5 Best Multi Language E-Commerce Website Builders in 2024: Diversify Your Reach

Best Multi Language E-Commerce Website Builders

Around 4.60 billion people are using the internet today..!!

Yes, you heard that right.

So, if you are into an online business, you just need out of the box strategies, as a strong market is already there.

To corner the competition, many businesses take advantage of the digital wave. If businesses improve their digital presence, they can easily increase the number of their loyal customers by just applying the right marketing strategies at the right time.

And among the best marketing strategies, today I am going to share the strategy that will completely change the competition. And that is having a multilingual E-Commerce website.

Why multilingual E-Commerce websites?

Because this is a digital world, you don’t know where your customer is located and which language he uses. Maybe a user is interested in your product, but due to the language barrier, he can’t buy from your website.

isn’t it a loss to you?

Yes, it is, so to get over this loss, you must make your E-Commerce website multilanguage, but now the question is how, and which is the best multilingual ecommerce website builder?

To solve this query, I have written this article. So, before making more curves, let’s know why a multi-language E-Commerce website is necessary and what are the best multilanguage website builders.

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Reasons, Why Should I Need a Multilanguage Website?

● Your customers are Everywhere, Not Limited to English Speakers

Yes, it is a fact that English speakers account for the majority of global internet users, but besides English speakers, other language speakers are also there, they are also using the internet, and if you incorporate different languages into your E-Commerce website you can easily target them too. So that you can reach a much wider audience.

● To Show your Customers that You Care about them

You should demonstrate to your customers that you care about them. Creating a multilingual website will not only send a positive message to your customers, but it will also serve as a form of personalization for them. At the same time, your customers will have the impression that you treat everyone equally. and you’ll gain more loyal customers.

● Different Search Engines for Different Languages

If you have a multilingual website, then people will find your business more likely. There are many search engines in the world, such as Yandex in Russia, Naver in South Korea, and Baidu in China, and when a person searches in their own country on these search engines, it shows the results in that specific language. And if you create your website in the language of those regions, it will appear when those regions are searched.

● Multi-Language Websites Increases your Sales

Yes, having a website with multiple languages can help you grab more customers, and more customers mean more conversions and sales.

With the addition of every single language on your website, you could see a hike in your sales. Together with this multilingual website helps you to create loyalty among your customers, and also an emotional attachment as your customers feel privileged which ultimately gives rise to sales.

5 Best multi-language E-Commerce Website Builders

We are presenting 5 Best multi language Ecommerce website builders for you.

1# BigCommerce


BigCommerce is one of the best and most popular multilingual E-Commerce website builders. If you have seen the most visually appealing and profitable online stores of Nikon, Toyota, Skullcandy, Fitbit, Ivory, etc, they all are powered by BigCommerce.

It is available in two versions viz, BigCommerce Essentials and BigCommerce Enterprise. You can use the version which is best suited for your business, as BigCommerce Enterprise is known for its customized ability for corporates, whereas BigCommerce Essentials comes with paid versions including Standard, Plus, and Pro.

BigCommerce makes things easier for you to create your E-Commerce website by incorporating a smooth step by step process. From start to finish it will give you complete assistance.

It is one of the best multi-language E-Commerce website builders that help you to link each item with a relevant section in its sidebar navigation menu. Together with this BigCommerce let you know about those third-party apps that will assist you in enhancing your website functionality.

2# Shopify


Shopify is the most popular, most used, most powerful and the best multilanguage E-Commerce website builder available in the market powering over 1.2 million online stores. When it comes to simplicity with power, Shopify corners the market. It is very easy to create a customised eCommerce store with a variety of tempting features.

To create or manage databases of different products effectively, Shopify offers a comprehensive built-in CMS that makes it very simple to handle the huge store with tons of products. You can even cross-reference your items with hassle-free data entry by the links added by CMS to your E-Commerce website.

You can enhance your website’s functionality by adding apps from over 3500 add-on apps options with Shopify. With this, your website gets additional features in its core functionality. Along with that Shopify offers 64 premium themes with the nine free themes that come in basic features. And there are more than 1100 customizable themes offered by third-party apps available in the market.

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3# Weebly


If you are into small or medium-sized businesses go with Weebly. Weebly is a multi-language E-Commerce website builder that offers both free and paid plans. To get the ad-free version of this website builder you need to switch it to paid plans.

However, Weebly is most liked by beginners who don’t know coding. Its drag and drop feature makes everything smooth and easy. And what I like the most about Weebly is its flexibility. Unlike Shopify and BigCommerce, you can not only use Weebly to build E-Commerce websites but also use it to create any other type of website also.

Weebly provides all the options or we can say functionalities that are very much required to create a successful online store like you can create separate product pages for each of your products, you can include multiple images in a gallery, etc.

Besides, you can introduce product variations that help you to sell different sizes or colors of the same product on your E-Commerce store. You can even highlight specific products by creating a storefront page. This page navigates your visitors to the relevant product pages.

4# Wix


Wix is another famous multilingual ecommerce website builder that comes with a drag-and-drop content management system with eCommerce capabilities. Before its launch, they have gradually improved its functionalities and made E-Commerce adaptive. Among 8 pricing plans 4 of which include eCommerce functionality.

Wix is not just like other E-Commerce website builders, it comes with a different approach. Before creating your E-Commerce website you have to start it by designing your basic website. After completing a basic website, you can move it to E-Commerce. After that, you can enter your inventory, and while moving items to inventory you will find the whole process is very easy as compared to other websites.

After completing the inventory setup or filling in all the inventory details, you can set the shipping parameters and payment methods. Just like Shopify, you will not find an intuitive app marketplace in Wix, but you can still enhance your website’s features by integrating with apps like Modalyst, KudoBuzz, etc.

5# WooCommerce with WordPress

woocommerce with wordpress

You must have been hearing the name of WordPress ever since you entered the digital world. WordPress is one of the most widely used Content management systems (CMS).

If you want to convert your WordPress website into an E-Commerce site, you need to install a plugin named WooCommerce (it is free and open-source software), as E-Commerce features are not available with standard WordPress installation.

As WooCommerce is a plugin, first of all you need to create a WordPress website and then integrate WooCommerce with it. There are lots of free and paid templates available to choose from, however, you need to choose the theme which is WooCommerce-compatible. The rest of the process is the same as you create the pages or posts on any other WordPress site, the same you need to do after WooComemrce integration.

To add the products after installing WooCommerce you just simply need to click the “Add New” button in the product menu of WooCommerce and enter the required information.

Final Thoughts

That’s all..!!

Although the ocean of E-Commerce is very deep, the more we immerse ourselves in it, the more often we will get new experiences.

But if we talk about E-Commerce websites only, then I will repeat the same thing that the more personalization there is on our website, the more we will target people based on their behavior and their language and deliver our products to them and more people will be attracted towards us.

Here I have given all the best multi language E-Commerce website builders that not only enhance your E-Commerce functionality but also eliminate the language barriers. You should also read about 10+ Website Builders for Instant Site Building. It can also help you to build amazing websites.

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