6 Amazing SVG Animation Tools

The digital landscape of 2023 is marked by an ever-growing emphasis on visual appeal and interactivity, making SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) animation tools indispensable for web designers and digital content creators.

These tools enable the crafting of responsive and engaging graphics that significantly enhance user experiences across various digital platforms.

SVG Animation Tools

The current spectrum of SVG animation tools caters to a diverse range of needs, from simple, intuitive platforms for beginners to sophisticated suites for professional-grade design work.

They offer the creative flexibility and technical capability essential for transforming innovative ideas into captivating digital realities.

Svgator, Snap.svg, SVG Circus, Vivus JS, Anigen, and Parallax SVG Animation Tools are some of the most notable tools in this domain, each offering unique features and specializations.

These tools collectively provide a comprehensive array of options for those venturing into the world of SVG animations, whether for intricate web design, interactive mobile applications, or dynamic digital marketing.

5 Amazing SVG Animation Tools

1. Svgator


Svgator is an online SVG animation tool acclaimed for its ease of use in creating lightweight vector animations without requiring coding. It’s suitable for web, mobile, and digital marketing projects.


  • Keyframe-based SVG animation without coding
  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners and professionals
  • A broad range of export options
  • Features like Morph and Stroke-Path Animation for advanced effects
  • Mobile App Animation capabilities for cross-platform projects
  • Video and GIF export options

Final Words:

Svgator is a versatile tool that appeals to a wide range of users, from designers to startup founders. Its no-code approach and extensive feature set make it an attractive option for various animation needs​​.

2. Snap.svg


Snap.svg is an open-source JavaScript library for creating and animating SVG graphics, praised for its simplicity and power.


  • Lightweight and works on all major modern browsers
  • Capable of resizing animations dynamically
  • Supports low-level animation methods for customized timing
  • Ability to add event handlers to SVG elements

Final Words:

Snap.svg is ideal for developers looking for a straightforward yet powerful tool to create and manipulate SVG animations. Its flexibility and lightweight nature make it a great choice for a variety of web projects​​​​​​.

3. SVG Circus

SVG Circus

SVG Circus is a tool focused on creating looped SVG animations, particularly useful for spinning loaders and other repetitive animations.


  • Clean and straightforward design, perfect for looped animations
  • Capabilities to generate circles or polygons with customizable sides
  • Preset animations with adjustable timing

Final Words:

While it may not offer the flexibility of some other tools, SVG Circus excels in its specific niche of looped animations, making it an excellent choice for designers needing this type of functionality​​.

4. Vivus JS

Vivus JS

Vivus is a lightweight tool designed for simple SVG animations, offering a unique drawing effect.


  • Creates animations that mimic hand-drawn strokes
  • Compatible with a variety of SVG elements
  • Includes a Vivus Instant tool for drag-and-drop animations
  • Capable of initiating animations when SVG is in the viewport

Final Words:

Vivus is best suited for illustrations and projects where a hand-drawn effect is desired. Its user-friendly interface and flexibility in animation initiation make it a valuable tool for designers and developers​​.

5. Anigen


Anigen is a simple browser-based SVG animation tool designed to complement Inkscape.


  • Seamless integration with Inkscape for enhanced functionality
  • Supports a variety of animations, including motion types and multiple animations on the same element
  • Offers layers, keyframes, customizable timings

Final Words:

Anigen is a work-in-progress tool that’s ideal for users who are familiar with Inkscape and want to extend their capabilities to include SVG animation​​.

6. Parallax SVG Animation Tools

Parallax SVG Animation Tools

Developed by Parallax, these tools are a collection of Python scripts designed to simplify the process of creating complex SVG animations.


  • Addresses the challenge of hand-editing SVG code and overwritten edits
  • Tailored for complex or long sequence animations
  • Perfect for use with animation libraries like GSAP

Final Words:

These tools are a boon for front-end developers facing difficulties with complex SVG animations, offering solutions to common issues faced in the animation process​​.

Each tool offers unique features and capabilities, catering to different aspects of SVG animation, from simple looped animations to complex, interactive graphics.


In the realm of SVG animation, the variety of tools available in 2023 reflects the field’s rich potential and diverse applications.

Svgator stands out for its user-friendly interface and web-based functionality, making it ideal for users who prioritize ease of use without compromising on comprehensive animation features.

Snap.svg appeals to those requiring advanced SVG manipulation capabilities, offering a powerful and flexible solution. SVG Circus specializes in looped animations, making it the go-to tool for specific needs like loaders or spinners.

Vivus JS adds a unique flair with its hand-drawn animation effects, perfect for adding an artistic touch to projects. Anigen serves as an excellent companion to Inkscape, expanding its SVG animation functionalities.

Finally, Parallax SVG Animation Tools are tailored for professional environments where complex and lengthy SVG animations are the norm, offering efficient and sophisticated solutions.

Each of these tools not only caters to a broad spectrum of skill levels and requirements but also pushes the boundaries of SVG animation possibilities, fostering innovation and creative exploration in the digital world.

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