How to use to register a domain name and create a WordPress site?

How to use to register a domain name and create a WordPress site

In exactly 7 steps and less than 15 minutes, you can have your own WordPress site up and running. Yes, even if you’ve absolutely zero previous experience.

This is a complete step-by-step guide, backed with screenshots. You never have to “guess” or search for an option. I’ll tell you exactly where to click, and why you’re clicking!

Let’s get started then?


Before we start, a question that you should be asking is, “why” I’m using hosting control panel in the first place?

I’ll give you some very clear reasons:

  • Cheaper than most other competitors
  • One of the best support teams
  • Free SSL certificates and backups
  • Free migrations
  • Multiple server locations
  • Dozens of packages for every need.
  • Multiple payment options
  • In-built domain name availability checker and registrar
  • 7-day 100% free trial on all plans!

That means, you can get a 100% free WordPress hosting server for the first 7-days. In case you don’t like what you’re offered, you cancel, no charges whatsoever!

Step 1- Creating SeekaHost account

In order to register a domain name and create a WordPress website using, you first need a SeekaHost account, don’t you?

Worry not, the process only takes a few minutes and zero tech-skills.

Step 1-> Go to and click on the “Sign in” button at the top-right.

Step 2-> Because you don’t have an account, click on “Sign up” on this page.


Step 3-> Fill in the registration form. It’s just your name and an e-mail ID. Then, click the check box next to “Agree the terms and policy” button. Finally, click on the “I’m not a robot” checkbox.


Step 4-> You’re immediately taken to your SeekaHost dashboard. A welcome popup shows up. Click “next” till you reach the final screen, on this slide simply click “Go to Dashboard”.


Step 2-> Verifying your SeekaHost account

This is an easy one.

Just go to the e-mail account you used for registration, and click on the verification link there.

If you don’t see the e-mail, check your “Spam” as well as other tabs.

Step 3-> Registering your domain

You are now ready to register your domain name.

The Domain name is the URL, the “link” to your website. E.g., and so on.

It’s best to go with the .com extension. However, you may also go with other extensions such as .ca, .in, .org, .net, and many others.

 Note that the domain can never be changed once registered (unless you buy a new domain, of course). Hence, make sure you choose something you’re sure about.

Let’s begin.

Step 1-> On your SeekaHost dashboard, click on the “Domain names” tab on the left sidebar. This will reveal additional options. Click on the “Register domain” option.

seekhost 6

Step 2-> SeekaHost will now show you the domain search panel. Enter the domain you wish to purchase in this search panel and click search.


Tip: You may not always get the domain you want. Good ones are often already registered. Try adding prefixes and suffixes to your domain. (E.g. if you want, you may try and so on).

Step 3-> Once you find a domain you want, click on the “Add to cart” button.

seekhost domain

Step 4-> A slider would slide in from the right. Click on “checkout”

seekhost domain 1

Step 5-> On the next page, simply click “next”.

Tip: I’d recommend adding the “contact privacy” add-on. Note that this is completely optional. However, adding this makes your ownership information and contact private. On the other hand, not adding this would let anyone get your name, address and e-mail ID from your domain in seconds.

seeka host domain 3

Step 6-> Fill in the form that shows next and again, click “next”.

seeka host 3

Step 7->  You should now be on the payment page. You can use your card, or PayPal account to make the payment. Just choose your preferred mode of payment ,enter your details, and make the payment.

seeka host 5

A “Thank You” page would show up. Congratulations, you’re the proud owner of your new domain.

Step 4-> Registering a WordPress site using

Adding the hosting to your account is equally easy.

Step 1-> Click on the “Hosting plans” option and then “WordPress hosting” from the left sidebar.

seekahost 7

Step 2-> Choose a plan that fits your budgets and needs. If you don’t have an idea, I’d recommend going with the “Standard” plan. This will let you create 3 sites. Although, if you’re tight on the budget, the “Starter” plan is the cheapest and allows 1 website.

seekahost 8

Step 3-> Fill in the form on the next page and select your payment term. You can choose to pay monthly, or annually. Finally, click “Continue to subscribe”.

seekahost 9

Step 4-> Make your payment on the next page. If you’ve followed this guide, SeekaHost probably already has your payment information saved from when you purchased your domain. You simply need to select it, and re-authorize it.

Once the payment is done, you should get a “Thank You” page.

Step 5-> Creating a new WordPress website.

You’re almost done! Only two more steps left. First, let’s create your WordPress site?

Step 1-> Click on “Websites and blogs” , then on the “WordPress sites” option. You don’t have a site yet, hence, click on the “Create WordPress site” button. You can use any one of the two buttons you see on the screen.

seekahost hosting

Step 2-> The next page will let you enter the details for your website. Enter the domain you just purchased, and a “Title”. Note that the domain can’t be changed later, but the title can be changed anytime you want to. Also, Toggle the “WordPress site visible” toggle to “on”. Click once on the subscription plan that’s shown to you and finally click on “Add WordPress site”.

seekahost hosting


Step 6-> Connecting your domain to your hosting

There’s a reason I recommend getting the domain and hosting from the same provider ( in this case). It makes the nameserver propagation much easier.

Let’s get that done.

Step 1-> Click on “WordPress & Blogs”, then “WordPress sites” and finally the settings icon.

seeka hosting

Step 2-> SeekaHost will show you the 2 nameservers you need for the next steps. Simply copy these (or memorize, whatever suits you).

seekhost 11

Step 3-> Click on “Domain names”, then “domains” and finally the “settings” icon.

seekahost for you

Step 4-> Before you proceed, you must “unlock” your domain. It’s a single-click process. Simply turn the “Domain lock” slider to “off”.

seeka host wordpress

Step 5-> On the same page, you’ll see the “Nameservers” tab. Click on it and choose “use custom/private name servers”. Now just paste/type the nameservers you copied/memorized earlier and click on the “change nameservers” button.

seekahost webserver

Let’s move on to the next step then?

Step 7-> Enable SSL

SeekaHost provides one-click SSL certificate, absolutely free (not all hosting providers do). If you’re new, just know that SSL certificates are mandatory if you want your site to have any future whatsoever.

It’ll only take a second, trust me.

Step 1-> Go to your WordPress site’s settings page.

seeka host

Step 2-> Click on the “SSL” tab, and simply turn the SSL button “on”.

seekahost server

Congratulations. You just set your first WordPress site up!

How to access and manage the WordPress website?

In order to manage the WordPress website, you need to login to your WordPress dashboard.

It’s all streamlined and straightforward with SeekaHost!

Step 1-> Go to your WordPress control panel/settings page again.

seekahost hosting 14

Step 2-> On this page, you’ll see your “login details”. Click on the “eye icon” in the password field. This will reveal your password and let you copy it. (You can not copy it when it’s hidden/displayed as black dots).

seeka hosting wordpress

Step 3-> Click on the “Site login” link on the same page (refer to the above screenshot, just above the user credentials). This will take you to your WordPress site’s login page. Once there, just use the login credentials you just acquired.

You’re in.

You just registered a domain name and created a WordPress site using!


That was it folks. If you look at it, you’ll see the entire process involved just 7 simple steps. Nothing that required rocket-science or any previous experience.

Even from an economical standpoint, SeekaHost domains are exactly at par with industry prices and you can check for many TLDs using the domain name availability checker tool. Its hosting plans however are massively discounted when compared to other companies offering similar services.

Then there’s the 24X7 support you get from SeekaHost in case things seem a bit too complicated for you. So make sure to check then live chat support for global users at and or open a support ticket inside the portal.

I’d love it if you dropped your two cents about SeekaHost, as well as this guide on how to use to register a domain name and create a WordPress site.

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