Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in USA 2022

Cryptocurrency is the future of transactions, and the future of investments may be that many equity traders are shifting to the cryptocurrency market. If you, too, are interested in making your fortunes through cryptocurrencies, then you, first of all, need to have a cryptocurrency account that you can open in a cryptocurrency exchange. So that you can buy or sell the digital currency that is in demand.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges in USA

The quality of a good cryptocurrency exchange is that it will make transactions more accessible for you to transact more and more. However, before you choose a suitable exchange for you, you need to check whether the currency that you are going to transact is available or not, pricing and the withdrawal options, and how secure your transaction is.

In this article, we have taken care of all these points that may create some concern for you and brought out a list for you to make the best decision before you enter the cryptocurrency market.

Top 5 Best Crypto Exchange USA 2022

Get the list of Top 5 Crypto Exchanges in USA in 2022 :-

#1 Coinbase

Coinbase is the priority on our list because buying and selling cryptocurrencies is very easy at this exchange. Apart from that, a Coinbase Pro membership is available without any extra fee, and comparatively, there are more features like indicators and charts.

Without indicators and charts, it is challenging to trade in cryptocurrencies. Investing is ok, but every trader needs a good chart and excellent indicators for better decisions when it comes to trading.

  • There is an endless choice of altcoin
  • Butter smooth user experience
  • High liquidity
  • No user control over the wallet keys

With the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, more instances of fraud are happening with new traders. This is painful because a good cryptocurrency market is being spoilt because of some fraudulent cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is an easy-to-use platform with negligible entry cost to give you the world of cryptocurrency investment.

With Coinbase, you get an optional custodial wallet so that you can keep your crypto investment safe from any fraud vulnerable to your investment.

Another good feature of Coinbase is that we found that you get insurance for your investment in case of data breaches or somebody hacks your account, and top of that, all your cash is safe with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

#2 Binance

We chose Binance because it has a never-ending list of digital currencies, which are not just popular currencies but also the newly launched coins that are reliable.

  • Best fee structure compared to the other exchanges
  • A long list of cryptocurrencies for the traders to earn more money.
  • The charting feature is very advanced, with so many indicators that traders can make a good decision in a trading session.
  • A platform for advanced users because of its features, not for beginners
  • Binance has fewer trading pairs compared to its international version.
  • Not supported by all states.

The Binance exchange was established in 2017 to focus on altcoin trading. Although it was banned in the United States in 2019, it bounced back in November 2021 with a bang.

Balance is the undisputed player in the Global Exchange option, making huge profits from a cryptocurrency’s daily trading volume.

Although only US dollars are accepted for deposit options, it’s still worth opening an account in Binance. The cryptocurrency is over Binance can be purchased through society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication; however, one can directly purchase a few cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card.

#3 eToro

How about copying the best trading practices of your favorite traders worldwide and making a massive profit from your trades?

Here is copy trading for you. Yes, we are talking about coffee trading that you can do on the eToro trading exchange eToro is the winner in its segment of copy trading. It’s a proven platform for you to start with.

Not just copying somebody’s trading practices, you can also share your trading practices and get bugs in exchange.

You will trade with more than 3000 symbols like CFDs, Forex, and ETF. Although it is pricy, it is worth paying that fee because nothing is better than profit through trading. Only a trader can understand this feeling.

  • Safe trading platform
  • Excellent Copy Trading platform
  • User-friendly application for beginners
  • Trade with more than 3000 symbols for trading
  • Covers your investment of up to 1 million euro if you are in the European Union, the UK, and Australia
  • Features of it all are more expensive than its peers in the market
  • They have limited research available for thetraders
  • No algo trading supported at eToro, which is very common in other platforms
  • There is a compulsory stop-loss rule that you have to follow, which may hinder your focus from your trading
  • Unique features are available only to the premium members, which is at a higher

#4 Kraken

Kraken is a great exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin dogecoin and Etherium. It is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges, and it supports more than 100 coins that you can buy, sell and earn money from trading with even a comparatively small exchange fee.

Kraken is a discount broker that is good for those who have information about trading and need less assistance. So those. who are looking for a discount broker must choose Kraken for the exchange platform

  • Butter smooth user interfaces that make your trades are easy to go.
  • Comparatively higher liquidity exchange
  • Moon hundred 10 coins available for trading and investing
  • Comparatively higher fees for trading
  • Huge losses have been reported because of hacking, so it might not seem to be a safe platform.

#5 Webull

Webull is a very famous platform where you can buy and sell Equity stocks and cryptocurrencies of your choice. However, this platform is among those whose brokerage is relatively less than the others in the peer group.

  • Low-cost trading
  • User-friendly platform
  • Sophisticated tools
  • Cryptocurrency trading available
  • No online support is available

Traders have excellent feedback about Webull because they have good trading experience.

Final Verdict:

Everybody is so fascinated by the world of cryptocurrency. However, it looks very lucrative, with some drawbacks to the cryptocurrency market, especially trading exchanges. Several trading exchanges are not secure; as a result, coins that you have invested in may get lost anytime because of hacking which is the enemy of the cryptocurrency market.

So keeping this in mind, you need to look for safe cryptocurrency exchange with good trading tools available like charts and indicators and, at last, a very competitive exchange fee.

These things matter a lot because nobody wants to pay a higher transaction fee for every trade, and they want to keep their investments safe. For example, one of my friends had Dogecoin worth 30 million US dollars, but nothing was in the portfolio when he wanted to sell them. So it matters how secure your investment is at the trading exchange you are dealing with. So, we hope that you have a good trading experience and earn huge in the cryptocurrency market.

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