10+ Best Free PDF Editor Software/ Online Tools for 2022

Best free pdf editor software. The format PDF is designed with a purpose that you can share your data in the exact way how it is there visible on your system. Though now many times you convert your documents in a PDF Format to the data safe, yet one of the major drawbacks is that you cannot easy edit on the PDF Format. The various features that you should have in a proper PDF editor tool are:

  • Export and convert PDF files,
  • Editing of the elements of the document,
  • Editing the pages of the document,
  • Free and compatible in all devices.

At present there are a few PDF editors options are available for the case if you wish to use them. Here is a list of more than 10 best free PDF editor software from the year 2022.

10 Best Free PDF Editor Software 2022

1# PDF – XChange Editor

This is one of the most perfect PDF editor software of the year 2022. The editor comes for free and it is backed up with so many features that you will surely get some good help.

  • You can easily or delete texts, and also allow you to format.
  • It allows you to add comments, extract pages or even split the PDFs.
  • The software uses OCR so that it can recognize texts even in a scanned document.

Apart from these features in the free software, there are many more others in the premium update. If you use premium software or the editing purpose, you can also get your document watermarked.

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2# PDFsam’s

pdf sam

This basic PDF editing software comes for free and some o its premium version’s features are also available in the free version but for limited time.

Some of the features that you can use in the free version are:

  • Cutting of large texts into smaller chunks,
  • It allows you to cut and shut of the texts in the document,
  • It allows you to extract some of the selected pages,
  • It allows you also to rotate the pages.

Some of the premium features that you can use in the free version for a limited time period are:

  • Full editing of the texts,
  • Insertion of objects,
  • OCR and secure signing features.

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3# AbleWord


AbleWord is again one such PDF editor software that comes for free. Though it attempts to edit all types of PDF formats, but it shows the best results on the PDF formats that have been converted from Microsoft Word. This is the reason, sometimes the results may not be similar to the original documents, but will not differ much also.

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4# PDF Candy

pdf candy

If you need a DF editor that is lightweight and easy to use, then this is the perfect tool in demand. Some of the amazing features of this free PDF editing software tool are:

  • It allows you to convert the PDF format to many other formats,
  • It can rotate the documents and can split them,
  • You can protect the document and can watermark it.

This is an online server and so, one drawback that comes up is that you can upload PDF files that are lesser than 10 MB for editing.

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5# FormSwift PDF Editor

FormSwift PDF Editor

FormSwift PDF Editor is an online PDF editor that you can try out to get great results. You just have to drag and drop the PDF document in the software window and then you get the editing job done.

  • You can edit the documents easily on the browser itself.
  • You can edit, delete or replace the texts.
  • You can also add or replace images or signatures.

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6# Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF Editor

This wonderful PDF editor tool is great because it allows you to edit the elements of the PDF documents without leaving a watermark. The tool comes along with these various features:

  • Editing existing texts and adding new custom texts,
  • It allows you to add hyperlinks,
  • It also has a signature tool feature,
  • It allows you to remove pages and also add blank pages in the PDF,
  • It also allows you to insert images and other figures in the document.

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7# Inkscape


The best thing about this paid software tool is that the features such functions that are often available in the paid versions of other software tools. Some of the features that it offers are:

  • Editing of the PDF texts,
  • Supporting manipulation of graphics,
  • It supports you with a number of image editing tools.

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8# PDFescape Online PDF Editor

PDFescape Online PDF Editor

This software tool is again a free tool to use. But you need to make sure that the document you are editing is not more than 100 pages or not higher than 10 MB in size.

  • It allows you to work online and edit on the browser,
  • There are lots of tools for editing purpose,
  • You can add your own text in the document and even images,
  • You can also add and delete the PDF pages.

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9# Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

Though this can be used as a free PDF editor tool, but some of the features may not be free and for that your document may get a watermark. Some of the features that you can use are:

  • Adding of more number of texts in the PDF document,
  • It allows you quick edit of the document in comparison to other tools,
  • It allows you to provide a white space if you wish to erase a portion,
  • It supports you in importing shapes and figures,
  • It will allow you to save PDF from any source.

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10 # PDFelement Pro

pdf element

If watermark is not an issue for you, then this can be the best PDF editing software tool that is free to use. The various features that you can use are:

  • It allows you to edit the text the way you want,
  • It allows you to add images, links and even custom the watermarks,
  • You can even edit the background of the PD document,
  • You can include headers and footers in the PDF document,
  • It also allows you to combine many PDF documents into one,
  • You can crop the PDF pages,
  • It helps you with the support or OCR feature,
  • You can rotate, insert, extract or even delete the pages of the PDF documents,
  • You can protect your edited PDF documents using password.

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11# JPDF Tweak

JPDF Tweak

This is a java based software tool for PDF documents. Some of the important features of the tool are:

  • You can add watermarks,
  • You can put in your signature,
  • You can add page numbers in the document,
  • You can attach files and also split them.

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12. JotForm’s PDF Editor

JotForm PDF Editor is another efficient tool for you. You can easily turn collected data into polished, professional-looking PDFs. Once your PDF is created, you can download, print, or share it via email. Better yet, with this editor, you don’t need to download any software to edit PDF files. Sign up for free today.

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So, here are some of the best free PDF editor software for 2022 that you can use for editing of your important documents in PDF formats.

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  1. Till now I was using foxit and adobe acrobat, now you have listed 10 more softwares. Thanks for a nice information. I think I may use one of these above, in case I want to switch any time in future.


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