preferred vehicle and opt for your desired insurance coverage.
  3. At the agreed location, meet the car owner, finalize the “check-in,” and obtain the keys.

Noteworthy Features of Turo:

  • Known for its expansive selection, Turo offers a variety of cars, from luxury to eco-friendly vehicles.
  • Car owners can earn between 60% and 90% of the rental cost based on their selected insurance and any potential issues.
  • Flexibility with a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours before the reservation.
  • Depending on the car owner, vehicles may be delivered directly to you, either complimentary or for a nominal fee.
  • Mileage restrictions are set by the car owner, allowing for potential unlimited mileage options.
  • Accessible across major US cities, including regions like Los Angeles.

Points to Consider: Owners might need to put in extra effort for car deliveries. Additionally, Turo mandates a one-day minimum rental, a constraint for those desiring hourly rentals.

Final Thoughts: Turo presents a refreshing alternative to traditional car rental firms. Its prominent presence in the market assures reliability. However, the daily rental minimum might not cater to those seeking only a few hours of service.

2. Getaround: The Future of Car Rentals


Overview: Getaround has emerged as a prominent car rental platform in most major US cities. The game-changer for Getaround is their innovative Getaround Connect Technology. Instead of the traditional key handover meetings, users simply locate the car and unlock it using the Getaround app on their phones. This hassle-free approach removes any potential awkwardness in personal key exchanges.

How Getaround Works:

  1. Download and register on the app (available on both iPhone and Android), submitting the necessary documents to confirm your eligibility. No additional membership is needed.
  2. Search and find the car that fits your needs.
  3. Secure your reservation instantly.
  4. Access the car using the Getaround app.

Vehicle Types: Offering a range including Cars, Vans, and Trucks. Rental Duration: Primarily hourly rentals. Locations: Available in numerous metropolitan areas.

Getaround’s Unique Features:

  • Both car renters and owners are covered with insurance during the rental period.
  • A daily mileage allowance of up to 200 miles, with additional charges for extra miles.
  • Exceptional customer service to assist users.
  • An added option for roadside assistance for peace of mind.

Points to Consider: There’s a notable 40% commission fee and car owners have a monthly cost of $20 for the Connect feature. Moreover, certain luxury cars like BMW, Tesla, and Infiniti are not available as they are listed as “restricted”.

Final Thoughts: Getaround’s touchless car access system sets it apart, offering a seamless rental experience compared to traditional services. The convenience of not physically meeting for key exchanges makes the process streamlined and user-friendly.

3. HyreCar: The Go-to for Extended Rentals


Overview: HyreCar, while not new to the scene, was primarily geared towards individuals lacking personal vehicles but interested in driving for platforms like Uber or Lyft. However, riding the wave of popularity from platforms like Turo, they’ve realigned their focus towards patrons interested in longer rental periods.

How HyreCar Operates:

  1. Register on the platform, entering your details or car listing.
  2. Scout for available cars in your vicinity.
  3. Once both parties are on the same page regarding terms, seal the deal with a contract and plan the key handover.

Vehicle Categories: From everyday Cars and SUVs to Minivans and Trucks. Rental Duration: Specializes in Weekly or Monthly rentals. No hourly options available. Operational Locations: Exclusively in the US.

Distinctive HyreCar Features:

  • Assurance comes with included HyreCar insurance, guarding against unforeseen mishaps.
  • Their extensive fleet means renters get competitive pricing, and owners are almost always guaranteed renters.
  • Rentals begin from a minimum two-day period, reducing frequent key exchanges for owners.
  • Pricing is determined by the car owner. However, average rates usually lie between $30-$50 daily or approximately $1000 monthly.

Points to consider: Renters should be at least 21 years of age.

Final Thoughts: For those in need of extended car rentals, HyreCar stands out. Whether you’re in between cars or yours is under repair, HyreCar is a dependable car-sharing solution.

4. Lyft Rentals: A Fresh Take on Car Rentals

Lyft Rentals

Overview: You’ve likely hailed a ride using Lyft before, but did you know they’ve expanded into car rentals? That’s right! Alongside catching a ride, you can also rent a car for the day, all through the familiar Lyft app. This venture is in collaboration with Sixt Rental Cars, providing a seamless rental experience. While it’s a fantastic option for those seeking to rent, it’s not designed for individual car owners.

How Lyft Rentals Work:

  1. Install the Lyft app and log in.
  2. Specify your desired rental duration and pick-up location.
  3. Browse and select a car that fits your requirements.
  4. Access the car directly via your smartphone.

Rental Durations: Options range from hourly to daily rentals. Operational Regions: Widely available, especially in major US cities like San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and more.

Prime Features of Lyft Rentals:

  • Competitive pricing, with daily rates starting at just $39.
  • Simplified costing as both fuel and insurance are bundled in the rate.
  • Complimentary perks, such as child seats or ski racks, cater to families and adventure seekers.

Final Thoughts: Lyft Rentals emerges as a solid choice for short-term rentals. For existing Lyft patrons, it’s a convenient extension of the services they’re already accustomed to.

5. Uber Rent: A Familiar Face in Car Rentals

Uber Rent

Overview: When discussing vehicle-sharing platforms, it’s impossible to skip over Uber. Branching out from their standard ride-hailing service, they’ve introduced “Uber Rent.” For those already familiar with the Uber app, this addition is a seamless extension. And here’s a bonus: when you book an Uber Rent, you get a credit for your Uber ride to the car pick-up point.

How Uber Rent Functions:

  1. Reserve your desired rental car.
  2. Arrive at the pick-up spot with your driving license.
  3. Embark on your journey!

Rental Duration: Starts from a full day.

Uber Rent Highlights:

  • Exceptional flexibility in scheduling. Even last-minute reservations are entertained, and the freedom to cancel anytime without incurring a penalty is a plus.
  • Uber collaborates with familiar rental giants, including Avis and Dollar, integrating their vast offerings into the user-friendly Uber app.
  • Additional accessories like bike racks and child car seats can be included in the rental.

Final Thoughts: For those already inclined towards Uber for their transportation needs, Uber Rent is a natural and convenient choice for car rentals. However, it’s essential to note that the platform currently doesn’t offer users the option to list their vehicles for rent.

6. ZipCar: The Go-to for Quick Rides


Overview: ZipCar, true to its name, provides a swift solution for those needing a vehicle for brief stints around the city. Think of it as the vehicular counterpart to popular scooter rentals: grab one when you need it, no prior booking necessary.


  1. Sign up online, providing your driver’s license details – it’s quick!
  2. Secure a roundtrip car rental at your chosen spot.
  3. Use the mobile app to unlock and lock your chosen vehicle.
  4. Once done, simply return the car. Easy peasy!

Rental Durations: Options range from 1 hour to a full two days. Vehicle Varieties: Standard Cars, SUVs, or even Luxury vehicles.

Why Choose ZipCar?:

  • Perfect for those short, unexpected trips – maybe a sudden errand or a spontaneous drive.
  • A variety of vehicle choices cater to diverse needs, whether it’s a regular car, an SUV, or a touch of luxury.
  • The process is streamlined: quick pickups and returns, entirely contactless, without the need for interpersonal meetings.

Final Thoughts: ZipCar stands out for those who wish to bypass the red tape of traditional car rentals. Offering both affordability and convenience, it’s an optimal choice for short-duration rides.

7. Hui Car Rental: Hawaii’s Modern Ride Solution

Hui Car Rental

Overview: Vacationing in Hawaii? Hui Car Rental is your answer to seamless mobility. Traditional car rentals in Hawaii can be costly, but Hui offers an affordable and hassle-free alternative. Their intuitive app lets you unlock your ride with just a tap. Say goodbye to long queues at rental counters and hello to some bonus free gas! Currently, they operate in Waikiki, downtown Honolulu, and Kakaako.


  1. Scout the variety of cars they offer online.
  2. Confirm your booking.
  3. Use your smartphone app to lock or unlock your vehicle.
  4. Once you’re done exploring, return the car. Simple!

Rental Durations: Offers flexibility with hourly or full-day rentals. Vehicle Options: Predominantly cars.

Hui Car Rental’s Unique Features:

  • Ideal for those spur-of-the-moment Hawaiian adventures without the typical rental fuss.
  • Each rental comes with comprehensive car insurance, ensuring peace of mind. Add to that, round-the-clock customer support and roadside assistance.
  • Don’t stress over mileage counts; enjoy unlimited driving miles.

Final Thoughts: Hui Car Rental redefines the car-sharing experience in Hawaii. It’s a contemporary, contact-free rental solution that’s perfect for those looking to explore Hawaii’s scenic routes.

Comparison Table

Rental DurationMileage LimitKey ExchangeFees
TuroDailySet by car ownerIn person10-40% depending on factors
GetaroundHourly200 miles/day,
charge for more
HyreCar2 Day Mimimum250 miles/day, charge for moreIn PersonVaries
Lyft RentalsDailyUnlimitedIn PersonN/A
Uber RentalsDailyUnlimitedIn PersonN/A
ZipcarHourly180 miles per dayContactlessN/A
Hui CarHourly or DailyUnlimitedContactlessN/A

The Basics of Renting Out Your Car

Before we dive into alternatives to Turo, let’s clear the air on how the process of lending your car works. Think of yourself as running a miniature car rental service, but without the cumbersome operations typical of major enterprises.

All you need to do is register with one of the car-sharing platforms and showcase your car. Once it’s up, renters can send requests. It’s up to you to accept or decline these requests.

If you give the green light, you’ll arrange a meeting to hand over the keys. At the end of their trip, the renters will return the keys to a pre-decided spot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there platforms similar to Turo?

Absolutely! The market now boasts several car-sharing services, with Justaround and Hyrecar being among the noteworthy ones.

What’s needed to list my car on a car-sharing app?

Typically, you’d need to furnish your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and car details. Some platforms might also require a background or motor vehicle check to review your accident records.

How do traditional rental companies differ from peer car-sharing platforms?

Conventional rental agencies have their advantages, such as proximity to airports, established customer service, and a vast fleet. However, they can be pricier. On the flip side, car-sharing apps generally offer competitive rates and often ensure a faster, hassle-free key handover process.

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