18 Awful Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make

When I had started blogging in 2015, I made lots of Amateur Blogger mistakes that wasted lots of my time.

Making mistakes is good to learn what is good to do or not good to do.

But what if you can cut down the learning curve.

This way you can learn faster in less time and start making money out of your blog.

While writing this post, I am forcing my mind to recall all those mistakes that I made so far. I will share few of them that I made in beginning of my blogging journey.

If you are starting a blog or started one recently and don’t want to waste your time in repeating same mistakes then you will get lots of learnings from this post.

I will mention the problem first then will tell you how to avoid that amateur blogging mistake.

I will tell you the exact method that may keep you making those same mistakes.

Top Amateur Blogging Mistakes & How to Avoid

amateur bloggers mistakes

Let’s learn about those Amateur Blogging Mistakes That Every Newbie bloggers should avoid….

1. Not Having a Proper Niche

The biggest mistake you can attempt while starting your blogging career. Many bloggers start a blog in a specific niche because some other guy is getting success in that niche.

Stop doing it please…

You are not getting success in a niche just because some other guy got huge success in that niche.

Starting with any niche is just wasting of precious time.

Many people around will say – Hey Dude! Start a blog on the topic you are passionate about…

I want say to them…

Writing on something you are passionate about is not the key to become a successful blogger.

You need to analyze the niche you want to work into.

Check if it has potential audience base who is willing to read your content.

If you start a blog which has lack of enough audience then your blog will die sooner or later.

You have to let your blog die because it is not getting enough eyeballs to make a sustainable income.

So you must find one profitable niche before starting any blog.

2. Get influenced by Figures

Does figure draw your attention?

What did you say?

You hate maths.

What if I say these numbers are having Dollar Sign ($) attached like $1000, $2000.

Happy Now???

But I would say you shouldn’t be very happy.


Let me explain.

You saw somewhere a screenshot of a blogger’s income who is making 4 figure income each month.

Courtesy – milesbeckler.com

Now you wish the exact figure for yourself.

There is nothing wrong in it.

Problem is you want it ASAP. You don’t know that persistence, hard work, blogging strategy behind this success.

You are just seeing this number and wishing the same for yourself.

Making money out of a blog is not a bad thing. It should be there when you think to start a blog, but don’t get influenced with the numbers.

Instead ask that blogger….How did he achieve this? How much time did it take to reach this position?

What was his or her blogging strategy?

This way you can do the same magic for you.

On the other hand, you can create your own blogging strategy to reach to that level. It will require discipline, hard work, patience and a proper blogging strategy.

There is no specific time to get success in blogging. You have to apply different strategies and check which one is working fine for you.

3. Not Having a Selfhosted Blog

I have seen many bloggers running their blogs on free website creation sites. We also call them Web 2.0 sites. Such sites allows you to create blog a free blog on subdomain. Like this – abc.wordpress.com, abc.weebly.com, abc.blogger.com. Here “abc” is a blog name that you decide while creating a free blog.

If you really want to turn your blog into a full time business, then consider investing on a selfhosted blog.

A selfhosted blog is a blog in which you got a custom domain and a hosting to run your blog.

You get no control over a free blog. If the owner sees that something unethical happening on your free blog account then they have right to remove it permanently.

Once it happens, all your content will be removed with it. Moreover you face problem in monetising your blog.

Many people get a subdomain to run the blog which doesn’t look professional.

The solution of these problems is a self-hosted blog. To start a self hosted blog you need to buy a custom domain and a hosting.

You can take a custom domain from Namecheap and hosting from Hostgator.

  • Choose Shared Hosting from here.
  • I would suggest you going with Baby plan because it allows hosting Unlimited sites.
  • Hostgator offers you a FREE Domain with hosting plan. So write your domain name.
  • Next choose the Billing cycle. If you want to save big amount then go with 36 months otherwise select 12 months.
  • Fill all the required details on the page and make payment.
  • Congratulations! You got a hosting and domain for you.

Being a newbie you don’t have to invest much on this. Hostgator offers reliable hosting services in very cheap price. After having hosting you can install wordpress on it.

You get full control on a selfhosted blog. You can design the layout of the blog, monetise it with different methods, and add required functionality by using WordPress plugins.

4. Writing Blogs without Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of every  article you put on your blog.

Without it, your blog post is miserable to the search engines.

Keyword research basically a process in which you find the search terms which people are putting into search engines to find the relevant content.

Many amazing keyword research tools made this process very easy. We can find out the competitors keywords and use them for our blog.

Once such tool is SEMRUSH.

Semrush is Keyword research and competitor analysis tool. You can find Long tail keywords using it. Long tail keywords are easy to rank so it will help you in getting traffic in beginning of your blogging journey.

Semrush offers 14 Days Free Trial so you can try it before purchsing. Here is a step by step procedure to find Long tail keywords using Semrush.

>> CLICK here to Activate SEMRUSH 14 Days Free Trial.

Now login to SEMRUSH and put your Competitor’s site in it.

Now scroll down Under Organic Research click on on View Details button.

Now set some filters here to have low competition here…

Position: 1-30

Volume: 1001-10000

In Advanced Filters:

Set Word count >5


By this process you can find the low competition keywords.

5. Inconsistent with Blogging

Being a new blogger. it is crucial that you will be consistent with updating your blog.

Many of new bloggers start blogging by thinking to earn easy money. When they find it getting difficult for them, they give up.

They don’t have any proper blogging strategy for their blogs.

If anybody wants to make living out of blogging, there is need of consistent efforts for it.

It shouldn’t be like you updated blog today and then gave a long gap and remind yourself. Oh! I have a blog. Let me update it.

You got to treat blogging as business. Then only you will take it seriously.

Decide upon a publishing schedule. Start with one blog in the beginning. First learn how to manage one blog properly.

I found some people being a inconsistent blogger because of not getting anything to write.

They think a lot but don’t anything to write. For those bloggers, Semrush tool I have talked about in previous point is very beneficial.

You get lots of LSI keywords by using this tool.

Also use Quora to find questions related to your Topic.

People ask there several questions related to almost every topic. You will find lots of ideas there which could be your blog posts.  

Be active on your niche related Forums. People discuss their problems, latest trends, etc. It will give you many ideas to create posts on.

6. Blogging as Hobby

Perusing hobby gives huge relief to mind.

But you can’t be successful in blogging just only following it as a hobby.

Writing a single article takes many efforts. You are doing blogging just because you love to write.

You can make something big out of it. You just have to take it seriously.

If you keep following it as hobby it will never grow as it should be. You could write hundreds of articles on your blog, but those articles will be meant to you only because you don’t have any purpose attached with it.

No one will come on your blog to read them.

Come on…

You can make a living out of your blog. Just need more efforts.

Don’t do blogging just as hobby. Make a proper plan and proceed accordingly.

7. Not having Proper Monetisation Method

If you started a blog and haven’t thought of how would you monetize it then there is a serious problem.

You got to think the monetisation method before starting a blog.

Without having a proper monetisation method you will feel miserable after few months of blogging.

To sustain in the online world, a blog needs to make a sustainable amount each month.

A blog doesn’t need to make $500 each month. Start making any amount between $5 to $50 each month then scale it up.

If a blogger can make $5 then there will be a way of making $500 too.

You could have following options to monetise your blog –


Adsense allows you to make money by placing their ads. You need to get approval of adsense to start displaying ads on your blog. Adsense is very popular mode of earning money through a blog. Once you start getting traffic to blog, you can place Adsense on it.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is in trend these days. In affiliate marketing, you get commission once the visitor makes a sale using your affiliate links. Affiliate is kind of a contract between you and product/service prodvider. Vendor provides you unique tracking links to get the number of sales happening from your blog. Vendors can pay you commission from 5% to 95%. It varies from vendor to vendor. I have just given you an idea related to commission margin.

Selling Sevice/Product:

You may be good at something that can be sold online. Many people are good at content writing. So they promote content writing services through their blogs. Some are good at graphics so they sell graphic designing service. Some people create their own digital products like Ebook, courses, etc to sell through their blogs.

Sponsored Posts:

In sponsored posts, advertisers pay you a specific amount for promoting their product/service in your blog post. You need networking to get sponsored posts. If you want to get sponsored posts without networking, then drive huge traffic to your blog. You will start seeing messages in your mailbox regarding sponsored post.

8. Bad Blog Design

User experience has an immense role in blogging. Having a cluttered blog design forces users to go back to the search engine and click on your competitor’s website.

Providing a hassle free experience to blog visitors is your responsibility. Navigation bar, sidebar, content area, footer should be well designed. Many new bloggers use free themes which don’t give professional look.

The lack of proper design leads to bad user experience. It can spoil your blog reputation.

Having a professional theme gives you full control over blog layout and design. You get full control over blog font, color, alignment, etc.

I am using Generatepress Theme on Myquickidea. It’s a lightweight theme that can be further customised easily with the elementor or any other popular page builder.

It has simple layout and easy to manageable controls to customize blog design.

I am also using Astra Pro for my affiliate sites. It offers more control over blog design. Everything is controllable in this theme from the customize section of wordpress . 

Apart from it ,you can use conversion focused Thrive Themes. They help in increasing conversion on your blog/website. .

9. Lacking Seo Skills

I have seen many bloggers keep publishing articles without doing proper seo. I visit many seo forums, FB groups and Q&A sites. One question is common on all the platforms..

How to drive traffic?

These guys are missing the basic technical seo skills. They are not SEO optimizing their blog content. This situation creates issue in driving traffic.

If you want that search engines will give priority to your content in SERP then you got to learn SEO skills.

You may write super high quality content, but if you don’t SEO optimize it, you will leave meat on the table.

To learn SEO, I would refer you Backlinko blog. This is best blog to learn the technical SEO. 

Once you learn the basic level SEO, Start applying it on your blog.

You will be see the improvement in rankings.

10. Adding Perfection in Blog Design

Recently I was mentoring one guy who wanted to start a blog.

I guided him through the process. He was growing his blog gradually.

After some days of starting a blog, he got stuck at a point.

He stopped writing content for the blog.

I asked him what are you doing?

He said, “I want a perfect blog design

I feel down when I see that my blog design not good as this blog has.

I told him not to be obsessed with the blog design. You just need to have a clean blog theme with more white space.

Your content should be clearly visible to the readers.

But he kept trying to give a perfect look to his blog. At the end, he got tired after wasting so much time on designing his blog. He understood that content is what really matters. We just need a clean user interface on blog.

Almost every blogger feels urgue of having a perfect blog design. It seems a small problems but actually a big Amateur mistake. It’s kind of obsession that every newbie blogger should avoid.

It can waste your lots of time. Use just a simple professional blogging theme for your blog.

11. Lack of Patience

Bough a domain and hosting, installed wordpress and started writing content, build links and hoping for huge success in blogging.

You can achieve success in blogging while you have patience because a blog takes time to attain authority and traffic.

Blogging is not for those wishing for overnight success.

There is no rule book when you will get success in blogging.

You should not expect that you will start a blog and one day suddenly your pocket will be full of dollars.

Such sort of magic happens only in movies and TV shows.

In reality, you need to be patient with your consistent efforts.

A blog can take up to months to get ranking in search engines.

Hence, I always say about the blogging strategy. Plan out a strategy for your blog and implement with the focus.

Lack of patience will lead you to failure. You might fed up by not seeing results.

In this situation tracking blog progress and making changes accordingly is your saviour.

12. No Networking

I was kind of introvert when I started blogging back in 2015. I hesitated that time to network with other experienced bloggers.

It took me some time to get familiar with the other bloggers. I started attending blogging meetup and it comepltely changes my life.

I got to know what is happening in the industry. What’s the recipe of a successful blogging?

Networking helps you to ask to right person when you stuck at any point in blogging.

You should think about expanding your network when you start blogging.

Many forums and Facebook groups are available to find the professional bloggers to connect with.

Go there and start building your network.

You will get lots of benefits with it. Offer them free help in small tasks.

First you have to offer some value to build connection with them.

A successful network does have a big contribution in making career in blogging.

->> Blogging Events Gallery

13. Not willing to Invest

Many newbie bloggers have a mentality to get everything without spending a single penny.

Maybe your financial condition is not good so you can’t spend on blogging.

But if you want to eat something delicious then you need to add all the ingredients which are required for it.

Likewise, if you want to get successful in the blogging, you would need to invest to take it as career.

Profit comes after the investment. If someone has opposite mindset and he expects profit before investing then it is going to take years to be stable as a blogger.

If you want to be a full time blogger, there is need to spend some amount on blogging tools such as::

Premium Theme (Generatepress): it’s a lightweight premium wordpress theme. I am using Generatepress on Myquickidea.

SEO Tool (SEMRUSH): Best tool for proper keyword research. It helps in finding Low competition keywords.

Grammarly: Grammarly is best to have error free content. It removes grammatical errors and spelling mistakes from your content. 

Thrive Architect: It is used to design compelling blog post. It allows adding beautiful content box, pros and cons table, table of content, stylish button, etc.

Elementor: Elementor is world class landing page builder. It helps creating high converting pages for affiliate blog and websites websites.

I use above tools to grow my blogs.

14. Spammy Links

Link building is an important aspect for ranking in search engine. If a blog is having links from quality sites, it means that blog is an authority blog.

Other sites like content of that blog, so they are linking to its content.

Some blogger think that building quick links will get them quick ranking. This might be correct for some churn and burn blogs, but not good for long term blogs.

If you want that your blog will be an authority in its niche then you have to build links gradually.

Spamming your blog with thousands of links will put it in danger. You blog might be penalise for playing tricks with search engines.

Your blog may get deindexed and all your hard work will go vanished in seconds.

So keep in mind. Build links with an strategy. Don’t build spammy links for your blog.

Always prefer quality over quantity. This is the recipe of staying longer in top of the SERP.

15. Copying others Content

Back in 2014 copied content used to outrank original one. Things rapidly changed then.

Now importance of content is getting high day by day. Search engines are mostly focusing on fulfilling the user’s intent.

If you are copying someone’s else blog content and wishing for ranking then you should lose hope for this.

You will get caught anytime soon and your blog will be penalizing for it.

It might sound lenient or you may think it’s never going to happen.

Let me clear your doubts.

It happens daily with many sites. They lose ranking just because of copied content on their websites.

You should not fall into this crap. Many video creators claim ranking by just putting copied content on their websites.

In reality, it’s just a trap to draw your attention.

Sooner or later your blog get penalize for this and you realize that it was a big mistake.

So stop doing so if you are into it or thinking for it then change your mind.

16. Putting Money First

Money is needed to sustain in blogging in long run. However, having only money making mindset can create problem for you.

Blogging cannot make you rich overnight. Money will only come once you drive traffic to your blog.

Many bloggers are in rush to make money online. They practice malicious activities to make money through blogging which includes copying content, building spammy links, etc.

Few of them join crappy blogging courses which claim making you money by showing earning screenshots and videos.

Don’t fall for them. You need to chase traffic for your blog, money will automatically will come to your pocket.

Put content quality first and SEO optimize your blog properly. Don’t rush in building backlinks. Do it gradually and be consistent with it.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. Blogging is only one part of it.

Learn, implement, track the results, and improvise every time.

Once you start following this path, you will see yourself succeeding in blogging.

17. Not Trying New Things

Don’t be a Mediocre..

Start trying new things in blogging.

If you are doing good with Adsense, also get dirty your hands with Affiliate.

There is no failure kind of thing. You always learn what is working or what not.

Being afraid of new things will lead you nowhere.

Digital things do change rapidly. If you don’t prepare yourself accordingly, it becomes very hard to keep up with the competition.

Starting new things in the beginning won’t affect you much. Rather you got so much time to learn things. You get less to lose.

Any inverse result will not affect your deeply because you are just a beginner.

You are learning things.

And it is not just for beginning. You keep learning throughout your life.

Blogging is all about experiments…

Using different blogging strategies for link building, content, and monetisation can give you new heights in your blogging journey.

18. Relying Entirely on Social Media for Traffic

I also made this mistake. I used to think that Facebook and Twitter can drive thousands of visitors to my blog.

So I kept spending hours n hours on social media expecting that loads of traffic will come.

I worked harder on increasing my social media followers.

After entire day working on different social media platforms, when I used to check the Google analytics for traffic, only a few visitors were reached to my blog from social media.

My biggest mistake was that I kept it doing for many days.

It is good to have traffic from social media to attain some motivation for blogging.

But you cannot entirely dependent on it in the long run until you got millions of followers on your socialmedia accounts and running a viral niche blog.

Even if you got 10000 followers each of your social media accounts and you share blog link in them. There would be 1% who are interested in your post and come to check out content.

Final Verdict:

These are some Amateur blogging mistakes that many beginner blogger attempt. Making mistakes is cool and repeating them is bad.

I have compiled some mistakes which I made in starting of my blogging journey and some are generally made by almost all the newbie bloggers.

The purpose of writing this post is to keep bloggers from attempting these silly mistakes.

We learn by making mistakes, but there is not necessary to learn each time by attempting mistakes.

We should also learn from the mistakes of others. It saves lots of time and you can do better in short time.

Blogging is an endless journey. There is lot to learn, so enough space for making news mistakes and learning from them.

If you made any mistake that you made in trying something new and haven’t been covered in this post, please share your experience with us. So we can also avoid that mistake.

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