Best Backlinking Strategy that will help you in Ranking 2018

Best Backlinking Strategy

Are you thinking to build best backlinking strategy to rank your blog or website in 2016?

Well, ranking in the Google isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

To rank a website, we create multiple backlinks. But before choosing any website to build links, you should look after 4 major factors which are as follows:

  1. Referral Traffic
  2. No. of unique IP addresses
  3. Niche Relevancy
  4. Domain Authority

1. Referral Traffic

You can have millions of links but if none of those is getting clicked, then they will not have much value. So the more traffic flows to your backlinks, the more those backlinks will be powerful and your site will get referral traffic. That’s the main change in the Google’s algorithm especially after the Panda update so there s a major important factor.

2. No. of unique IP addresses:

The more links you have from unique IP addresses. The more traffic flows through those links and the better and faster your rank.

I mean what if you get a link on a site that has the authority of 60 or 80 and zero traffic on the domain. That link will not be powerful enough as a link from a site that has 15 domain authority but has millions of traffic each month. That’s why traffic is our top of the problem.

3. Niche Relevancy:

You should always get links for same relevant blogs or sites. It passes the signal that you links are natural.

Don’t get attracted towards high authority links which aren’t related to your niche. They might be authority sites, but they are not of any mean if their niche is different.

In case, you want to have links from a news site. Then prefer to have links only from a related article. Like, you wrote an article on internet marketing, then try to have a link related to internet marketing article on News website.

4. Domain authority (DA):

DA has counted as an influential factor by many expert marketers to have links from any website. However, along with high DA, the site must have enough visitors each month. It increases the power of the link.

How does this Backlinking Strategy Work?

Now, it’s time to discuss the best Backlinking strategy for 2016. In this strategy, I m going to show you how to get super high-quality links on blogs that will occasionally work as a referral traffic sources.

In this strategy, I m going to show you how to get super high-quality links on blogs that will occasionally work as a referral traffic sources.

It’s a very skilled strategy which my friend uses to rank websites. He is a Seo expert having experience of 5 years in the industry.

The basic structure is this – you have your money URL and publish an article on your money website and then you share it in Facebook groups and then you wait for a couple of days. It isn’t a rule that somebody will pick up that content start linking. Usually, it takes some time even if you wrote a high-quality article.

Then you publish your tire 1 articles on high domain authority, powerful and visiting blogs linking back to your money site.

So what else you have to be done?

You write 3 more articles on Tier 2 and linking back to the Tier 1 article just to make this article very popular. Thus, the more links juice it will pass on your money site.

If this article doesn’t show up anywhere, it means that it’s not so powerful.

In order to make this article ranked in the first 10 pages you have to write other articles pointing to it, and then after publishing those two articles, you should also share them on social media sites.

Google picks up on those articles and starts adding those signals to Tier 1 article.

Let’s go step by step on what you should do in order to employ the above structure.

A step by step procedure to implement Our Best Backlinking Strategy

tiered link building

Let’s go step by step on what you should do in order to employ the above structure.

Step 1

Write your money article and you should make sure that it’s minimum of 1000 words.

Your target keyword density will be 0-5%.

Your target keyword should not have in the page or post title.

Suppose, if your target keyword is “Hostgator coupon“, then your post title should be something like “Hostgator 50% Off Coupon”.

It’s a very important factor in that most of the reason why nobody ranks these days because they are using too much targeted keyword in the title, in the content anywhere. Instead, use the LSI keywords in the content.

Use relevant keyword, like if you want to rank “Hostgator Coupon”, you have options like promo codes, discounts, cheap such kind of keywords to use throughout the content.

Sometimes even brand names could be very relevant to your target keywords.

 Step 2

Once you’ve done that we can proceed to step two where you will need to share your money URL in order to have traffic and people can discover content and they like to link to it.

Do you know how to do that?

Well, you have a lot of Facebook groups, Fan pages, and blog communities. Share your URL there and get referral traffic from them.

You might not able to publish on fan pages. So just contact to the admin and ask them to share your URL or you can even pay them as lowest $5 or $10 for sharing your URL.

Step 3

Write and publish Tier 1 articles.

This article should be minimum of 300 words.

500 will be great if you can write.

Your target keyword density must be up to 4 percent which means in a 500 words article you mentioned your target keywords 4 times at max.

You should also avoid using the target keywords in the title.

Get linked to at least 1 relevant website. Now a lot of people say – Wikipedia, but it doesn’t have to be Wikipedia. It can be any other famous website that’s relevant to the subject to talk about or even some of your competitors. Maybe they are already ranking for your keyword.

You should avoid using exact match keywords and anchor text here. You should use only 1% exact match keyword.

Click here to learn more about Tier 1 link building

Step 4

Once you’ve done that you can go to next step for driving traffic toward tier 1 article. So post and share in Facebook groups, G+ communities, LinkedIn groups, and Twitter.

Step 5

It’s very important to boost that the tier 1 articles because those will be the ones passing most of the ranking juice.

To do that, you have to create a couple of tier 2 or more articles. The 2 or 3 articles are ideal.

The more you have, the more power will pass to the tier 1 article. Three works perfectly fine.

You can use the same rules just like tier 1 articles to write tier 2 articles.

Write minimum 200 words article.

Target keyword density is 2%.

This time, you can use exact match of target keywords in the anchor text. It’s safer.

I mean you have three Tire 2 articles in total so you can use it twice.

Two articles can have exact match anchor text and the third article can have some relevant keywords.

Share your tired two articles on different places like Reddit, Facebook Groups, Fan pages, Twitter, blog communities etc.

Click here to learn more about Tier 2 link building.

Step 6

It’s time to diversify link types which mean you want to have different types of links to the Tier 1 article.

If all your links would come from such kind of tier 2 articles, it will look very unnatural.

You should go out and create some YouTube/Vimeo video description links to tier 1 article. You have to shoot yourself right talking about something.

You can create images links and can create multiple no-follow links using,, etc.

Here you should keep in mind one thing. If you balance the ratio of dofollow and NoFollow links, you can stay safe from any kind of penalty by Google.

I am sure you’ll find a lot of other places that publish random articles. Just go there and create profile and write great articles linked to tier 1 URL.

Over to You

It’s not easy to outrank your competitors and rank in the Google. It becomes more harder when your competition is an authority website. You need to try the above strategy many times until you outrank your competitor.

Good Luck……

It is the best backlinking strategy to rank a website. I hope you liked the post. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our email list to have such kind of posts directly into your inbox.

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