Best Audiobook Apps for Android and iOS in India 2022

“Books are the best friends. It is rightly said that books help you solve all your problems and meet the inner you. Books are always helpful no matter how you want to be helped. Reading books is always cherished because it is considered one of the wealthiest habits that make a person valuable.

Earlier, people used to read an actual book, which means a physical book that you could carry in your hand and read, but the internet has changed the scenario here. Now people not only read books, but also they can listen to the readers in a very convenient audiobook.

To listen to an audiobook, you need to have an audiobook app. So this article is about the best apps that play audiobooks on Android and iOS in 2022. So, let’s begin with our list of the best audiobook apps just for you.

6 Best Audiobook Apps in 2022

Get the amazing list of Audiobook apps which I have personally compiled for you. I hope you will love it.

#1 Audible

Subscription$1.95/ monthly
Books Collection200,000 books
App Downloads1.3 million downloads
Offline FacilityYes

Audible is one of the most favorite audiobook apps on Android and IOS. It is Amazon’s company and is compatible with all the Amazon’s device like kindle. It is one of the largest audiobook apps where you will find more than 450,000 audiobooks to suit your interest.

Not just audiobooks, you can also enjoy listening to newspapers and magazines. You can choose any one of the membership plans.

The audiobook app is impressive. It offers you to keep a bookmark, select the playback speed as per your choice, navigate the chapter, and fix a sleep time so that it stops the audio player automatically after a fixed time.

While using this app on Kindle, you can switch from reading the text to listening whatever you like.

Download: Android | iOS

#2 Storytel

SubscriptionRs 399/ yearly (after the 3 days trail)
Books Collection500,000 titles
App Downloads300k+
Offline FacilityYes

I love audiobooks and listen to them while traveling or doing any other household work to keep my mind busy.

Earlier I used to finish one Book in 3 months; I am talking about the hardcover book. However, since I got to know about audiobooks, I completed one audiobook in a week which has multiplied the number of audiobooks that I finish in a month.

Although many audiobooks are available in the app stores, most of them do not provide any audiobooks of an Indian author. Thanks to Storytel for this because they have a vast collection of Indian authors that everybody loves reading.

There are many features about Storytel that I want to talk about:

  • It is not just an audiobook, ebook too.
  • Auto-sync between audiobooks and ebooks.
  • Huge collection of Indian authors’ audiobooks.
  • Enjoy short stories, series, poems, and more.
  • Variable audio player speed.

Download: Android | iOS

#3 Google Play Books

Books Collection4 million +
App Downloads1.8 million
Offline FacilityYes

Google Play Books App is one of the most popular Audio Books apps available on Android and IOS. This app works differently than the other apps discussed so far. Here you listen to the books that you have purchased from a vast collection of over 4 million titles. You can listen to these audiobooks on your smartphone, tablets, iPad, etc. In addition, this app records your progress of how much you have read in a book.

The app has many features like you can skip to the next chapter, jump to a particular chapter, can control the playback speed that is comfortable for you. You can also use the snooze option to read while lying in a bed for better convenience.

Regarding subscription charges, I have already discussed that this app is entirely free because you will listen to the books that you have already purchased, so you do not have to buy a subscription plan for the app. Furthermore, you can purchase or download the Book in your account to listen to them offline even without the internet.

Download: Android

#4 Librivox

Books Collection50,000+ audiobooks
App Downloads49,319 (android) & 23,300 (iOS)
Offline FacilityYes

It is one of the best apps I like on Android and iOS. It is entirely free to download and listen to where you have more than 50,000 audiobooks, including biographies, history, documentaries, and many other books in the public domain.

Searching the audiobooks in this app is easy with keyword author name, genre, or title, and you can also start the search result from the newest to the oldest or vice versa.

Download: Android | iOS

#5 Kuku FM

SubscriptionRs 399/ yearly
Books Collection10,000+ audiobooks
App Downloads1,80,467 (android) & 1800 (iOS)
Offline FacilityYes

Kuku FM is a great Indian audiobook app that people use enthusiastically with over 10,000 + audiobooks. It is an easy-to-use application to find your favorite title at just Rs 399 per year.

You can use this app in your language, share audiobooks and stories with your loved ones, and use these stories offline.

This app is getting too much attention because of being an Indian app that is very close to Indians because most other apps were designed in some different countries; this app has an Indian touch.

Download: Android | iOS

#6 YouTube

SubscriptionFree (basic), YouTube Premium Rs 129/ monthly, Family Plan Rs 189/ monthly, Students Plan Rs 79/ monthly
Books Collection900+ audiobooks (literally unlimited)
App Downloads10 billion (android) & 24,534,991 (iOS)
Offline FacilityYes (with YouTube Premium)

As per my opinion, when you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you do not need any other audiobook app because YouTube has the most extensive collection of audiobooks. Many audiobooks are recorded by millions of YouTubers every day.

You will get almost all the types of audiobooks available on YouTube, so you need not find any other way to listen to audiobooks. The package is competitive to the others, and you get so much in just one premium package, not just audiobooks, but you can also have access to premium videos too.

Download: Android | iOS


In this article, I have tried to list out the 6 Best Audiobook Apps for android and IOS in India so that you can listen to your favorite audiobooks.

Listening to audiobooks is in trend with people who don’t have time to read a physical book. Moreover, it’s easy to listen audiobook regardless of time and place. No need to carry books all the time.

Just choose the best audiobook app for yourself and stay connected to the great works composed by great writers of the world.

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