6 Best AI Home Design Generators 2024 [Interior+Exteriors]

I took a leap of faith and dipped my toes into the world of Artificial Intelligence for sprucing up my home design. I was on the hunt for something that felt ‘me’, and AI seemed to have a fresh twist, a promise of more personal touch than the usual design routes.

After a good bit of online digging, I settled on this nifty AI tool. It’s like it read my mind, quickly sketching out 3D views of my dream space based on little things I love.

It was like watching a dance between my own dreams and what this machine could craft — envisioning a space that’s warm, stylish, welcoming, yet with a hint of the future.

Just a few clicks on my laptop, and voilà, I was scrolling through so many heartwarming outdoor designs, each echoing a piece of my style.

With this new wave of AI magic, it feels like homeowners, like you and me, have this exciting paintbrush that lets us breathe life into our living spaces in ways we never thought possible.

No more sifting through endless design books or playing the guessing game. AI feels like a friend who gets you, helping both homeowners and architects find that perfect design language.

It’s as simple as sharing little things that resonate with you, like your favorite colors or the feel of a fabric, and letting AI weave its magic to create a home that feels like a warm hug.

Essential Tips When Picking Your AI Home Design Buddy

Imagine having the magic of AI to sketch out your dream home before even laying a brick. It’s like having a tech-savvy fairy godmother. By using algorithms and machine learning, this technology can understand your wishes, whether it’s a specific architectural flair, your favorite colors, or even the latest garden look you’ve been eyeing. The goal? Helping both professionals and daydreamers like us create homes we can’t wait to live in.

Here’s what I looked for when finding the perfect AI design pal:

  1. User-Friendly Vibes: Just like a good friend, it should be easy to chat with. This means a simple and clear layout where architects and design enthusiasts can dive in without scratching their heads.
  2. Both Paper & Virtual Tours: It’s one thing to see a flat design, but the tool should also allow us to walk around in a 3D version of our space. Think of it as hopping between a map and a virtual home tour.
  3. Stunning Imagery: If we’re imagining our dream space, the visuals should be dazzling. This includes the tiniest details, like the way the sunlight spills into a room or the texture of a rug. It helps everyone get a crystal-clear picture of the end goal.
  4. Team Spirit: Homes are built on collaboration. So, the software should be like a shared sketchbook where teams, families, or clients can come together, doodle, comment, and tweak in real-time. And, sharing those ideas? It should be as easy as passing a note in class.

So, as we embark on our design journeys, let’s find that AI tool that feels just right, like a comfy old couch or your go-to coffee mug.

6 Top AI home design generators

Here are some AI home design generators



Homedesigns.ai Homedesigns.ai offers a refreshing way to breathe new life into your home’s interior, exterior, and gardens. In under a minute, you can reimagine your space with the help of advanced AI. Here’s how it works: Simply snap a photo of your space and upload it. Then, tailor your preferences, whether you’re aiming for a modern flair, timeless classic, or minimalist charm. From there, the AI suggests design themes, colors, and finishes to make your vision come alive.

  • What’s cool? They bring in 40 new design styles regularly, plus you can even request a custom style.
  • Dive into designing interiors, exteriors, gardens, living rooms, and kitchens with Homedesign AI.

Quick Steps:

  • Upload your photo
  • Pick the room type
  • Choose AI assistance level
  • Define your style mode
  • Select your design theme
  • Decide how many design images you want
  • Hit ‘Generate’ and watch your ideas come to life.



Meet Maket.ai‘s Residential Plan Generator, a game-changer in creating custom architectural plans. In a few simple steps, you can have floor plans crafted to your specifications. Have specific room dimensions in mind? No problem. From spacious master suites to cozy studio apartments, input your preferences and see optimized plans unfold before you.

  • Benefits? Beyond saving time and cash, you’ll experience a world of design possibilities.
  • Instantly craft personalized floor plans using AI.
  • Explore varied design aesthetics effortlessly.
  • The Virtual Designer lets you play with styles via text prompts, aligning them with your tastes.
  • Need advice? Their AI assistant offers instant expertise on materials, costs, and more.
  • Change styles on-the-fly and delight in seeing transformations.
  • Navigate compliance seamlessly: upload zoning codes, ask straightforward questions, and get prompt replies, minimizing risks.
  • Bonus: Integrates smoothly with Rhino, Autocad, and Autodesk Revit.

Planner 5D

planner 5d

Planner 5D, an AI-driven home design tool, has redefined how individuals craft floor plans and interiors. It boasts a user-friendly interface, making the dream home design process straightforward and effective. It caters to both budding interior designers and homeowners with options for 2D and 3D views. You no longer need to tediously measure your space. Planner 5D’s intuitive drag-and-drop feature lets you seamlessly place furniture, appliances, and decor in a virtual setting mirroring your real space. Curious about a new furniture fit? Use Planner 5D’s vast library of modifiable objects and visualize it on your floor plan in real-time.

  • Planner 5D meets the design aspirations of beginners, even those without formal training.
  • Experience the design from both 2D and 3D viewpoints. Modify and personalize surfaces and materials as desired.
  • Infuse your personal touch into furniture, walls, and floors using a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.

Fotor AI – AI Architecture Designer:

fotor ai

Tired of scouring magazines and sites for home design inspiration? Fotor AI Interior Design’s 3D Room Planner has the answer. Interact with their state-of-the-art AI room designer and receive design ideas in minutes. Forget the old ways of mood boards and pricey consultations; Fotor AI has modernized home decor planning. This tool, powered by cutting-edge AI, gathers your preferences like color, furniture type, and layout to produce multiple designs tailored for you in minutes. Whether it’s a snug living room or a sleek kitchen you’re after, Fotor has you covered.

  • Get design ideas promptly with Fotor AI Interior Design’s 3D Room Planner.
  • Kickstart your AI-driven interior design journey. Optimize designs using uploaded images. Everyone can now quickly and affordably design their space. Simply snap your room, add decor, and let Fotor’s AI planner craft the perfect interior based on your style. Dive into your AI design experience with a click.

Zmo.ai Meet Room Design:

zmo ai

Hey there! We’re super excited to introduce you to Zmo.ai Meet Room Design! It’s a top-notch AI buddy that’s flipping the world of interior design on its head. Forget about flipping through outdated magazines or scrolling endlessly online to piece together your dream room. A click is all it takes with Zmo.ai to splash your space with designs that are all about you!

Our friendly AI is here to untangle the knots of room designing. It gets to know you – your likes, your lifestyle – and tosses together ideas that are so you. Whether it’s a comfy Scandinavian vibe for your living room or a neat minimalist bedroom, Zmo.ai is your go-to pal.

  • Dive into a world where room planning is a breeze and done in a snap with AI!
  • Bring your dream spaces to life with a whirlwind of design ideas, all free and in an instant. Enjoy shaping up your spaces without burning a hole in your pocket or your schedule!


RoomsGPT io

Stuck on giving your home’s exterior a makeover and don’t know where to kick things off? Say hello to RoomsGPT.io – HOMEGPT! It’s a cool, innovative platform that lets you sketch and visualize your dream home’s exterior without spending a dime. In a couple of easy peasy steps, you can pick from a bunch of professional designs or work side by side with ace architects to make your vision pop.

Using the platform is a walk in the park! Upload a snap of your home, hit generate, and voila! RoomsGPT.io – HOMEGPT rolls out a buffet of design options that sync with your vibes. Whether your heart beats for a modern, minimalist get-up or has a soft spot for the classic, this power-packed tool has your back. Steps:

  • Pick your style vibe.
  • Decide on the room design.
  • Upload your home snap.
  • Hit generate!


Curious about AI in home design. Let’s answer some common questions.

Which AI tools can help me with home design?

There’s actually a few! You might want to check out Homedesigns.ai, Maket.ai, Planner 5D, and Fotor AI.

I’m really into architecture; which AI software should I look at?

For those with an architectural flair, Homedesigns.ai, Maket.ai, Planner 5D, and Fotor AI come highly recommended.

Any free AI apps for sprucing up my interiors?

Absolutely! Try out Fotor AI, RoomGPT, and AI room planner. They’re free and pretty neat!

Wrapping Up

Let’s talk about the magic of AI in home design. Imagine having a tool that understands your dream home vision and brings it to life! That’s what these AI platforms are doing.

They’re making it a breeze to craft personalized designs and visualize spaces before making any moves. And the best part? They’ve bridged the gap between professional designers and everyday folks like us.

We can collaborate, brainstorm, and ultimately, co-create stunning spaces. As we keep moving forward, I can’t help but wonder how much more amazing these tools will get.

So, if you’re thinking of a home makeover, give AI a shot – it’s like having a little design wizard in your pocket!

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