Download Aroma File Manager 2.00 Zip 2021 Latest

Download Aroma File Manager. Aroma is a recovery file manager that allows the users to access through the systems files while android device in the recovery mode. Let them manage with full ease and commands.

It’s basically a flashable zip package with the wonderful interface. The Aroma file manager is also useful when your phone has completely wiped out and you want to access and edit some files in it.

Download Aroma File Manager
Download Aroma File Manager

Why Do We Use It?

The aroma file manager is very ease to use. It is very handy when user has forgotten the pattern lock and wants to remove it. It is straight-forward to access and edit the system files from the recovery mode using Aroma file manager. It is very convenient to go and delete the pattern lock key from the phone lock screen via this File manager.

It can also be used to perform the basic file manager operations like cut, copy, paste, delete and make new folder, etc. It also has an terminal interface which can be used to run command while you are into recovery mode.


  • It works in android device with CWM Recovery or any other custom recovery installed.
  • Download Aroma File Manager Zip
  • Backup all your personal data before applying the procedure
  • Have sufficient battery level in the device (70% or more recommended).

Download Aroma File Manager [Aroma File manager App Free Download]

Here you can download the Aroma file manager. It will help you to access files while your phone in recovery mode. Also you can remove or bypass the pattern lock in your phone using Aroma File manager.

File Name:

Size: 1.64MB

Version- 2.0


Aroma File manager App Free Download

How To Use Aroma File Manager

  1. Download aroma file manager from the download section above.
  2. Copy the Aroma file manager to phone’s SD card.
  3. Reboot your phone into the recovery mode (we are assuming you have CWM recovery on your phone).
  4. Select install Zip from SD card.
  5. Then Select Aroma file manager in SD card.
  6. Select Yes to install the file.
  7. Now the aroma file manager has been installed and open up on your mobile screen.

How To Use Aroma File Manager To Unlock Android Pattern Unlock

There are situations when android pattern get locked and we can’t do anything about it. Anyone could forget the pattern. It is very common thing and can happen to anyone. So we are explaining you how to remove pattern lock using Aroma File manager.

Many android expert say that Aroma file manager can unlock the pattern in recovery mode in most of the android devices. This might be true but this method varies from one mobile variant to another and dependent on technical specifications as well. If you get success then comment down below with your mobile variant. To perform the pattern unlock, your phone must be rooted and have bootloader unlocked.

  1. Download aroma file manager from the download section above.
  2. Copy the Aroma file manager to phone’s SD card.
  3. Proceed to recovery section of your device.
  4. Recovery files will open after your flash it.
  5. Go the menu and click on settings.
  6. Press the button and auto mount all the devices on startup.
  7. Exit the file manager and flash the file again.
  8. Find a file name gesture key which should be located into data/system or sd-ext/system directory.
  9. Delete that file and reboot your device.
  10. Software will ask you for lock pattern. It will open after you draw any pattern.
  11. Set new password for your phone.

If this method works in your phone, please do comment down below. This article was all about download Aroma file manager, how to install it and Android pattern unlock using the aroma file manager.

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