Adsense Mythemeshop Theme Review: Maximize Ads Revenue

mythemshop adsense theme

AdSense WordPress theme is an excellent theme from the mytheme shop. This is a simple and flexible theme which actually reduces all your efforts in placing ads on your websites. Apart for that, this theme simplifies the earning process of AdSense in a way other themes just haven’t managed to do.

It is the most ad-friendly and user-friendly theme readily available in the market. Web designers simply love this theme just because of its most efficient features such as “ad blocker detector” and “ad-management.” Along with these features, this theme still manages to present the user-friendly interface to keep all the newbies easy to manage and maintain their blogs.

I like this theme a lot, that’s why I mostly use this AdSense friendly theme on most of my blogs. You can see this theme in BestBuy reviews and few others sites I manage.

Responsive: This theme is a responsive theme which easily adapts all the devices and all the platforms.

Price: The price of this theme is cheapest then most of the other AdSense optimized themes which are available right now in the market.

Ease to Use: This theme is very easy to manage, and it has drag and drop options. So you don’t have to worry about the coding and other activities.

Support: When it comes to supporting my theme shop is having the best support. It has multiple support options which are very responsive.

Positives of AdSense theme:
  • This AdSense theme detects the ad blockers.
  • Ad-friendly theme with different ad placements areas.
  • The fully responsive theme which adapts all types of platforms.
  • This theme Supports Responsive Google ads on all devices.
Negatives of AdSense Theme:
  • Slightly similar demos.
  • Header types are lesser than other themes.


This theme is very accessible and responsive theme, and it remarkably offers the ad block detector. Which means this theme detects all the ad block users and just hide your content until they disable ad blocker on your site.

In this review, I am going to take you behind the scenes of how easy to customize the theme and what are the best features you can use in this theme and so on.

AdSense is one of the best WordPress blog themes which helped me a lot in earning a bit more by AdSense. I have already mentioned that the AdSense WordPress theme couple of times on this post and I have been using this theme for past six months. I think I am pretty comfortable in using this theme.

Ad management and other unique features helped me to manage ads easily on my site. But I realize I didn’t share my whole expression with my audience so far. So I started writing on this theme just because to help my audience to earn more. I am more interested in mentioning this review in my blog because this blog is built using this theme only.

Most of the users have this question in their mind. If you are one of them then just let me answer your question.

I will not say that you should select this theme. But I will just suggest you this AdSense WordPress theme only if you wanted to earn more money from genuine ads on your website. It may be Google AdSense or some other ad network.

If you are searching for others source of income other than ads, then I will not suggest this theme. Even though it is better in responsiveness and search engine optimized, I will not recommend this theme because it simply depends on the user perspective and the use of the website owner.

AdSense WordPress at a Glance:

adsense mythemeshop theme review

At first glance of the AdSense WordPress theme, you will notice the most ad friendly and traditional ad management theme.

When you have a glance at the theme in demo page itself, you will have a clear view on the ad-blocker detector feature. On the top of the page, you can quickly change the demo of the page and switch the other demos to get a unique feel for the different styles of the theme. You can quickly access the theme’s latest features and try some combinations of the styles in the demo theme.

Installation of the AdSense WordPress theme:

The installation of the AdSense WordPress theme is a very smooth process. It is very much similar to other WordPress themes. After you activated your theme, you can quickly set up your AdSense WordPress theme by its powerful machine control center.

This allows you change all the general settings, performance, styling options and more. It is one of the easiest themes you can use without any coding knowledge. This theme has one click demo installation setup. This allows you install any demo just with one click. Here you can either import the content, or you can import just the settings.

All the AdSense WordPress settings are gathered in one single place with the official name “Theme options.” You can see this theme options in the appearance tab itself. You don’t have to learn any coding to install the theme, so there are no worries.

AdSense WordPress theme: Design and functionality

This AdSense WordPress theme brings eight designs which especially allows you to transform the look of your site. Here all the demos are specially designed, and they are very flexible and user-friendly.

All you have to do is pick a perfect demo you like, and you can apply it quickly. If you want to check the demo versions how they actually look, then you can go the official demo’s page, and you can check.

If you want to try, you can try on your site, and you can arrange it according to the needs. Actually, you can install the theme with or without the demo content. Each and every demo is customizable so that you can change them whenever you need and whatever elements you need you can change.

The Included demo design in Mytheme shop AdSense theme are Technology, Viral, Fashion, Recipes, Default AdSense theme, Sports, Baby blog, Fitness, News, Shop.

From the functional perspective: The AdSense WordPress Theme offers users tons of features.

Some of the best features are:

  • Smart Sidebar and Widgets.
  • Ajax Pagination on blocks
  • Support for Google Rich Snippets
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Responsive design
  • Support for video posts
  • It is having the woo-commerce compatibility so that you can sell digital or physical products
  • SEO optimized AdSense theme
  • Translation ready
  • Review System Integrated
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 630+ Retina Ready font icons
  • Google fonts included
  • Four different types of paginations

AdSense WordPress theme: A closer look at advanced options

Until now we have seen a little about the AdSense WordPress theme. Now let’s take a closer look at the theme so that you can get the themes extra functionalities.

Hide Content using the Short code and Show Floating Box for AD blocker: Oh my god!

These days’ website owners are facing so many problems. It is just because of the ad blockers. These ad blockers are becoming fearful factors for bloggers. But now with this theme, you can stay away from that.

Because this theme comes with lots of ways to alert your visitor, you can choose the best method to do best things for your business. You can show floating box if Ab blocker is detected on your site and along with that you can also show the short codes for Ad blockers to hide specific and important sections of your content. When the ad blocker is disabled, then it will revert back to normal state.

Ad Management:

Ad Management

The team of my theme shop has done a great work in understanding the needs of the visitors and website owners. As the every impression of the site owner counts so they created some special places where you can get an extra count from the other themes.

When you go to the ad management, you can see a lot of options about the ads you can easily opt one that suits your website most. In some cases, you can even post the ads on the particular post style templates.


Options panel will have the performance tab. Here you can set all the settings regarding the performance related options such as the Lazy Load, Perfecting, Async JavaScript, Lazy Load Content images, Lazy load Featured Images, etc.

Styling options:

The styling options are the option in control panel of AdSense theme. Here you can control all the visual appearance of your theme. Here you can change the theme colors, layouts, patterns and more.

You can set site background to your site. It can be a color, pattern or image it doesn’t matter you can easily apply them as background. Along with that, you can use the custom CSS to customize your theme and a lightbox further to stylize your images and allows your visitors to view larger images quickly without leaving the current page.

Single posts:

single posts

This single post option helps to control the appearance and functionality of all your single post pages. Here you can choose the layouts of the single post, and you can categorize them according. Along with that, you can show the post Meta info, breadcrumbs and other options are available for this option.

You can use highlight author comment option to highlight author comment and also use the date in comments options as well.

Import and export:

import export options

You can quickly install demo themes with this import option. Here you can either import theme options, or you can import theme options and widgets, or you can even import theme options widgets and content.

This theme is having 1-click install option so that you can easily install with one click. Along with that, you can create a child theme for your current theme as well.

Along with these, it is having lots of other options and features. But I have mentioned them in a short point’s method above.

Let’s conclude this review.


Despite a few small issues in AdSense theme here and there. I liked this theme for AdSense blogs a lot, and I can definitely see myself using it in all the AdSense blogs.

As some whose option is to go with the incredibly flexible theme, then this AdSense theme is one of the best options. Because it is very flexible and it is an ad-friendly theme. If you want to earn money from your ads, then you can use theme effectively.

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