AdCash Review: An Smart Way of Monetizing Your Blog

Blogging has been everywhere in the world; you can find bloggers in every country and due the enormous increase in blogging the websites expensive has been lifted as well.

Everyone must spend some money on blog or website to maintain their site in a proper way. Now after keeping some investment, they want to make something out of them, so bloggers always search for new ways of monetization.

Now, a blogger’s first option to monetize their blog is through Google AdSense, and each and every one believes in AdSense, but AdSense is not that easy to earn money.

Of course, it’s the best way to make money but it’s not for all, it has very strict rules, and if a blogger found that he/she is not following their rules they will immediately block their account.

And all the money which they have earned through the blog will not come, so this has been the biggest problem for every blogger and also the approval policy of AdSense has frustrated lots and lots of bloggers.

So, people started to find the best ad partner to earn some money, now here comes the best and global ad network Adcash. It is the most used and the trusted ad network which is serving their clients from 2007 onwards.

Let’s know about adcash:

About Adcash:

adcash review

AdCash is a global ad network which is the best solution to monetize for all the blogs and websites. Adcash is a worldwide advertising platform which is having many features and many options both for the advertiser and as well as the publisher.

AdCash was started in 2007 and has served more than 200 million users until now, and it’s increasing the count of users day by day. The Adcash team has built a unique trust in their customers and also they have a user-friendly support staff where they solve user(s) problems as soon as possible.

Adcash ad network is delivering incredible results for all the advertisers and publishers all around the world. Currently it’s serving, 249 Countries, and it’s having 5.2 Million conversions per month and 750 thousand app installs per month.

Advertisers features:


AdCash provides best features to reach a wide range of audience. Its features are specially build to give full control of your campaigns. Creating and managing your campaigns has been much easier than ever with adcash.

Digital marketing is not only limited to desktop now, it’s used in mobile and many other platforms, so the Adcash helps you to reach every device. It also supports multi-platform ad format to display the device friendly ads.

Features of advertisers:

  • Multi-platform ad formats.
  • Easily managed Video campaigns.
  • Powerful and accurate results of campaigns.
  • Device targeting.
  • Language targeting
  • Browser targeting, Keyword targeting, Os targeting.
  • Interest targeting.
  • Frequency capping.
  • Weekly distribution.
  • Real time Analytics.
  • Custom and scheduled reports.
  • CPC, CPM and CPV.
  • Best user friendly support

These are the best features of adcash for advertisers and these features can help you to reach more audience easily and to drive more sales and traffic to your sites.



Adcash is one of the best ad monetization platforms, and it’s used and trusted by millions of users. You can monetize your blog or website with the adcash ad platform.

It will maximize publishers earning by displaying most relevant ads and it increases the click through rate.

Earning money with adcash has been easier, all you have to do is to register with adcash and just paste a simple code on your site and start making real money from the best ad network Adcash.

Adcash offers the best and high paying rates in the business, and they offer best payouts and the most important thing is that they pay on time. Whether its display ad or CPM or CPC banner ads or CPV in stream video ads adcash always make sure you get high paying ads on your site by comparing.

You can monetize everything with the adcash either is a blog, website or video or app you can monetize them easily and earn great income. This is an all-in-one solution so publishers can monetize virtually any type of content on any device.

Features of Adcash Publishers:

  • High paying rates.
  • Proprietary technology platform.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Advanced algorithms.
  • Finds ad impressions easily.
  • Ease statistics.
  • Superior support.

Ad formats:

ad format

It offers wide range of ad formats,

In desktop and mobile it offers:

  • Leaderboard ad
  • Rectangle
  • Skyscraper
  • Slide In
  • In-App Footer
  • Sticky footer
  • In-stream video ads
  • pop under and Background.

For Mobile In-app adcash offers:

  • In-App footer.
  • In-App Interstitial
  • In-App Video.

Payment options:

payment alternative

Adcash has best payment portal advertisers can easily pay through different modes as per advertiser convenience like PayPal, Credit cards.

For publishers adcash pays through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, web money. Adcash follows Net-30 payment module which ensure that the publisher will get payment after 30days. Its minimum payment is 100 Euros.

Best User friendly Support:


Adcash is having the best support team, as they always try and help their customers as soon as possible and they take care of their customers problems by clarifying and resolving problem in a well approached manner.  A dedicated account manager is provided for a user who sign up with adcash either they are advertisers or publishers they will have one dedicated account manager to solve any issues regarding the adcash. They mostly solve problems within 12 hours of query which is requested.

Multilingual website:


Adcash website is a multilingual website where you can access other languages, where some people will have problem with English then they can switch it to their own language.

It offers 8 different languages, presently and it will extended it soon presently the languages in use are English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish etc.


Adcash is the best ad network for both the advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can reach to millions of people online across all the platforms and they can achieve best results through the easy and effective campaign. And Publishers can earn a lot by monetizing their websites and blogs with the adcash and they can easily user this adcash across all the platforms and it’s an all in one solution of ads monetization.

If you have any sort of quires regarding this topic then feel free to post your comment below, I would love to hear comments from you.


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