Best Fake Phone Number Generator Tools, Apps, Sites 2022

In the global digital platform, a phone number is very essential. In fact, a phone number is a life-saver for Internet users who work with the websites. As you know, many websites and registration processes require a phone number to be entered. With a fake phone number, you can simply move ahead with the process and can create your account or anything. Today, we bring you a list of Best Fake Phone Number Generator tools, apps and websites. If you’ve been looking for the same, the following list will help you out generating a list of useful fake phone numbers.

Phone numbers are useful for social media, shopping sites, classifieds, dating sites, job portals etc. Many websites and portals ask you to enter your cellphone number. Entering your original phone number is not safe all the time and to save yourself from such situations, a fake number comes in.

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You can save yourself from Internet threats if you use a fake phone number. Many websites sell your personal information to the advertisers. The advertisers would send their promotional links and other materials to your phone number.

Make sure you use the fake numbers only for safety purposes. You should not use it for any illegal activities.

Who can use Fake Phone Number Generator Tool?

Anyone can start using the Phone Number Generator tool. There’s no any age limit to make use of this tool on the Internet. If you have good knowledge about using the web, you can simply go to the website and can start using the online fake phone number generator tool.

Most of these tools allows you to get the numbers of United States. However, there are many other online generators who allow you to get the fake phone numbers of various other countries. Yes, you can actually get the phone numbers of other countries such as Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and many other more.

Here, we have prepared a list of Best Fake Phone Generator Tools, Apps and Sites 2022. You will get to see different tools, mobile applications and websites to generate fake phone numbers. If you are not familiar with the online tools, you can get the app for your phone and can start using the platform.

Best Fake Phone Number Generator Tools, Apps, Sites

Get the best Fake Phone Number Generator Tools given below:-

1. Fake Number: –

Fake Number is currently the best website to generate Fake Phone Number for various purposes. You can easily get a huge list of fake phone numbers which can be used for different websites, apps and tools.

Fake Number

Fake Number website was initially allowing the users to get the fake phone numbers of the United States. However, the platform has now been upgraded and you can also get the fake phone numbers of other countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and many more.

The best thing about this website is you can get the Fake Phone Numbers of the local and International platform. As per your requirements, you can get the list and can start using them.

Visit Fake Number

2. Get New Identity: –

Get New Identity has become a global platform and it has now been expanded with a huge community. The platform now lets you have fake phone numbers, fake address, fake email, fake card number etc. You can use all this information for testing purposes.

Get New Identity

From here, you will get a list of 10 unique phone numbers which can be verified and used by you for various activities where a legal phone number is required. This website mainly provides you a list of fake phone numbers for the United States and India. The platform is highly used by the Indian users.

Visit Get New Identity

3. Fake Phone Number: –

Fake Phone Number is yet another popular Fake Phone Number Generator tools. The tool is increasingly popular with a huge number of its users and subscribers. This tool helps you to get the phone numbers of any city of any country. It’s a great tool which gets you a list of fake phone numbers in just a few seconds of time.

Fake Phone Number

With this too, you can get Fake Phone Numbers of popular countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Japan and Germany. The website serves decent user interface which lets anyone can generate the list of fake phone numbers easily.

As you can see in the above image, on the front page, you would see the list of countries. You can select the country and can get the phone number of that particular country by selecting the state.

Just select the country, the state or City and hit the Generate button. At the very next moment, you will be presented with a list of Fake Phone Numbers. These phone numbers are non-existent.

Visit Fake Phone Number

4. Country Code: –

This platform creates Virtual Fake Phone Numbers based on the country which you select. It’s a very user-friendly platform which serves an easy to use interface for everyone.

On the home page, you could see the options to select your country. Just select the country and state and hit the Search button. You will be provided with a list of virtual cellphones numbers of the selected country or state from that country.

Country Code

You can also use this platform for creating a Tool-free number for your Business. You can keep your phone number activated for 3 minutes. So you have to finish the tasks within 3 minutes. You can make use of this tool to become successful with your business.

Visit Country Code

5. Randomlists: –

If you have been looking for some fake phone numbers of the United States, then Randomlist is the best platform for you. This website not just give you the list of fake phone numbers, but you can also get the street addresses, emails, names, area codes and much more. Yes, all this information can be fetched from this platform as per your requirements. You can use this fake information for various purposes.


You need to keep in mind that the platform doesn’t allow you to use the real phone numbers. All the phone numbers of the United States given by this platform will be 100% fake. These phones numbers are not verified and you can use them for registering an account, using it for any online portals etc.

If we talk about the platform, the platform serves easy to use interface for all the users. You just need to search for the phone numbers etc. and you will be able to get the list of phone numbers, names, addresses etc. from this platform. You can quit the information after using it for any of your purposes. You can generate up to 1000 Fake Phone Numbers from this platform in just a few seconds.

Visit RandomLists

6. Phone Number Generator: –

This is kind of a unique platform which lets you generate a bunch of fake phone numbers for various purposes. This website is designed for the software testers. If you’ve been into testing department of a well-known Software company, then you might be in need of virtual phone numbers to test out on your software. This platform lets you generate the fake phone numbers quickly.

Test America Fake Phone Number Generator

The platform serves an easy to use interface which lets you set the number of phone numbers which you required. If you require 10 fake phone numbers, just type in 10 into the search box and click on to the Generate button. The platform will take a couple of seconds and you will be provided with a list of 10 virtual phone numbers right on your desktop.

These phone numbers can be used for testing purposes only. You should not use them for any other purposes. You should not use these phone numbers for the production department. Just test out the software using the list of fake phone numbers and you’ll be done.

With this tool, you can generate up to 30 fake or virtual phone numbers. Just type in the number and click the Generate button.

Visit Phone Number Generator

7. BurnerApp: –

If you are looking for a complete professional fake phone number generator app for your smartphone, then BurnerApp is here for you. This BurnerApp is there for your smartphone, you can use this BurnerApp on your smartphone to create a virtual phone number. You can make use of this phone number to make calls and do various tasks.


It is one of the most trusted mobile application for generating a second phone number of yours. You can make use of this phone number for calling, texting and sending picture messages to your loved ones and even to strangers. With this, you can stay safe and anonymous by hiding your original identity. You don’t need to share your original cellphone number.

The BurnerApp reroute the burner calls and send it to your cellphone numbers. This way, your cellphone number can stay private. You don’t need to give it to anyone and can still make use of the platform or portal. The recipient will only be able to see the fake phone number created by the BurnerApp. The BurnerApp is available for both, iOS and Android platforms. You can use this app right from your smartphone.

Visit Burner App

8. Dollar Digits: –

Dollar Digits is yet another Fake Phone number generator app. The app lets you create unlimited fake phone numbers which you can use for various purposes. You don’t need to give your original phone number to anyone on the digital platform. Instead, you could use this app and can generate your fake phone number. With the generated cellphone number, you can make phone calls, send text messages and pictures etc.

Dollar Digits

The platform serves easy to use interface for everyone. All you need to do is just select the state and area code and you will be given a complete virtual fake number. With this app, you can get virtual phone numbers of over 40 different countries. All you need to do is just select the country of which phone number you need and click the Generate button. At the very next moment, you will be given the numbers to use.

This is not a free to use app and to make use of this app, you have to pay $1.99 per month. However, you would get the best of services from this app to hide your identity through a fake and virtual cellphone numbers. There’s also an unlimited plan available. For more information about the plans and fees, you can go ahead and visit their website.

Visit Dollar Digits

So folks, these were all the tools, apps and websites available on the web platform which lets you create fake and virtual phone numbers. As mentioned above, you can use these fake phone numbers of various purposes. Just make sure you don’t use these numbers for any illegal activities.

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