7 Best E-Commerce Marketing Books To Read in 2024

Best E-Commerce Marketing Books To Read

Sources said that Global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $7.4 trillion by 2025.

Isn’t it a massive grasp over the E-Commerce market?

Isn’t it rushing adrenaline in your nerves to think about opening an E-Commerce store if you are planning to open a business?


If you’re a newbie, now is the perfect time to learn more about how to establish an ecommerce store successfully or scale your business if you’ve already started one.

By the way,

We feel great when we talk about all of this, but when we talk about it on the ground, we have to do a lot of learning.

And the craving to learn new things should never go away. Because at the end of the day, your ‘knowledge’ will propel you further along the path to success.

To acquire new skills, the market is full of Podcasts, Videos, Blog Posts, and Webinars, but they don’t cover everything. And to get into every corner, you need books.

And to hone your skills in E-Commerce, you need the best E-Commerce Marketing books because they allow you to delve deeper into the subject and learn more about it.

So in this article, I will discuss the best E-Commerce Marketing books that help you excel at E-Commerce skills and help you become a successful entrepreneur in 2024 and beyond. If you don’t get time to sit and read peacefully, Best Audiobook Apps for Android and iOS will help you to listen books.

Now get to know about the Best Ecommerce Marketing Books:-

7 Best E-Commerce Marketing Books in 2024

Get list of seven Best eCommerce Marketing books in 2024. You are going to love them.

1. Ecommerce Marketing: How to Get Traffic That BUYS to your Website: By Chloe Thomas

Chloe Thomas is a well-known name in consumer persuasion and conversion optimization. She learned a lot while working as CEO for ten years with a marketing agency. After grabbing that experience, she now concentrates on helping businesses develop their online sales strategies.

Whatever she has experienced and learned in these ten years from her clients, she has defined very well in her book.

She has described how one can create successful E-Commerce Marketing strategies to generate traffic on their online store. However, getting traffic isn’t the only goal but getting conversions using traffic acquisition models.

This is a must-read for online store owners who wish to take their business to the next level.

2. New Rules of Marketing and PR: By David Meerman Scott

New Rules of Marketing and PR has been written by a renowned online marketing consultant David Meerman Scott. And this book is his most well-known book, and it’s a must-read book for everyone interested in the market’s new reality and to know them in the depths of E-Commerce Marketing.

The central idea is to explain the paradigm shift in E-Commerce Marketing in which the old techniques of advertising are rapidly dying and losing their effectiveness.

Whereas the digital connecting medium is search engines, social media, Viral Videos and blogs, it has grown in popularity and is excellent for reaching a big audience.

Getting the proper knowledge of these channels and understanding how to use them effectively is critical in succeeding in the digital age. In this book, Scott reveals the secret on how to properly and effectively use these channels so that you can confidently sell any product, service, or concept.

Hands-on this book today and get yourself in the shoes of the customers.

3. Everybody Writes: By Ann Handley

If you want to differentiate yourself in the crowd, the only thing you can do is to express yourself differently. And for this, you need unique content.

The same goes with the business; Everybody will be attracted to you if you have the guts to engage your audience with your writing content. You should know the fundamentals of writing, cutting, short copy that your readers will respond to.

And all these content secrets you will find in the book Everybody Writes, written by Ann Handley, who is a pioneer in Digital Marketing. She is a Chief Marketing Officer of MarketingProfs, one of the world’s most prestigious marketing education and training firms. Besides, she also writes for Wall Street Journal and is a well known Social Media Marketer.

In this book, Handley discusses the numerous platforms where E-Commerce firms need to publish their content, like websites, emails, social media platforms, and blog posts.

She writes that having a basic understanding of attractive Writing with a story building is a must for engaging content, the ways to make your Writing Better, simple grammar principles, etc.

So, to learn how to generate excellent yet informative content, this is a must-have book for you.

4. Built to Scale: By Seray Keskin, Sam Thomas Davies, and Rikke Berg Thomsen

Gone are the days when only a few tech-savvy firms with massive budgets could create an e-commerce store. Now the technological spread has completely changed the game. Now Everybody with an internet connection, a device or a positive mindset can access the E-Commerce store with a bit of money.

Build to Scale is a book for those who have a clear mindset of achieving something big in the modern online marketplace but do not have the perfect E-Commerce marketing grasp.

In this book, you will get the discussions over:

  • Common E-COmmerce marketing mistakes that a business makes.
  • How to attract the target customers even when you have a limited budget.
  • Best ways to write compelling product descriptions.
  • The ways you can adopt to grow your revenue.

You will get real-world case studies with this book that show how businesses have grown from small e-commerce startups to prominent players in their fields. Besides, you will get ideas and inspiration to turn your brand into a scalable business.

5. Epic Content Marketing: By Joe Pulizzi

Ok, let me know; what attracts you more: an informative blog where the brand promotes itself or that annoying promotional message that pops up at any time?

The former one. And that is called inbound marketing, which is now the deal of the day.

Inbound marketing is a method for attracting customers to your e-commerce business by offering them value. Whereas the old method, i.e. outbound marketing, disrupts the prospects.

And to master inbound marketing, only one thing you need, “The Content”, Great content is at the heart of inbound marketing.

Joe Pulizzi, in this book, makes the argument that e-commerce businesses can’t expect customers to buy by bombarding them with substandard content and sales pitches they don’t care about.

To lure and win the customers, brands need to generate unique content with fresh ideas and updated information that solve customers’ pain points.

Pulizzi sets down the underlying concepts of a strong content campaign and specific techniques to implement in this book in an easy-to-understand manner.

6. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: By Gary Vaynerchuk

In the above points, I have talked about the profits you receive in the business when you stand out from the crowd.

In this book, Gary Vaynerchuk has penned that to succeed in the business; you must grasp the magic tricks of social media; once you master the art of social media and how to connect and contact your customers through social media, you will win the game.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an ultra-successful entrepreneur and one of the actual “OGs” of digital marketing, has a substantial social following.

This book will appeal to you because it will help you comprehend the underlying mindset required to succeed on social media.

Once you understand what users respond to and how to interact with them, you will win their hearts and penetrate the market. And when it comes to the content, it is still relevant and provides a firsthand account from someone who clearly understands what they’re talking about.

This book is pure gold, one who wants to be a master in E-Commerce marketing must read this.

7. An Introduction to Marketing Psychology: By Hubspot

If you are an E-Commerce guy, you must have heard about Hubspot. It is one of the most well-known inbound sales and marketing software firms that assist businesses in attracting customers, converting leads, and closing sales.

They have a diverse set of digital capabilities, and in their book “An Introduction to Marketing Psychology”, they have discussed everything about it. This excellent book for E-Commerce Marketing provides readers with an in-depth overview of basic human behavior principles, e-commerce buyer mindsets, and how to influence their purchasing decisions effectively.

Besides, They offer one of the most comprehensive content marketing campaigns and valuable materials, such as in-depth blogs, guides, reports, eBooks, and Marketing courses.

Go to the “Resources” section and download this Jam-Packed piece of knowledge for free.

Final Thoughts

To pair up with the digital revolution, you have to sharpen your thoughts and gain the in-depth knowledge that is only served by great pieces of content which are not found anywhere. But, unfortunately, to grab them, you have to spend some of your money on good books. Some are more costly to purchase. They do, however, come with the assurance of long-term worth.

The books discussed above cover everything from introductory marketing psychology to copywriting to SEO writing and social media, and everything in between.

By choosing the appropriate ones, you can avoid many of the blunders that new E-Commerce businesses make and learn the E-Commerce Marketing fundamentals that ultimately speed up your growth and make your online store well-positioned for long-term success.

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