Android Fastboot FRP Reset Tool Download [Latest 2021]

Latest Android Fastboot FRP Reset Tool  Download.

No doubt Android is widely used OS in mobile phones around the world. It empowers different types of devices like Smartphones, tablets, TV, Watches, etc. It has contributed to build smart systems to improve the human life. We generally talk about the Android OS in mobile phones because the number of android smartphones users are very high compare to other devices. Sometimes, we face software related issues in them. So resolve such issues we have Android FRP reset tool. It is a small application for windows pc which allows to bypass FRP in different variants of mobile phone. In this article we are sharing android fastboot frp reset tool download free.

You can use it to remove pin code, pattern lock, unlocking bootloader, mi account bypass, etc. The Android Fastboot Reset tool supports popular android chipset brand like MediaTek,Qualcomm, SPD, etc. You can perform different actions in your phone using this tool. Now download Android Fastboot Reset tool latest version for windows pc.

Download Android Fastboot FRP Reset Tool V1.2

The tool has simple interface that any newbie can learn using with short training. Download android fastboot reset tool 1.2 by mohit kkc pc and get rid of the Google account as well as FRP lock in your smartphone.

Note: Turn off antivirus before downloading Android Fastboot FRP Reset tool as it can detect this tool as virus. Also, try to download this tool in the Mozilla Firefox.

Things that Android Fastboot Reset Tool can do for you

You should check out the things below that Android Fastboot reset tool can do for you.

  • Remove pattern lock from android device. 
  • Bypass Mi cloud verification.
  • Remove pattern lock 
  • Remove pin password lock. 
  • unlock bootloader
  • Bypass or remove frp lock
  • Remove Mi account(only in Qualcomm chipset) 
  • Boot device into EDL mode
  • Unlock Yureka BL
  • Samsung Download MD
  • Remove Lenovo FRP
  • Remove Moto FRP
  • Remove Yuforia FRP
  • Unlock HTC FRP
  • Remove Micromax FRP Adb Mode

How To Use Android Fastboot Reset Tool?

  • First of all download & install corresponding USB drivers as per your phone variant.
  • Extract downloaded Android Fastboot Reset tool rar file on pc.
run android fastboot unlock tool
  • Open into extracted folder and run Android Fastboot FRP Reset Tool v1.2” as Administrator on your pc. (portable version, no need to install).
  • Now a cmd inteface appears on the screen with a set of operations that tool can perform.
  • Now switch off your phone and boot into fastboot mode.
    • Fastboot mode: Power off mobile and then press and hold volume down + power button at the same time to start phone into fastboot mode. The fastboot mode logo can be different for different brand mobiles. 
  •  Once the mobile come into fastboot mode, connect your mobile with pc using USB cable.
  • Now press the number of option from the list that you want to perform and press enter.
 android fastboot reset tool latest 2019
  • Wait until process completes.
  • Now remove the USB data cable and then your device boot automatically.
  • If it doesn’t boot on its own, follow manual boot procedure by pressing the power button.

This is all about downloading Android fastboot reset tool v1.2 on your pc and installing it for further use. Also, let me know which operation from the tool you have performed on your smartphone? If you came across any of the broken link or having problem in implementing any of the step throughout the article, please inform through your comment.

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