6 Benefits of Starting Your Own Programming Blog

Being a programmer is exciting and challenging. This profession appeared not so long ago, but now it is one of the most necessary positions in every company.

When you become the owner of your first smartphone, you start your way as a programmer. You begin to optimize space and work on private usability.

That’s about common life, but let’s come back to professional programmers themselves. These guys have specific ways of thinking and prefer to work alone or in closed groups. One of the ways to communicate with the world and share thoughts and problems is to start your own programming blog.

Let’s discuss the list of benefits that it brings to the owner.

6 Amazing Benefits of Starting Your Own Blog as a Programmer 

Here you will get an amazing list of benefits that will be enough to convince you for starting a programming blog. Let’s get started now…

1. You can Discuss Problems

It is a good way to explain the problem and a way to fix it sometimes. Followers (who are probably programmers too) can think with you, give advice or recommend someone who had the same or close to the same problem.

It is useful on every level of professionalism — you can never be professional enough not to have coding problems, and not to look for advice. All pros were beginners and nobody was born with these skills.

However, if you want to talk and discuss more than get code written for you, using a blog is more preferable. 

2. You Express Yourself and Even Brag about Achievements

For some people discussing is not necessary but they want colleagues to know about their achievements.

Among programmers, it is a good practice because others can get involved in the same practice and exchange ideas. And if you are a writer deep inside, it is also nice to have your audience and shock them with your discoveries.

The good news is that it is not a scientific magazine so you can use any style of writing and add a lot of unnecessary and personal details about feelings during solving problems.

You don’t really need much proofreading or following academic writing rules. Also! The question of self-expression by writing is fully closed thanks to the blog.   

3. You can Find New Customers and Partners

One more benefit is finding new customers if you are a freelancer and employers if you want to work for one company full time.

You don’t need to do some extra work, you just need to add interesting useful content and give examples of your projects.

In this case, guys who are ready to pay will find you themselves after a while.

At the same time, you can use the blog as a resume. It will show the steps of your growth as a professional and the speed of your development.

If you are preparing to take the position of team leader or senior specialist, the blog is a perfect proof that you are ready for it and your skills correspond to the request of the employer.

4. You can Find Members of Your future Programming Team

Prolonged communication can show a lot of characteristics of you as a person.

Twenty minutes talking on interview and years of communication with discussion and fights can’t be compared.

Thanks to this experience you can gather a team of your dreams when you need it.

At the same time, you can find friends, interesting opponents and people just have fun with.

Every day the online world replaces the offline world more and more, and it became even more true during the pandemic.

5. You can Write Notes that will Help in the Future Problem-Solving

It sometimes happens that the same problems appear in different projects, teams, periods.

If you create a blog with the structure you can easily find the solutions you used before.

Share your brilliant ideas with the public, get new followers and better quality of discussions.

Later if you read it, you will restore that whole picture and can use it for the current project.

Blog is your investment, and it will definitely pay off, if you invest wisely and continuously. 

6. You can Inspire Young Programmers

Writing a quality programming blog, you become an online mentor for your readers.

If you share not only victories but also defeats and disappointments they will feel that you are the person whom they believe and can come for advice.

Later you can become a team but now you can be a teacher without direct teaching.

In some years you can make online courses or make their code review.

Mentoring is hard and requires responsible decisions, but if you have enough time and will power you can start with the blog.

How Not to Give Up on Your Programming Blog

Now you see that starting your programming blog will bring you a lot of benefits.

For sure, it will also take your time, but we believe that it’s worth it. However, we also know that it is not very difficult to start something, it is much more difficult not to quit.

When you just start, you have lots of ideas, everything seems fresh and engaging, you expect good results from the very beginning.

In reality, you need to invest yourself for some considerable time before you really can achieve some attention to your blog and get into engaging and motivational discussions.

There are several keys to how not to quit.

  • First, you need to remember what we wrote above — nothing will come from the first post. You won’t become a famous blogger after several articles, it is a long term project.
  • Second, it is better to do less, but do it constantly. When writing blogging plans, don’t write them for superheroes, write them for a normal person with a normal life and procrastination level.
  • Third, don’t overthink it. Don’t try to write a thesis on every programming topic. Start small, and you will grow big. Good luck!

I hope you got the benefits of starting a programming blog. Blogging gives you an edge over non bloggers. You can share your expertise of any niche with the people. It increases your credibility and gives you recognition.

If you are a programming blogger or looking to start a blog on it, do let us know in the comment section.

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