8 Best CPU Temperature Monitor Softwares 2022

PC owners always suffer from the problem of overheating and looks over different methods of solving it. Overheating has become the primary issue for all PC owners because it lowers down its performance and creates difficulty during work. Most of the PC is running on Windows, and they mostly feel that their PC gets overheat very soon during the working condition, and this rise in temperature is the primary cause of harming PC and its work efficiency.

To ensure that your PC will work great, the best thing is to have a general look at the CPU Temperature which can be done by various monitoring softwares available in the market. Here, in this article, we are going to guide you about different softwares which will help you in monitoring your CPU Temperature and its heating capacity.

Best CPU Temperature Monitor Softwares

These softwares can easily get download and install within PC and consist of different elements like-

  1. The current temperature of CPU can demonstrate in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  2. The overall temperature of CPU according to different areas can identify without causing any delay.
  3. It will also tell you the temperature of computer hard drive.

All of the below provided Top CPU temperature monitor software are either free of cost or in paid version with lots of benefits available for all these monitoring tools.

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Top 8 CPU Temperature Monitor Softwares

Here is a list of CPU temperature Monitor Softwares for you. Choose the best one for you:-

1. HWMonitor


As we are here talking about CPU monitoring tools the first one in this list is HWMonitor one of the best CPU temperature monitor software and most popular device. This tool manufactured by the same team who constructed CPU-Z utility. The significant thing about HWMonitor which is liked by everyone is its lightweight and regular current updates for supporting the hardware of your PC. It tells its users about the temperature, clock speed, voltage and much more very quickly. It will also give you the minimum and maximum values along with the current value as well. This software is available completely free of cost for users.


Another best CPU temperature monitor software which is available online for all PC owners is HWiNFO. Tt consists of all basic features which any other monitoring tool has, instead of that it also provides some additional features to the users. This popular monitoring tool will not only provide you with the information of voltage, temperature, frequency and much more for each area of your hardware apart from all these features it is also capable of performing deep checks which will give you detailed information for your device and each component of it. There are various information being provided by HWiNFO like telling about the timing of your RAM or can also tell about your graphics card memory bus width range. This monitoring tool is also free of cost to use.

3. AIDA64


For all those people who want to get more severe hardware and diagnostic details for their PC should go for this monitoring software. It is the one of the best CPU temperature monitor software for which you are looking, AIDA64 will give all of the essential information which is being provided by any other software along with that it also offers much more information regarding the same field like it will tell you about the system software of your PC. It also includes different types of benchmark testing facilities and also supplies the facility of stress test to check the stability of your system. As AIDA64 is giving lots of multiple features which are exceptional so it can not be free of cost for availing these feature you will need to pay some nominal amount. You can also take the free trial version of it for 30 days before going to the paid service. After it, you can get the paid subscription of AIDA64 at the rate of $39.95.

4. Intel XTU

Intel XTU also was known as the Extreme Tuning Utility is one of the best CPU temperature monitoring software which provides much more apart from managing temperature like overclocking, stress testing, utility design etc. especially for the Intel CPUs. With Intel XTU you will not only get the monitoring of temperature, voltage, frequency etc. and for the Intel CPUs which are supporting this facility, it also gives the feature of adjustment of different frequency, voltage and other various values of your CPU. The utility also included the tool of stress ability test for providing a valued stress test of GPU, memory and CPU. The best part of it is that you will get this software completely free of cost.

5. ASUS AI Suite

In this list of monitoring software another best CPU temperature monitoring software is ASUS AI Suite which specially designed for the ASUS products which help to monitor the complete performance of PC with all areas included in it. ASUS AI Suite is having the feature of the dual intelligent system by which users of it can get detailed knowledge of their system’s internal structure within both ways statistical and graphical which lets you understand it in a better way. For proper monitoring of your PC’s temperature, it has the feature of four-way optimisation so that you can diagnose every problem of your hardware entirely with a free diagnosis.

6. CAM

CAM is one of the freely available best CPU temperature monitoring software allows its users to monitor the temperature of both GPU and CPU. By the help of this software, you can quickly optimise different problems of your PC hardware. It will let you check the overtime load usage, the amount of memory consumed by every running program, information of storage space, the speed of the network, the temperature of a fan, FPS etc. We can say that you can keep an eye on everything which you can not see with your naked eyes and all of the internal programs of your PC. This software is also available completely free of cost for its users.

7. Core Temp

If you are looking for a simple temperature monitoring tool, then this will be the best option for you. Core Temp is one of the simple, small, convenient and easy to use program which will give you information about the temperature and other data of your device with its unique kind of work. It is the thing due to which we keep it on the list of best CPU temperature monitoring softwares. If you are desired to know about the temperature of every center of the processor, then this will be the excellent preference for you. Here you will get the detailed info about temperature fluctuations and the workload of PC. It is also available in the free version for its users.

8. EnhanceMySe7en

The last software which we are going to introduce in this list of best CPU temperature monitoring softwares is EnhanceMySe7en which acts as a housekeeper for your system; it will protect your device and tell you about all problems related to temperature. If you are working on windows 7, then this can be the excellent choice for you as it works perfectly with this version of windows. This software introduces various apparatuses which are dealing with the issue of registry, defragmentation or plate space and identifies lots of things like HDD temperature, introduced programming etc. to keep your system safe and healthy. It is also available free of cost online.


I hope you liked the list of best CPU temperature monitoring softwares in 2022. If you do, please share it on your social media profiles. If you want to suggest any other CPU Temparature tool for windows pc, please mention in the comment. We would love to add it to the list.

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