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  1. Hii, Nikhil! Glad that you gave me the opportunity for the first season itself. I really enjoyed answering these questions. You’ve been doing a great job by listening to your audience; that is and will help you in the long run.
    It’s an honor to get featured on MyQuickIdea.

    1. Thanks bro for your huge appreciations.

  2. Hey, Nikhil, this is a really good post, many new bloggers will get an idea bout how SEO works, I do agree with you about Fiverr backlinks, we should create high-quality links.

    1. Yup, we always try to build the quality articles because they are beneficial in long run.

  3. I just read your helpful post Nikhil. I try to keep in mind that my blog readers have various levels of experience (those just thinking about starting a blog all the way to very advanced highly successful bloggers). With that in mind, I see various abbreviations in the post that beginners may not understand. Maybe you can explain the abbreviations and then in future posts if you use the abbreviation again, you can link back to the article where you first introduced it. I think that would be so helpful! Thank you Nikhil!

    Deborah A. Ten Brink

    1. @Deborah, thanks for your comment. Yes I will elaborate them for further assistance. Your point is really useful.

  4. Hey Nikhil
    This is very nice list of SEO Q&A or rather say FAQs you have come up. It’s a great share for the new bloggers and will indeed help them clear many of their doubts. Can you please share some working backlink methods that will help many of us here.

  5. Hi Nikhil,

    Good general information about SEO for start-up bloggers. I kinda like your new design – I’ll have to visit more to see how it ‘seasons’. Edward

  6. Hi Nikhil,
    Its a wonderful post indeed. It almost covers all faqs related to link building and ranking high.
    Surely it is very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Very good and helpful post ,Nikhil
    you answered question most bloggers have
    and made good suggestions which help to do
    it the right way.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks Erika. Loved to see you here again.

  8. Hi Nihil and Deepak,
    There are many questions which every webmaster wants to know the answers like how many links we should build in one day and I have read the whole post and enjoyed reading the answers.
    Thanks sharing.

  9. Hi Nikhil and Deepak
    Cool and insightful answers to all the questions out there about SEO which a newbie is always pinging pros to answer.
    Yeah, dofollow and nofollow has to be managed well to get the ranks safe. excessive dofollow link building may amount to a penalty. So, true. Nicely written and answered. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I welcome the comment of a SEO expert on my blog. Thanks mem for being here.

  10. Hi Nikil,

    I am here from the PAC blog rotator and glad to see your very informative blog not only for new bloggers but also for the experienced ones. Hoping to come back to your blog again to have more interactions in future.
    Keep sharing.
    Best regards
    Reji Stephenson

    1. Thanks for comment Reji, You will always get value on this blog. Keep reading.

  11. Hi Nikhil and Deepak, thanks so much for sharing this. There is an awful lot written about ranking and indexing but most of it is badly worded and difficult to understand. This post is clear and informative and so much easier to understand! I think I can finally get my head around it all!

    Enjoy the journey!

  12. Hi,
    I like your describing way in step by step.
    I have read all steps, i already know some of them.
    Can you suggest me Fiverr will be best or not for getting dofollow backlinks..??


    1. @sakhi, For the first tier it’s not good to have links from Fiverr. You can use them on tier 2 and tier 3. you should also choose the gig very carefully.

  13. Hi Nikhil,

    Backlinks are very important to gain authority, as you said we should concentrate on quality rather than depending on quantity, these indexing of new sites taking little bit time but if you post regularly then Google bots will increase crawl rate.

    Another problem of mine is most of my keywords will stay on 2nd, page and I never tried to push it to the first page, you have given tips on it, I will test those tips on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. social signal can bring your post to 1st page. There are many cases in which post stuck at 2nd or later pages. we need to work accordingly.

  14. Hi Nikhil,

    I started my self-hosted blog recently and concentrating on building links to it to build authority, my site not yet indexed in the Google search results, I will try to write more posts on my blog like you said in this article to get indexed by Google.

    You have given some good tips here which is useful for me, thanks for sharing such a valuable information, keep posting this type of article more on your blog.

    1. @Madhvi have you submitted your sitemap to console? if not, then please do it first. Keep on publishing daily, you blog will get indexed for sure. If still the problem persists then contact me any time. I would love to help you in this matter.

  15. Hi Nikhil,
    First of Thank You, You have shared very important Knowledge, I have read completed this article, and I have learned new it. Thanks for shared Helpful Article.

  16. I’m reading this 2nd Awesome Article here at MyQuickIdea, Both of you (Nikhil and Deepak) did an Awesome Job. It’s is a Super Bundled Post , all the Questions Answered at those great.
    In simple words, you’ve made 5 Minutes SEO for Newbies.

    Narendra Saini

  17. Bro… I regularly comments in Quality blogs but I don’t get backlinks from this blogs… why

    and What is Links in Alexa Rank Widgets

  18. Nice article and easy to understand. Sure appreciate your sharing these details. I will definitely. Use some of the above info.

  19. Hello,
    You post such as an awesome guide. Thanks a lot, Nikhil and Deepak. Please keep posting and sharing for next time.

  20. Hey Nikhil,

    Appreciate your effort to bring us the crucial SEO doubts in a Q&A format. Though I was aware on these, It help me remind again. Thanks! Keep the good work up. 🙂

  21. A great question answer series, Nikhil. cleared some doubts which was in my mind earlier. Q.6 is most wanted, I think. It will take to achieve those results.

    Thanks for this session. Waiting for your next!

  22. Hey Nikhil bro,
    That’s an amazing article covering almost all basic questions and answers which came in every blogger’s mind. I hope I will learn more in coming question answer series on MyQuickIdea.
    All The Best.


  23. Really bro ur article helped me a lot to remove many fears I had about link building for event blog.Thanks a lot

  24. Hello Nikhil And Deepak,

    Really this article very helps me, actually i was confused in, how many backlinks can be creates in one day and other many things i learn ….

    thanks for this Q And A Series post about Backlink Strategy …

  25. Hey Dipak,
    You Shared Very Useful Knowledge About SEO and Link Building,
    Thanks, Dipak and Nikhil Bhai For Sharing Such Kind of Knowledge.
    I Also Excited and Waiting for Your Next #Ask Q&A #2 Post. 🙂

  26. Hello Nikhil & Deepak,

    Very good post, every newbie blogger (like me) want to know these types answers. I tink this is the best post for newbie bloggers to get an idea about SEO works. Thanks for writing!!

  27. hello nikhil, really very nice article. i just want to ask,does akismet catches my comments into spam. i am trying to comment on high pr blogs but they don’t approve it. what is the reason.

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