Amazon Affiliate Orders But No Earnings: Know Why and How to Earn

Are you one of these affiliate marketers who are trying to earn a commission through affiliate links but having no luck? Know why your Amazon affiliate account has orders but no earnings. Also, know the tips to earn more.   

Having affiliate links and no earnings is one of the biggest annoyances. If you are here then you might be a blogger or website owner with affiliate links but no earnings. Don’t worry! Here are the reasons why you aren’t having any affiliate earnings. Also, know the tips to earn more through your affiliate links at the end of the article.

Amazon Affiliate Orders But No Earnings - Know Why

Most bloggers and website owners try to monetize their website or blog. There are various ways to monetize a blog and affiliate links are one of them. Affiliate marketing means earning through links. There are many e-commerce websites, marketplaces that have an affiliate marketing program. These e-commerce websites and marketplaces provide affiliate links and whenever a purchase is made through the affiliate link then the link owners will receive a commission. 

Amazon affiliate program is one of the biggest affiliate programs. But even the Amazon affiliate program has a few rules. And following these rules will help affiliate marketers earn more commission. But there are a few things that are to be followed to get orders. 

Why does my Amazon Associates Account Shows Orders but No Earnings

This is one of the most common problems faced by many affiliate marketers. Amazon Associates, being one of the biggest affiliate programs, has many rules to follow. But many marketers have to experience less or zero commission issues. There are various reasons for no earnings. Let’s see them. 

1. Having Canceled Orders in the Account

Online shopping isn’t as simple as it seems to be. People go through reviews, compare them with other products, cross-check in other websites, take a lot of time to decide and then order something online. Even if they’ve ordered something, there are chances that they might change their mind and cancel orders. The same might happen with your affiliate links too. The ones who ordered through your link might have changed their mind and canceled the order. In that case, you will not receive any commission. The main point that an affiliate marketer needs to remember is that commission is credited only when the purchase is shipped. If you are an affiliate marketer, and you’ve received an order through Amazon then you might feel that you’ll be getting the commission. But you’ll receive the commission once the order is shipped. So, if someone cancels your order after making the purchase then you will not receive a commission. 

Here’s how to know if your order is cancelled.

  • Log in to your affiliate account.
  • Open your orders page
  • Check the number of orders booked and know the number of orders that were canceled. 

Always make sure that the order made through your link is shipped and then expect a commission. 

2. Invalid Credit Card Information

Credit card mistakes are the most repeated mistakes by almost every buyer and seller mainly during online purchases. If the buyer entered the wrong credit card information then they will be asked for a payment method review. In that process, they have to enter the accurate credit card details and make a purchase. But if an affiliate marketer enters the wrong details while setting up the account then they will receive no commission. The affiliate marketer needs the check and enter the proper information while creating an Amazon associate account. If there are any mistakes, it is possible to rectify them by following the below-mentioned steps,

  • Login to your affiliate account.
  • Go to the payment section and navigate credit card information.
  • Check every detail you’ve entered properly including surname, validity, card number/account number and correct if there are any mistakes. 
  • Even if you couldn’t find any mistakes then try to enter all your details once again with utmost concentration. 

Always remember that an affiliate can get commission or go through a commission list only when the credit card information provided is accurate. So, check twice before confirming the details. 

3. Ineligible items or Low Commission

Everything comes with eligibility and validity. Even Amazon associates and affiliate products have eligibility to earn some commission. Not all products available on Amazon can be sold through affiliate links. Only a few have this eligibility. Here are the commision rates for various products

  • Kitchen appliances – 9%
  • Grocery – 8%
  • Electronics & accessories – 5%
  • Mobile and accessories – 4%
  • books – 5%

There are many companies that sell digital products online. All the affiliate marketers sell these digital products through their affiliate links. But as already mentioned above electronic gadgets and digital products have less commission when compared with others. So, this when the affiliate marketers have orders but no earnings. Sharing your link in newsletters also doesn’t provide ang commision. 

Most website owners and bloggers promote digital products as they are low in price and fit a niche. Only a few marketers tend to sell physical products. Hence, even though they receive orders they might not get commission or any earnings as Amazon has clearly mentioned that selling digital products can result in low commission. 

4. Placement of Personal Orders

As already mentioned, Amazon associates have many rules and regulations. It is not simple and easy to gain more commission. Placing personal orders is the most usual mistake every associate account holder does with an intention to get a commission. But Amazon is more intelligent than any human. It identifies if the marketer is placing personal orders through the link and doesn’t allow any commission. So, if you are a marketer and are trying to get commission then remember that this method ain’t gonna work. You will receive an order but no earning. Even if your close friends or anybody related to your account makes a purchase through your affiliate links then there are chances of low to zero commission. Hence, make sure you are truthful and are receiving orders naturally from unknown users. 

To be more precise, every purchase made through your affiliate link by unknown users or unrelated online surfers will increase your chances to get commission. 

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Final Words

The reasons for more orders but no earning in the Amazon associates program are canceled orders, personal orders, invalid credit card information, ineligible items. 

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