5 Best Medical Practice Management Software

A day in the life of any health professional is extremely busy and challenging. Not only do they have to deal with the well-being of the patients, but they also have to take care of piles of paperwork. All these make the professionals feel extremely overwhelmed and stressed with a practice that’s not up to their high standards.

This is the main reason why Medical Practice Management Software is needed to provide with all the necessary tools to eliminate paperwork and empower the medical staff to provide with all the exceptional service which their patients deserve. It helps manage the daily operations performed in a clinic, including scheduling appointments, billing, checking insurance status, and various other administrative duties.

Best Medical Practice Management Software:

Best Medical Practice Management Software
Best Medical Practice Management Software

Here are the five best medical practice management software:

1. EPIC:

 Among the popular Medical Practice Management systems, Epic is considered as the best option, mainly due to its easy-to-use, comprehensive nature. It is very adaptable to a variety of specialities as it provides a great delivery of centralized information about patients covered in the entire place on one single platform. Its versatility gives each patient everything required to make them stay in the best of their health.

It covers almost every corner required in management, whether it is paperless billing, built-in patient portal, telehealth appointments, time-saving technologies for reducing data entry, or detailed analytics. Other than all these, it also contains many small features which were designed to improve daily tasks, like linking statements and automating codes.

The main thing which makes Epic more preferable than other software is its intuitive electronic medical record system. This system makes the process of managing and checking through medical records more efficient as well as cooperative. It centralizes the medical records, giving access to anyone from everywhere. The integrated analytics and statistics tools can recognize patients with high risks in a few minutes, which help the staff, provide high-quality treatments quite earlier.

It’s Electronic Health Record (HER) system, which observes the medical history and notes of new patients, and gathers all the information in a proper digital format, is also amazing.

The other essential features of Epic include:

  • Managing proper scheduling of patient appointments,
  • Creating patient demographics and history,
  • Making e-prescriptions,
  • Making insurance and claims
  • Making medical templates.

Even with so many features, this software works well on almost every device, including smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, smartwatches, etc., making it highly recommendable software for medical practice management.


Another equally good medical practice management software is Kareo. It is especially best for those who are independent medical practitioners. Independent practitioners need their bills to be managed in a way that keeps payments coming in. Even though managing medical bills are complex, Kareo provides billing management software that collects the payments more quickly.

If you want to be careful with your budget, the billing analytics tools of Kareo send daily snapshots of your financial health, reducing any kind of confusion or delays.

Kareo also contains front office tools with solid features for fast scheduling and appointments. These tools help maintain close connections with patients by allowing custom scheduling capabilities, reminders for appointments, and personalizing alerts.

The in-built software called Kareo Engage helps expand your practice with attentive and beneficial reminders and online communication to provide a good experience for customers.

The Electronic Health Record (HER) system of Kareo, built by healthcare providers, grants you easy writing of scripts and notes as well as managing the records of your patients.

The other important features of Kareo include:

  • Having telehealth video services certified by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
  • Containing billing analytics which converts the data of patients into revenue.
  • Having mobile applications for various products.

3. WebPT:

A medical practice management software that helps to enhance patient care and experience for therapy professionals easier in WebPT. Its features for documentation as well as the tools for marketing help increase the potential of your clinic.

With the Financial Trend Analyser of WebPT, you can boost accounting workflows and keep a check on what is operating and what is not. Its built-in dashboard helps to schedule appointments smoothly.

The customized Electronic Health Record (HER) system built by WebPT maintains the progress reports of patients safe and sound. The detailed data of the patients’ condition is assessed, shared, and updated with just a few clicks.

The Medical Billing Software of WebPT contains Patient-specific medical reporting and billing with features like National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) edit as well as functionally limited reports. This helps you to complete your payments and billings with accurate reports quickly.

The other important features of WebPT include:

  • Setting appointment reminders,
  • Has compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act),
  • Gives proper scheduled alerts and notifications,
  • Manages important documents well
  • Provides with e-Prescriptions.

4. LumaHealth:

Among all the medical practice management software of various shapes and sizes, the Machine Production Management (MPM) software, which provides a laser focus for engaging with patients, is LumaHealth. 

LumaHealth, specifically, is popular for maintaining connections between patients and health care providers as well as specialty clinics. It allows superior delivery of healthcare with the help of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

The secure text messaging facility of LumaHealth allows patients to ask questions and receive updates regarding their care, lab results, and prescriptions on their phones.

LumaHealth’s post-care messaging service helps appointments run smoothly by providing patients with follow-up details on brief treatment guidelines and setting successive appointments.

If you have a diverse number of patients, LumaHealth helps you communicate in over 20 different languages through mobile texts for setting appointments, replying to questions about healthcare plans, etc. Since such online appointments are self-scheduling, they have become very convenient for patients.

With the Zero contact check-in facility in LumaHealth, you can create limitations on face-to-face interactions among your patients by text message check-ins, which provides for a well-organized waiting room experience.

LumaHealth is also capable of sending educational content to patients struggling to manage their health or craving for healthcare guidance.

The other important features of LumaHealth include:

  • Setting appointment reminders.
  • Accessing health care services and managing health care through digital telehealth.
  • Keeping track of surveys of patients.

5. DrChrono:

The two medical practices, i.e., Medical Practice Management Software and Electronic Health Record (HER) systems, could often suppress the efficiency of your productivity. However, with the help of the highly customizable software named DrChrono, you can easily make clear statements built around your practice. When faced with challenges, it will assist you with its highly focused medical and health record management system.

If a medical practitioner is specialized in allergy, immunity, dermatology, internal medicine, etc., DrChrono will help add a demographic field with the details of the patient.

DrChrono doesn’t require any extra billing software since integrated fee schedules can be set within the software itself. This helps in achieving well-organized billings, payments, and claim rates without any complexities.

Another important feature you can find in DrChrono is the ‘onPatient’ portal. This feature makes each and every patient of yours receive appointments after completely filling out paperwork. Since this portal is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), medical records and educational materials are available for review and medical care techniques.

DrChrono also contains a few other front-end features, including:

  • Profiles for Appointment
  • Immediate eligibility checks
  • Creating Online Schedules
  • Online billing via PC or mobile device
  • Personalized check-ins and
  • Automatic reminders for staff as well as patients.

Final Words

In conclusion, it can be said that Epic is the best option when it comes to Medical Practice Management Software as a whole. Kareo is best for doing independent medical practices, whereas WebPT is highly recommended for Physical Therapy Clinics. If Patient Engagement Features are your utmost priority, you could definitely choose LumaHealth. If you want more customizable software for Medical Practice Management, then DrChrono is the best pick.

Keeping in mind all the above discussions, it leaves up to you, in the end, to choose what is best for you according to your needs and preferences. So, pick the best Medical Practice Management Software today that is best for you!

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