8+ Best AI Architecture Floor Plan Generators In 2024

Discover the future of architectural design with the AI Architecture Floor Plan Generator! While it’s not flawless, this cutting-edge tool is brimming with potential.

With just a few inputs, it crafts floor plans, room layouts, and even suggests furniture placements tailored to your unique style. Ideal for architects, budding designers, and anyone eager to harness the power of AI in architecture.

AI Architecture floor plan generators

AI is revolutionizing the tech landscape, and its latest marvel is the AI Architecture Plan Generator. This tool is a boon for architects, streamlining the design process like never before.

Simply feed in your design criteria, such as building dimensions and desired layout, and watch as the software churns out multiple optimized designs. Say goodbye to tedious manual calculations and embrace enhanced precision.

But that’s not all! The generator offers unparalleled design flexibility. Tweak your inputs on-the-go and explore a myriad of design possibilities until you hit the sweet spot.

Plus, with its machine learning prowess, the tool learns from past projects, ensuring it gets better with every use. Dive into the future of design with AI by your side!

8 Top AI Architecture floor plan generators

Here are some best AI architecture plan generators

Maket AI: Revolutionizing Residential Design

Designing a home can be a daunting task, but Maket.ai is here to change the game. With its generative design technology tailored for residential planning, architects and designers can now craft floor plans with ease and precision.

Just input your desired parameters, and Maket’s advanced algorithms will present you with a plethora of floor plan options in mere minutes. No more manual drafting or recycling old designs!

Benefits of Maket AI:

  • Speedy Designs: Generate floor plans in minutes, not days.
  • Customization: Tailor each design to your unique vision with simple adjustments.
  • Expert Assistance: Get professional advice on materials, costs, and design choices with the built-in virtual assistant.
  • Specifics Matter: Define room sizes and their relation to other spaces.
  • Instant Creation: Get residential floor plans on-the-spot.
  • Export Ready: Easily convert your designs into .DXF format.

PlanFinder AI: The Future of Apartment Planning

PlanFinder AI

Introducing PlanFinder AI, the game-changing plugin for architects, engineers, and designers. With the might of AI, PlanFinder simplifies the creation of apartment floor plans, turning hours of work into mere seconds.

You need to provide the outer boundary and desired rooms, and let PlanFinder’s sophisticated algorithms do the magic.

Why Choose PlanFinder AI?

  • Simplicity at its Best: Generate multiple layout options tailored to your specifications effortlessly.
  • Decor Made Easy: Experiment with furniture placements and decor to visualize the final look.
  • AI-Powered Comparisons: Evaluate various floor plan options and understand their trade-offs.
  • Quick Sketches: Draft rectangular, single-level floor plans for apartment units in a snap.
  • Unique Designs Every Time: PlanFinder ensures each generated floor plan is distinct, offering you a variety of choices.
  • Innovative Algorithm: Based on diffusion principles, PlanFinder crafts optimal designs that cater to your needs.

Dive into the future of architectural design with Maket AI and PlanFinder AI by your side!

Qbiq.ai: The Future of Office Planning


Dive into the next era of real estate with qbiq.ai! This trailblazing platform is transforming office layout planning, churning out bespoke designs in mere seconds.

With this AI-driven tool, real estate agents and property managers can seal deals at unprecedented speeds. It’s not just about speed; it’s about streamlining the journey of discovering and leasing commercial spaces.

Imagine this: clients can step into their future workspaces virtually before signing on the dotted line. This visualization aids in understanding how teams will synergize in the new environment.

Qbiq’s software meticulously considers elements like natural lighting, communal zones, and individual workstations to craft layouts. The result? Plans that resonate with each client’s unique needs, fostering productivity and team collaboration.

  • Efficiency Unleashed: Qbiq’s innovative approach is a boon for landlords, brokers, and architects, delivering tailored plans for any space in under a day. This rapid test fit generation is not only swift but also cost-effective.
  • Tech at its Best: Qbiq’s state-of-the-art architecture optimization engines harness generative design, image processing, and 3D visualization. The outcome? Architectural-grade plans and invaluable insights in an instant. Their global collaborations have birthed over 10 million sq. ft. of tailor-made floor plans monthly.

Getfloorplan.com: Elevate Your Property Listings


Welcome to Getfloorplan.com, the go-to platform for real estate professionals, architects, and interior designers.

Craft stunning 2D, 3D floor plans, or immersive 360° virtual tours with just a few clicks. Its intuitive interface ensures that anyone, regardless of tech-savviness, can elevate their property listings.

The offerings from Getfloorplan.com are unparalleled. Transform any standard listing into a visual masterpiece. Packed with features like drag-and-drop, precise measurement tools, and a palette of color customizations, users can mold floor plans to their exact vision.

Plus, the virtual tour feature offers a unique first-person perspective, allowing potential clients to experience properties from any corner of the globe, boosting intrigue and expediting sales.

  • Your Design Journey: Simply upload your floor plan.
  • AI at Work: Let the advanced algorithms craft your vision.
  • Voila!: Your 3D plan, complete with interior design, is ready to impress.

Cove.tools: Elevate Your 3D Modeling Game


Searching for a robust yet user-friendly 3D modeling software? Cove.tools is your answer. This complimentary software brims with features, ensuring both seasoned designers and beginners can craft breathtaking designs effortlessly.

Whether you’re a pro or just dipping your toes, Cove.tools equips you with everything to elevate your designs.

A standout feature? Its AI integration. With the ‘Assemble’ tool, you can seamlessly piece together intricate models by connecting various components.

This not only streamlines the design process but also fosters team collaboration, allowing for easy sharing and understanding of designs.

But the wonders of Cove.tools don’t end here; it boasts a plethora of other dynamic features, making it a must-have for every 3D design enthusiast.

OPAL.AI: Floor Plans at Your Fingertips


The OPAL.AI’s groundbreaking feature: Instant floor plans on your smartphone! Perfect for both commercial and residential spaces, this innovation eradicates the need for pricey equipment and lengthy manual measurements. All you require is an iPhone or iPad.

The magic unfolds in simple steps: Scan your space with your device, and in a blink, you’re presented with a detailed 2D or 3D floor plan.

The app’s intelligence identifies walls, doors, windows, and more, sparing you the manual hassle. Post-scan, you can refine your floor plans on your device or export them to AutoCAD, Revit, or BIM for further tweaks.

  • OpalAi’s Promise: Create a BIM floor plan effortlessly with just your phone. A quick walkthrough, and the AI handles the rest.
  • Instant Transformation: In mere minutes, declutter a furnished space and receive a detailed floor plan, all automated.

Planner 5D Floor: Designing Made Simple

Planner 5D Floor

Unlock the world of intuitive design with Planner 5D Floor Plan Creator. This game-changing tool empowers you to craft top-tier 2D and 3D floor plans, regardless of your design background.

Whether you’re sketching out your dream home, envisioning a new office, or planning an industrial space, Planner 5D has got you covered.

Its user-friendly interface ensures that even design novices can produce impeccable layouts. Kickstart your project by selecting from diverse templates or begin with a blank slate.

Then, populate your space by dragging and dropping furniture, adjusting colors, and adding textures for that personal touch.

  • Start Your Design Journey: Upload an existing floor plan, input measurements manually, or if you’re an iPhone 14 user, tap into the Scan Room feature. Opt for a ready-made layout or tweak it to your liking. Add walls, doors, windows, and set precise dimensions.
  • Decorate & Visualize: Adorn your space with furniture and decor. Seamlessly toggle between 2D and 3D views, keeping tabs on your design’s evolution. Dive into a virtual tour for a sneak peek of the final look. Once satisfied, save high-quality images or print them to scale for sharing.

Hosta A.I: Visual Insights from Photos

Hosta A.I

Hosta A.I., a transformative tool that crafts floor plans and 3D models from mere photographs.

Especially cherished by the spa industry, this tool offers a swift, automated assessment of facilities. Leveraging cutting-edge computer vision, Hosta A.I. scrutinizes room photos and delivers precise floor plans in minutes.

Its user-centric design ensures that even those new to architecture can harness its power effectively.

Businesses can bid farewell to tedious manual measurements and pricey expert consultations.

With Hosta A.I., you get a crystal-clear 3D representation, making it a breeze to pinpoint areas ripe for enhancement or renovation. Dive into efficient space assessment with Hosta A.I. by your side!

Coohom.com: Where Design Meets Simplicity


Coohom.com is reshaping the design landscape, offering architects and designers a seamless platform to craft floor plans.

Dive into Coohom.com, sketch your plan, position model renders, and watch your design aspirations come alive. Its standout feature? Crafting projects that are as visually captivating as they are easy to navigate.

Kick off your design journey on Coohom’s user-friendly dashboard. Here, you can sketch out floor plans using a suite of tools tailored for precision.

From adjusting wall thickness to positioning windows and doors, the platform caters to every designer’s unique flair. And with the drag-and-drop functionality, placing furniture models becomes a breeze.

Once your masterpiece is ready, transform it into a vivid 3D render, encapsulating your vision in one striking image.


Which AI tools specialize in floor plans?

Maket.ai, PlanFinder AI, Planner 5D, OPAL.AI, and Getfloorplan.com are among the leading AI tools that craft floor plans and apartment designs.

Can AI architect a house?

AI is undeniably reshaping our world, from autonomous vehicles to digital assistants. But, can it architect a house? Absolutely! AI holds the potential to redefine building design. By processing vast data, AI can churn out designs tailored to specific criteria. However, while AI can produce groundbreaking designs, it might sometimes lack the creative spark intrinsic to human designers.

Which apps harness AI for floor plans?

Notable mentions include OPAL.AI, Getfloorplan.com, Hosta.AI, and AI Floor Plan Design – CamPlan.


AI-driven floor plan generators are the future of architectural design, offering unparalleled efficiency.

They gift designers with precise, modifiable floor plans in record time, a task that would be time-consuming manually.

Their advanced algorithms and learning capabilities mean they’re ever-evolving, adapting to diverse project requirements.

Significant time and cost savings, heightened accuracy, and reduced errors.

As AI continues its upward trajectory, its integration into conventional design methods seems inevitable.

The onus now lies on industry stalwarts to harness this tech wave, redefining design paradigms.

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