7 Best iOS Apps for Crypto Price Alerts

Best iOS Apps for Crypto Price Alerts

Are you a Crypto investor or a trader and looking for an app that supports your trade-in in your daily trading sessions? Trading through apps has boomed the cryptocurrency market because of its ready to trade feature that makes trading possible with just a click away.

In this article, we will explore the seven best iOS apps for Crypto price alerts, in which we will explore apps based on different parameters so that they suit your needs.

With the fluctuations of the Crypto market, a trader has to be updated with every price movement, and for this, my article will bring out the best cryptocurrency price alerts app just for you.

7 Top Best iOS Apps for Crypto Price Alerts

Here is the list of Top Best iOS Apps for Crypto Price Alerts:-

1. Coinbase

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I have experience with coinbase because it is the most straightforward platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Coinbase is one of the most popular Crypto trading platforms. You can easily buy any cryptocurrency with different payment methods like credit cards, Paypal and debit cards.

One of the most significant features of Coinbase, which I like, is that you can get personalized price alerts whenever it changes after you buy a cryptocurrency. Another great feature of this app is tracking the real-time price charts with various chart indicators like moving averages.

When the decisions are informed, they are better calculated for the market full of speculations. So you can see that coin base is the best cryptocurrency price alerts app on iOS. This app has a great security feature that keeps your investment protected, and it is available on App Store for free on devices running iOS 11.0 or above.///

2. Cryptocurrency Alerting

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If you are looking for an app for Cryptocurrency price alerts, I would recommend Cryptocurrency Alerting as the best app for cryptocurrency price alerts. Prosperous notifications are concerned cryptocurrency alert in has some of the best features among it appears that will attract you to use it.

When we talk about the features of this app about providing Crypto price alerts, it has many feathers in its wings. Talking about notification alerts, it has many things that will surprise you, like live Crypto price alerts, alerts when cryptocurrency is listed, alerts for transactions and much more just for you.

You can also customize your App alert for crypto prices like push notifications, text messages, email, auto phone calls, Telegram, Discord, and much more.

All those iPhone users who have iOS 13.0 or above can use this app. This app is one of the best apps available on IOS for giving price alerts as we have seen the features that always fascinate traders.

3. FTX: Blockfolio

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Blackfolio is another excellent Crypto price alert app trusted by millions. You can trade in over 8000 cryptocurrencies with it as the app has been designed for traders to use without any hassle.

The app has been designed in such a way that you can keep real-time track of all your transactions and see your holding. In addition, the app has the edge over technical analysis through technical charts because it has many chat indicators that support you for a calculated risk-taking decision.

The Candlestick chart is one of my favourite charts is provided by FTX because it helps you take better decisions for your trades.

A trader can check his order book, market details, and many more features about his investment in the dashboard.

Through this app, you can use its excellent alert system that keeps you updated with all the price changes and minor details about your favourite coins. Furthermore, a trader can customize the price alert that he wants in which he can set an alert where whenever the Crypto price will hit the particular price point, an alert will be generated.

The app can be used by anyone using an iPhone with iOS 11.0 or later from the app store.

4. Investing.com Cryptocurrency

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Although investing.com has been around for quite a long time in the equity market, they have recently entered the cryptocurrency market with unique features that make trades easier for traders.

This is one of the easiest and the best cryptocurrency price alert apps. In addition, it has a user-friendly interface.

In investing.com, you get live prices and historical price data for over 1300 different currencies. The currencies it supports are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

You get so many minor details about the market, like which currency is trending, the trading volume of any particular currency, and the top gainer and top loser in the market. Another great thing about the app is that you also get market-related news that may impact the market and your investment with proper analysis from different sources like Yahoo, BBC, Reuters, and investing.com itself to keep you updated.

5. Delta Investment Tracker

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Our search for the best cryptocurrency price alert app on IOS and the next big app is the Delta investment tracker. There are over 2,000 coins that you can get details about, so you would not be left out on any of these coins that you may want to trade-in.

This app provides the live performance of all the cryptocurrencies that you have. Even if you don’t have a particular cryptocurrency, you can still track the price movement and other details like the volume of that cryptocurrency.

It summarises the day and the overall profit and loss of your investment without any confusion. Your decisions are always calculated with the help of its proper analysis of Crypto price movement with technical charts.

Through this app, you can create as many as ten different portfolios, simultaneously tracking your additional investments.

iPhone users who have iOS 11.0 or above can use this app which can be downloaded from the app store to stop.

6. eToro Cryptocurrency Trading

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It is one of the most unique and famous cryptocurrency apps traders use to trade in Crypto assets, stocks and even CFDs.

Several cryptocurrencies are supported on this app so that nothing is left from your bucket when it comes to trading the most profit-giving coins, and this feature makes it the best iOS app for Crypto price alerts.

It is the perfect app for those who have just started since beginners can use the demo account to have a good hand before entering the real cryptocurrency market.

It offers price alerts, excellent analysis, and much more to succeed in your trades. In addition, a trader can get detailed information about the cryptocurrency in his portfolio. Anyone with iOS 11.0 or above can use this app after downloading it from the App Store.

Anyone can get price alerts from this app in the most convenient way, and because of this, they do not need another app for the same job as all is done by it.

7. Zulutrade

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The end of this article has a fantastic app named Zulutrade, which offers a price alert feature for different stocks, commodities, forex, and many cryptocurrencies.

It has fantastic features which make your trading profitable with great dashboard and price alerts features. The price alerts make you stay updated and track cryptocurrency price movements.

The benefit of this app is that it summarises the entire trading calendar about all the critical events that may impact your trade and your investment. You can also create bots about alerts and trade for you whenever required.

Personalized notification is another excellent feature of this app that attracts you to use it. Anyone using the iOS platform can download this app from the app store easily.

Final verdict

This article has tried to list out the best apps for price alerts in the Cryptocurrency market. These apps give you real-time price alerts, great analysis, technical charts, indicators, news, and much more that make your trading career successful.

Some of these apps can also help you manage your portfolio. You can also use apps mainly made for alerts; in this case, Cryptocurrency Alerting is the best app; however, if you want an app that gives you information like price alert, trading volume, and manages your portfolio, then I would recommend Coinbase for you. Choose the best app as per your need and stay happy.

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