All Micromax Flash Tool Download [Micromax Firmware Flashing] 2022

Micromax is Indian based smartphone manufacturer with a huge number of different types of smartphones. Being an Indian brand, it has got the phones with affordable price tags for all the economy buyers.

If you are good at tweaking out an Android OS, you can make the most of it using Micromax Flash Tool. Micromax smartphones run on an Android Operating System. Being an Open Source platform, Android lets you install custom ROMs and other firmware updates to your devices. If you have been using a Micromax smartphone, then following list of Micromax Flash Tools is essential for you.

A Flash tool basically helps you to install any official stock ROM or Firmware to your Android smartphone. Different smartphones have different model number and chipset and for that reason, you have to go with the compatible Flash Tool which can flash your Micromax device with an all new firmware.


Micromax has a variety of smartphones for all kinds of people, starting from low range to premium range. The devices of Micromax run on MediaTeK, Spreadtrum and Broadcom Chipsets. Different chipsets have different configuration of the system and for that reason, a compatible Flashing tool is mandatory to install an official Firmware to your device. If you don’t have a compatible tool, the flashing process won’t be succeeded and you have to terminate the procedure.

For all the Micromax smartphones available in the market, we have prepared a list of compatible Flash Tools for your Micromax smartphones. Before jumping on to the Flashing procedure, you have to figure out the details of your smartphones. You can search for the specifications and configurations of your Micromax device on Google. You will get the required information about your smartphone’s chipset and other specifications.

If you are unaware about the benefits of using a Flash Tool for your Android smartphone, then here we have listed down a few advantages of this tool. Go through this list and you will know more about flashing a ROM on your Android device.

Benefits of using a Flash Tool

  • Can upgraded and downgrade current Android version
  • Unbrick the existing ROM from the device
  • Bypass Micromax FRP lock
  • Repairs Micromax mobile phone with dead screen
  • Unlock Pin Lock and other security locks from the device
  • Installs custom Recovery
  • Fix all the software related bugs and issues which causing trouble while using the device

These all are the advantages of using a Flash Tool for your Android device. If you have any issues with your current Micromax device, you need to install an appropriate Flash Tool which can help you with installing a compatible ROM and Recovery to your phone. Your device will start running smoothly and all the issues will be fixed.

Download All Micromax Flash Tool for Different Chiset

Basically, Micromax is using four different types of Chipsets on their smartphones. The Chipsets are MediaTek, Sreadtrum, Broadcom and cpb firmware. The following tools flash all these Chipsets. However, you have to know your phone’s configuration first before choosing the Flash Tool.

  • SP Flash Tool
SP Flash Tool

SP Flash Tool is also known as Smart Phone Flash Tool. This tool aimed at Smartphones with MediaTek Processor. This tool is not just compatible for Micromax smartphones, but also compatible with Vivo, Xolo, Oppo and many other brands with MediaTek Chipset on their phones. If you have any issues with your existing Android smartphone, then you can install the latest official Stock Android Firmware using this tool on your phone to get rid of any kind of issues.

This tool only works with the devices running on MediaTek Chipset devices. The firmware of the device should come with scatter.txt file.

Download SP Flash Tool for Micromax

  • SPD Flash Tool
SPD Flash Tool

This Flashing Tool is compatible with the Micromax devices which run on Spreadtrum Chipset. If you have checked the configuration of your Micromax phone and have been facing difficulties with the current Android version, you can flash your device with the official Firmware easily.

This tool serves a decent user interface which lets anybody can install an official firmware on their respective Sreadtrum running Micromax devices. Before flashing your phone with this tool, you need to have a compatible Firmware file which can be installed to your device using this tool. – Latest

  • DFU Flash Tool
DFU Flash Tool

If your Micromax device runs on a Broadcom’s Chipset, then using this DFU Flash tool, you can flash your device with the latest and official Firmware. This tool is a small utility tool which helps you to fix the bug and software related issues on your Micromax device.

Features of DFU Flash Tool

  • Easy to use interface for everyone
  • Lightweight and portable tool runs smoothly
  • Supports multiple Modes to flash firmware
  • Supports multiple Broadcom running smartphones and tablets
  • Packed with plenty of useful tools such as ADB Fastboot Protocol, BootUSB Mode, Password Protection and many other more

Moreover, this tool lets you browse a compatible and official Firmware easily by clicking on to the Browse button. It runs smoothly on your system and you will be able to Flash the latest Firmware on your Micromax device.

Download DFU Flash Tool for Micromax

  • YGDP Flash Tool
YGDP Flash Tool

YGDP is also an important tool for the Micromax phones running on CPF Firmware. If your Micromax phone runs on CPF firmware and if you have started facing some issues with your phone, this tool can help you flashing the official stock firmware on your device.

Features of YGDP Flash Tool

  • Lightweight and easy to use Flash Tool designed for all the devices with CPF firmware
  • Flashes any stock firmware on your device CPF files firmware device
  • The tool also flashes the PreResource file with .img extension
  • You can take full control of your device within this tool

If your Micromax Firmware contains CPF files, then no other flashing tool work for you. For this kind of Firmware, YGDP Flash Tool is essential for you. With this tool, you can easily flash your Micromax device with CPF files inside.

Download YGDP Flash Tool for Micromax

These are the all Micromax flash tools which you can use as per the chipset requirement. Download Micromax flash tool according to your Mobile CPU.

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