Public Records Company: Choose Best Background Check Service (6 Best Picks)

A background search engine is a people finder tool that helps to search for relatives, old friends, a person’s address, educational information, and many more. This helps for various reasons like employee background check, roommate verification, address verification, phone number verification using public records company.

With the help of background checking services, you can easily get information about the target person without any interruption. One of the best advantages of these sites is that there’s no public record of who was searching or who was searched.

Common Background Search Information includes:

As we all know, getting information through public records and validating a person plays a very important role in every field. So here are some most important fields which require a background check as well as personal information according to the requirements:

  • Employment verification
  • Civil records check
  • Education verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Military records check
  • Sex offender registry searches
  • Security number traces 
  • address validations
  • Workers’ compensation history
  • Drug screening check

Things to focus on before choosing the Best Background check services

Before choosing any background checking services, you need to look into these parameters, which play a very important role in getting perfect data smoothly. Here are some parameters to focus on:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Cost-Effectiveness
  3. Customer Support
  4. Accreditation and compliance
  5. Technology
  6. Time consumption
  7. Customization feature

Best Background Check and People Finder Sites in 2022

Best Background Check and People Finder Sites

Here we are sharing best Background check and People finder sites for you. These would be really helpful for you.

#1 TruthFinder

TruthFinder is one of the best background check sites, which gives the best quality data for the users. Its uniqueness is that it has a premium service that provides access to both public and private databases. 


  • Reports contain information about birth and death records, relatives, contact information, criminal & arrest records, traffic records, education, job, and much more information. 
  • Reverse phone lookup.
  • Get details of easily both private and public databases.


  • Inflexible pricing packages 

#2 Radaris

Radaris is one of the best people finder search engines that helps to get information about the person you need. It provides free public profiles and independent professional reviews, along with premium background checks, contact reports, and other information tools.


 You can find all the details like:

  • People Search
  • Criminal Records
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Sex offenders report
  • Reverse Address Lookup
  • Email Search
  • Property check
  • Business Background check

#3 Intelius

This is one of the best platforms for hiring purposes. It is also useful in getting personal information. Here the searches are confidential. Also, it has a massive database. You can search anything from academic details to criminal checks through public records.


     Provides details on

  • Relatives 
  • Addresses 
  • Criminal History 
  • Court Judgements 
  • Bankruptcies 
  • Assets 

Unique feature:

  • Spider graph representation


  • Can’t download reports

#4 Instant checkmate

Instant checkmate is famous for searching criminal, arrest, and traffic records information of the target person. Also, it is a perfect tool to do a background search for hiring candidates.


  • Get unlimited Standard Reports
  • Search Using First and Last name
  • You can know about an unknown caller
  • Search using an Email address
  • Search using location or address


  • No Buying option for individual reports

#5 PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is the best site that provides accurate results with the best subscription plans. It helps you with People searches, background checks, criminal records, public records, etc.


  • Reverse phone lookup. 
  • Performs fast and accurate people search. 
  • Get background details from any device like a phone, tablet, or desktop 
  • checks nationwide database of criminal records.


  • It doesn’t provide social media information in the reports

#6 GoodHire

GoodHire is another good platform to provide background screening services for small businesses. It provides screening services for criminal records, drugs, international checks, and healthcare.


  • Get complete details about the driver through a motor vehicle record check
  • Criminal Record Search. 
  • SSN Trace and Associated Counties check. 
  • Scalable to complex business processes.


  • Inefficient Search functionality

Final Word

So background check is very beneficial for people who are really in need of any target person’s information. The above-mentioned sites are one of the best people finder sites which help to get information through public records. 

I hope this article is helpful to you in choosing the best search engine to get your target person’s information.

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