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You are here on this page because you were searching for the AM2R download for PC or Android. This is very popular game. Therefore, people search for it many times. To get you a proper download link for this amazing Nitendo game for your MAC, PC or Android, I have written this guide for you.

Here you will come to know – What is AM2R and how to download AM2R for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Moreover, you will get to know several other interesting about this game.

When I started writing this article I found that people are searching for this game like am2r download android, am2r download mac, am2r latest version, am2r online, how to play am2r and many other terms were there.

In this article, we will talk on how you can download AM2R, its features, and What is AM2R. I understand that these are the main aspect that I should include in this article. How to play AM2r query can be resolved automatically when user will play it in reality. It will be only the scenario when we can closely get to know the functions of a game.

am2r download

So let’s get started with the introduction part of AM2R. Later we will talk on downloading process of AM2R for PC, Mac, Android and Linux.

What is AM2r?

AM2R is closely related to the Metroid video game series which was developed by the giant company Nitendo. The game gained huge popularity on the Game boy and NES.  There were some other consoles in Japan which shifted to this game.

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It usually happens in the market when one products receives huge success, many other companies start taking advantage of it by making similar product with different name or by making small tweaks in the existing product. AM2R is one such remake of this popular game for pc. We can say that AM2R is an exact clone of Metroid.

It’s sad to say that this hit video game is not available for pc. The reason is clear. The Nitendo doesn’t want to make games for widows platform.

Still you can enjoy this game on your pc.

ASK me how????

Download AM2R. It’s clone of hit video game Metroid. You are not required to the Nitendo console. Just simply download AM2R and enjoy this game on your windows pc.

Features of AM2R

In AM2R, you can enjoy all the features that you get in NES. Moreover, there are some extra features are also available for you…

Read the features below before playing this game—

  1. Background sound yield thrill in the video game. You get classy sound track with marvelous sound quality.
  2. It has zero mission style
  3. Easy map system availability to explore the game
  4. Minibosses are cool
  5. New areas keep you motivated for further playing
  6. Fights gives more thrill throughout the game
  7. New and update enemies are truly great Gives more excitement.
  8. New enemies and Metroid sprites

The game contains high quality graphics that give amazing gaming experience to the gamers. Playing AM2R on pc is quite amazing. It runs very smoothly on windows platform. The different gaming elements like ships, backgrounds, bosses, enemies and others are included to provide an excellent gaming experience to the fans of Metroid game series.

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Download Am2r For Windows, Linux, Mac, And Android

That is sad to say that no latest updates are available now for this game due to some issues. Still you can play this game by downloading an old version.

To do so, you have to download this game from torrent and get it installed on your pc.  We have also provided AM2R Download links. Keep reading to access downloads.

Caution: We don’t encourage the use of Torrent for downloading purpose. It might be illegal. Make sure you use VPN while using torrent to hide your IP and location. VPN helps to hide your connection details.

Get AM2R Download for Pc – Official and Unofficial Links

You are searching for AM2R download game to play it on your pc and your first preference will be the latest version. So, I am providing you the latest version of this game. These are official game download links. Download the game from the following links.

After downloading these torrents, you just need to have a torrent client to download the files through these torrents. Have a torrent client installed on your pc and open it. Click on Add a torrent and simply add the files you have downloaded from the above link.

Download Am2r for Android,  Mac, and Linux

Get the download links for other operating systems like Android, Mac and Linux, and Android. Download and enjoy gaming…..

Android Version

To download AM2R on your android phone, simple download the apk file from the download link given below.

To install this apk on your device, first of all you have to transfer this file to your phone and then turn on the ‘Install from unknown sources” from settings>>Security.

After doing this, open the apk file in your device and follow the instructions givne on the screen. It will ask for some permission. Allow it simply and start playing game.

Mac Version

Download the MAC version of AM2R—

Get Access  (This includes version 1.0 and 1.1)

Linux Version-

Get download in two versions 1.0 and 1.1 for Linux OS—

Download. Version 1.0 from here –> Click here

Download Version 1.1 from –> click here

Final Words

I hope you got the AM2R Download links from this post. If you find the download link broken then comment down the post. I will update the new link ASAP. Thanks for reading..

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