5 Best NFC Business Cards on the Market for 2024

Thinking about upgrading to a digital business card? Imagine merging the physical touch of a traditional business card with the advantages of digital features. This dream combo is a reality thanks to NFC digital business cards.

If you’re unfamiliar with NFC cards, picture this: a card, much like your everyday debit card, that fits snuggly in your wallet or a tag to stick on the back of your phone.

NFC Business Cards

When you meet a potential client, just tap it to their phone. Instantly, they have all your details. This magic is possible due to NFC technology which seamlessly transfers information to nearby devices.

Keen on modernizing the way you share your professional details? Let’s dive into picking the best NFC business card for you or your business in 2024.

While there’s a variety of digital business cards available (NFC or app-driven), this article focuses solely on NFC cards. If you’re curious about the broader spectrum of digital business cards or need tips on designing a stellar card, I’ve got resources on that too.

Let’s dive in!

What are the Best NFC Business Cards?

After hours of research and trials, here is my list of the top NFC cards on the market.

1. Popl


Popl has revolutionized the digital business card scene. Once a straightforward medium for sharing details, it now serves as a comprehensive business tool. Beyond simply sharing your company’s name, logo, and contacts, Popl provides advanced features that make networking efficient.

Popl Product Options: 

  • Popl’s: NFC stickers to place on your phone. Opt for the standard design or jazz it up with your brand colors and logo.
  • Cards: Resembling a debit card, they fit easily in your wallet. There’s a range, but the 24k Gold Card steals the show. Plus, you can tailor it with your brand’s look.
  • Badges, Bands & Keychains: Perfect for major networking events where you want to stand out.
  • Smart Cases: For those preferring a sleek look, swap out the sticker for a case with NFC built-in.

Popl’s Features:

  • A detailed professional profile showcasing contact details, social handles, and essential business info.
  • Share your digital card via NFC, text, email, airdrop, or QR code to any device – Android or iPhone. No need for the recipient to have the app!
  • Their Pro version boasts a nifty business card scanner.
  • Seamless integration with top CRMs like Salesforce, Outlook, or Hubspot.
  • Efficient lead tracking and centralizing by team members, boosting growth potential.
  • For advanced features, an upgrade might be necessary.


While a free profile and app come with all purchases, advanced functionalities like video embedding and CRM sync call for an upgrade to Popl Pro or a Team account.

Final Thoughts:

Say goodbye to old-school paper cards and step into the future. Popl isn’t just about exchanging digital cards; it’s a powerhouse for lead tracking, conversion boosting, business expansion, and CRM integration for a clearer business overview.

2. Mobilo Card

Mobilo Card

Mobilo Card has cemented its position in the NFC business card arena. Tailored for businesses and team-oriented ventures, Mobilo seamlessly integrates with CRM platforms, apps, and provides a user-friendly experience to share professional details. What sets these cards apart is their premium construction, with options in materials like wood and metal.

Here are a few options for yourself or your company:

  • Cards: Pick from metal, classic, or wood finishes. Customize them to mirror your brand’s persona.
  • Smart Button: Simply stick these on the back of your phone or any suitable surface.
  • Key Fobs: Hook these onto your keychain or bag, and you’re networking-ready!

Some of the great features that come with Mobilo are:

  • Its NFC feature and distinct QR code let you showcase your digital card across platforms, even during online or virtual events.
  • Curious about the returns from your networking sessions? Gauge your networking ROI effortlessly.
  • Engage with both past and potential clients, enhancing interactions and boosting business opportunities.
  • The dedicated Teams version is business-centric, feeding leads directly to your CRM. With features like HR integration, it simplifies employee onboarding and offboarding and comes equipped with lead-gen boards to ramp up conversions.
  • The initial pricing, especially for individual cards, might feel a bit steep (though there’s a discount for team purchases).
  • The landing page opts for a simpler design.

Mobilo’s Pricing

Choices abound, from personal cards to extensive Team packages. The cards, especially the metal variant priced at $189, might be on the pricier side but they sure are a luxurious touch.

Final Thoughts:

Seeking top-tier NFC cards that cater especially to teams? Mobilo is a strong contender. However, it adopts a more streamlined design for its landing page.

3. Linq


Think of a digital business card that’s more than just a placeholder for your contacts. Linq makes this a reality. This card is not only a reflection of your identity but also an impressive showcase of your work portfolio. While I’ve delved deeper into Linq in a separate review, here’s a quick glimpse of its offerings.

Linq’s NFC-driven offerings present both standard and tailor-made options:

  • Cards: Choose from an array of aesthetic designs, from sleek flat black to natural bamboo.
  • Taps: These NFC stickers can be conveniently placed anywhere, including your phone. Customizable too!
  • Badges & Hubs: Perfect for networking gatherings or workplaces that prefer badges.
  • Apple Watch Smart Bands: Keep your professional details on your wrist, ensuring you’re always ready to network.

Linq’s features:

  • Their free profiles are elegantly designed, giving you ample scope to shape your brand.
  • Upgrading to Linq Pro lets you enrich your profile with multimedia like videos, tunes, calendars, and more.
  • The marketing analytics feature, especially with Linq teams, provides insights into clicks, lead generation, and other vital stats, helping you monitor business growth and effectively engage potential clients.
  • While background theme choices are limited, icon customization offers flexibility.


A complimentary profile is available to all. But for a richer experience, Linq Pro, priced at a reasonable $5/month, brings advanced analytics and video features. Team packages can be discussed separately.

Final Thoughts:

For those not chasing ultra-advanced CRM analytics, Linq is a splendid pick. Offering a visually pleasing digital interface, diverse choices for the physical card, and pocket-friendly at just $5/month for its Pro version, it’s a win-win for solopreneurs.

4. TapTok Business Card

TapTok Business Card

Let’s clear something up right off the bat: TapTok isn’t TikTok. It’s easy to mix up their names, but they’re completely different. TapTok makes it a breeze to share all your business details with just one tap, thanks to its NFC cards and “dots”. While they offer these two NFC items like some other companies, they don’t have any other varieties. Another thing that sets TapTok apart? There’s no app involved. Just tap to share, and the receiver instantly gets your contact details on their iPhone or Android, if they’re compatible.

Here’s a neat thing: the dots aren’t just for sharing details. They double up as phone holders! If you’ve got a holder for your selfie sessions, why not swap it for this dual-purpose gadget?

Some TapTok Highlights:

  • Personalize your profile with links to your social media, emails, and phone numbers.
  • Sharing is a breeze: no app required. One tap and your details are in their contacts.
  • For phones without NFC? There’s a QR code.
  • You won’t find any recurring costs here, just a one-time payment for the product.
  • It does have its limitations, like no options for integrating with CRM systems, adding videos, or detailed analytics.

How Much Does It Cost?

You’ll only be paying once for TapTok. The price for the cards ranges between $29.99 and $79.99. If you just want a dot, it’s $19.99.

Final Thoughts

Considering a new phone holder? TapTok offers you that and an NFC business card rolled into one, without breaking the bank. It’s a handy tool for the modern professional.

5. V1CE Business Card

V1CE Business Card

Rounding up our list is V1CE. They stand out with their diverse offerings that range from cards to phone cases and wallets, all equipped with NFC technology. The convenience doesn’t end there. You can modify your profiles either via web or mobile. One notable feature? The ability to maintain multiple business profiles, allowing you to select and share the most relevant one with clients.

Here’s what makes V1CE shine:

  • Their smartphone cases, available in assorted colors, guarantee you’re always prepared to share your business details on-the-go.
  • Designing is a breeze. Select your desired card material (options like black, bamboo, gold, walnut, cherry), upload your logo, and upon approval, it’s swiftly printed and dispatched.
  • A neatly laid out professional profile featuring essential details such as name, a brief intro, and contact information.
  • Every card comes with a QR code at the back for easy access.
  • While the cards might be on the pricier side, there are no recurring subscription charges.


Cards and Cases pricing kicks off around $52.

Final Thoughts

V1CE delivers all the essentials, though with a slightly steeper price tag compared to some rivals. Their phone cases, in particular, offer great value and convenience.

Understanding NFC Business Cards

An NFC business card is a modern twist on the traditional business card. It employs Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which enables two devices to exchange data when in close proximity. With a rising trend of minimizing paper consumption and the convenience of having all contact details in one place, NFC business cards have gained momentum. Some renowned names in this field include Popl, Linq, and Mobilo Card.

Advantages of NFC Business Cards

  1. All-in-One: One card can hold all your details without the space limitations of a paper card.
  2. Always Ready: No more scrambling to find a business card during impromptu meetings.
  3. Eco-Friendly: Reusable and updatable, it reduces the need for multiple paper cards.
  4. Versatile Exchange: Can share information with any NFC-enabled device, from phones to tablets.
  5. Inclusive: Many come with QR codes to cater to non-NFC devices.
  6. Comprehensive: You can feature more than just your contact details. Add videos, awards, links, social media profiles, and more.

Choosing the Right NFC Business Card

When shopping for an NFC business card, consider the following:

  1. Digital Profiles: Ensure the provider offers a range of templates to fit your branding needs.
  2. Physical Appeal: Determine if you prefer a specific type of card, and review the design flexibility and cost.
  3. Pricing Structure: Understand what’s available in the free plan and the benefits of any premium upgrades.
  4. CRM Compatibility: For businesses, integrating with a CRM can streamline lead tracking and client management.
  5. Data Insights: Opt for providers that offer detailed analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your card.

In essence, an NFC business card is a fusion of technology with traditional networking, making interactions seamless, sustainable, and efficient. It’s an innovative step towards modern professional networking.

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