Apple Pay Card Verification Not Working? Let’s Make it Working

It is pretty annoying when you try to install an app and want to work it out and you suddenly face this error, “Your app verification failed.” It might also show another error like your app failed to connect to the server.

Apple Pay Card Verification Not Working

Oftentimes, Apple users face this kind of error when they want to verify their app but they are locked out of it and have to wait for some time before they can try again. I do not like this kind of treatment when I try to log in.

We understand this problem and also experience annoyance because of it hence we have brought out this article to serve your needs and solve the issue that a lot of users face while using Apple Pay.

Most often the users have reported this error after they have installed the update of iOS 9 and from that update, they started complaining about this error. This is not all related to incorrect username and password, even after your login credentials are correct, you still face this error. That’s why there has to be a proper solution, so read this article thoroughly.

Let’s first discuss the possible reasons why you face this error, then we will discuss the solution.

Updating Date and Time

This is the most common reason why people face the verification error because they have an invalid date and time.

And if you want to fix it, you need to go to the settings, go to the general settings, and then your date and time.

What you need to do is set it to the automatic time settings but remember to choose the correct time zone.

Logout and Log Back in – App Store

This is the most workable solution ever. Let’s see what we have to do.

Step 1: Go to the settings of your phone, and launch the App Store and iTunes. Even if you are logged in, just log out and log back in.

Step 2: While logging in, enter your Apple ID through a pop-up notification.

Step 3: Sign out from the Apple Store and Sign-in again.

Check Wifi and VPN Quality

You might not be aware that sometimes poor wifi and VPN qualities also cause a huge issue because they do not let you finish the process and interrupt your connection. For that, you just need to turn off your sim-based internet and switch to the wifi (make sure it is steady) so that you can use the services.

To turn off VPN, you need to go to the settings.

Wifi Interruption

Sometimes your wifi connection does not work properly and whatever the problem is, turning it off and on works better than any other solution.

To turn off wifi, you need to go to the settings, turn off the wifi, and click on forget the network.

Go to the wifi settings again and choose the wifi that you want to use, enter the password and log back in.

Once you finish the above-said settings, try going to the iCloud and try to login again and see if it works.

Configure the Network

Check if you are still facing the same issue. If it is, then try resetting your iPhone network as many users have reported that this trick has solved the issue at once.

Remember that resetting the phone network would not reset any information other than your network-related details like wifi passwords.

For resetting your phone network, you need to go to the general settings, click on reset and then network settings reset, enter the password and confirm your action.

Check the Apple ID and Password

You will be surprised to know that if your password has not been changed for a long time, you might have this verification issue.

Do you know why? Apple recommends strong passwords to meet its password guidelines and if your password does not fit its guidelines, it will prompt this error.

So, what you have to do to resolve it is set a strong password according to its guidelines. You can do this on any device but there should be a strong network.

Follow these steps to change your password:

Step 1: Visit the website to change the password at

Step 2: Go to Manager your ID and log in.

Step 3: Hit on the Password & Security on the left menu.

Step 4: There will be some security questions that you need to answer.

Step 5: Enter your old password and then enter the new password which should be different from the older one.

Step 6: Once you are done with your new password, run an update.

Step 7: Now, you are ready to sign in to your Cloud service.

Application Health

Sometimes your application crashes and in that condition, it won’t work no matter what you do to make it work until you perform a force restart on your device. In this type of situation, this trick will work.

Check Synchronization with Apple ID

In some cases, the synchronization of your iPhone or any Apple device might not have been correctly finished. Maybe your iDevice was not correctly aligned with your Apple ID.

Follow these steps and verify with a pin to verify your sign-in.

Step 1: Sign in to your Apple ID from other devices.

Step 2: Go to phone settings and locate Cloud.

Step 3: Click on the Password & Security and tap on the General Verification Code.

Step 4: Enter the pin that you have received.


That’s all..!!

We have brought the cause of the Apple Pay Verification failure issue and along with that we have suggested possible solutions to you and hope that this article would have been very useful for you.

I think this article will be enough for this issue, however, if you still have issues, let me know in comments.

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