Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk v8.4.2 Download for Android (Latest 2024)

Mobile photography has seen a huge growth in recent years with high-quality camera phones and social media. People are taking more photos than ever before and like to stylize and edit them before sharing.

This has led to a demand for good photo editing apps that are easy to use on the go. One of the most popular options is Adobe Lightroom which provides powerful tools to enhance photos through an intuitive interface.

While the official Lightroom app is free to download, it has certain premium features locked behind a paid subscription. This is where the modified Lightroom Mod Apk comes in for Android users.

Adobe Lightroom mod apk

It offers all the advanced functionality unlocked for free. Let’s look at what makes Lightroom great for mobile photo editing and how to download and use the mod apk version.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

Some of the key features that make Lightroom a top choice for mobile photo editing are:

Powerful Editing Tools

Lightroom provides you with precision editing tools like tuning contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows and much more. You can make both basic and advanced adjustments to your photos with sliders and presets.

Diverse Filters and Presets

The app offers a wide selection of filters and presets created by photographers. With just a tap, you can apply these stylish effects to elevate your photos.

Facial Recognition

The app can automatically detect faces in your photos and group similar people together with keywords. This makes organizing and searching for photos breeze.

Cloud Storage and Sync

Lightroom lets you securely store original photos on the cloud at full resolution. You can then access them from any device and keep edits synced across mobile and desktop.

Support For Raw Images

You can import and edit photos in RAW format for maximum flexibility. The uncompressed data allows making non-destructive changes to your images.

Basic Video Editing

Along with photo editing, Lightroom provides options like trimming clips and adding audio tracks and transitions to short videos.

Benefits of Using Lightroom Mod Apk

The modified or modded version of Lightroom for Android offers some great advantages over the regular app, such as:

Unlocked Premium Features

You get access to all the advanced tools and options without any subscription fee. This includes selective editing brushes, granular curves, monochrome mixer and more.

No Annoying Ads

The mod apk has removed all the banner and full screen ads you see in the free version. This delivers an uninterrupted editing experience.

Extra Editing Presets and Overlays

With the premium filters and presets unlocked, you have more options to style your photos and make them pop.

Higher Resolution Export

You can export edited photos at their full original resolution instead of reduced size available in free version.

Complete Feature Set

No more seeing locked features that prompt you to upgrade. The mod gives you the complete Lightroom experience upfront.

Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk Info:

App NameAdobe Lightroom Mod Apk
Size113.83 MB
Latest Versionv8.4.2
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
UpdateAugust 01, 2024

Step-by-Step Guide to Download and Install Lightroom Mod Apk

Downloading and installing the modded Lightroom app with all features unlocked is easy and straightforward. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download Lightroom Mod Apk

First, you need to download the latest version of the mod apk file from a trusted site like ModdedAPK. Avoid unknown sources.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources

Go into Android settings > Safety & Privacy and enable the option for “Install Apps from Unknown Sources”. This allows installing third-party APKs.

Step 3: Locate and Install

Open your phone’s file manager, locate the downloaded Lightroom mod APK file and tap on it to begin installation.

Step 4: Launch the App

Once installed, you can open the Lightroom mod app from your phone’s app drawer and start using it with no limits!

Using Key Features of Lightroom Mod

Let’s look at how to use some of the most popular features of the modded Lightroom app:

Editing RAW Photos

  • Import a RAW image into Lightroom
  • Go to Edit tab and adjust exposure, highlights, shadows etc.
  • Use Color Grading tool to set white balance and style tones
  • Export final photo as JPEG or PNG format

Adding Premium Presets

  • Tap a photo to open the Edit screen
  • Select Presets option at the bottom
  • Browse through unlocked premium presets
  • Tap on a preset to instantly apply the effect

Cloud Photo Sync

  • Open the app Settings
  • Enable Sync Photos option and sign into Adobe account
  • Toggle on Sync to Cloud for folders you want backed up
  • Photos get synced to cloud and across devices

Sharing Edited Photos

  • After editing a photo, tap on the Share button
  • Choose to export as JPG up to original resolution
  • Select desired photo size and quality
  • Share directly or save edited photo to device

FAQs about Lightroom Mod Apk

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about the modified app:

Is Lightroom mod apk legal to download?

Modifying an app to get paid features for free is a legal grey area. The usage depends on local laws. It is recommended you already own the official app.

Does it work on both Android and iOS?

The modded Lightroom app only works for Android devices currently. iOS users can try similar apps like Darkroom.

Can I import Lightroom presets purchased on desktop?

Yes, you can sync any presets bought for desktop to your phone via the cloud photo sync feature.

Will my photos be safe in the mod app?

Your original photos remain secure as Lightroom mod uses lossless non-destructive editing like official Adobe Lightroom app.

Is there a file size or resolution limit?

You can import, edit and export photos at full original resolution and quality when using the mod.


Adobe Lightroom is already a powerful photo editor for mobile. The modded version makes it even better by unlocking all advanced features for free. With pro-level tools and intuitive interface, it is easy to enhance your photos on the go.

By following safe downloading practices, Android users can enjoy the full Lightroom experience. Just remember to use the app responsibly and respect copyrights. Happy photo editing!

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