A Small Orange Review: What I love and Hate About it

a small orange review

A small orange is one webhosting services which is spreading its name around the globe as one of the best web hosting services. A Small Orange company is also known as the ASO.

Most of you might already know about the ASO but if you don’t know then here is the best place to get started. I am going to say the features of the A Small orange hosting in this article.

So, let’s jump into the further explanation by knowing about its story

Story of A Small Orange:

A small orange hosting is one of the oldest webhosting services. It was actually founded in 2004 itself as a homegrown hosting company. And later on in 2010, it was acquired by the Endurance International group (EIG), this was the same group which has acquired even some big hosting services like Bluehost and Hostgator hosting services.

ASO is one of the best web hosting services because of its affordable plans. Previously, this was a webhosting service at the messy situation, but after the Endurance International group acquired that it has recovered and showing its best services in shared webhosting.

A Small Orange Company Specialization:

Small Orange Company stands on the top ten webhosting platforms. It has some best webhosting plans, and it is acquired decent customer trust towards their shared hosting plans.

So, let’s have a look at the features of the small orange company.

Features of A small Orange Company:

When coming to the features of the small orange company, it has some unique features to have a look at

  • It is having the homegrown hosting with a personal touch, and it’s having the friendly behaviour towards the customers.
  • It offers the top notch 100% SSD – powered hardware that makes your hosting platform a professional hosting and it also provides some speed to your site.
  • The main benefit of the small orange is it takes the daily backups always to ensure that your site is protected. So whenever you lose any data, then you can easily get the help from backups and restore your site.
  • It has the live server status which monitors your page, and it also has the active forum where you can discuss your doubts and glitches.
  • It offers 99.9% uptime and it also guaranteed it by making a statement.
  • It has no significant hidden limitation, and no other marketing materials included inside its cPanel so that it has a hassle free and blot free cPanel.
  • There will be no marketing email in your mailbox, and it won’t upset you with weekly frustrating emails.
  • It delivers the latest processors such as Intel Xeon E5 Dual hex core processor to make you get some speed and smoothness.
  • Servers are based in the two different ties, and the one data centres it’s mostly done it that way for reducing the latency and higher pickups to make your visitors loads your page faster.
  • It has the password protected directory and IP-blocking Support to make a site more reliable.

These are the features of the small orange company which is so called as ASO. It also has another compelling feature which we should discuss that it customer support.

Speed – The Main X Factor of ASO is its blazing Speed:

I have done some test to check its speed because the speed is one the critical factor of the website.

If your visitors finds that your site was loading very slowly, then it hardly takes a millisecond to leave from your websites, and that is true.

Research also shows that a single second delay in site loading time can simply effect 7% percent of the conversion of your site.

So, you should take care of your speed, so that’s why I have conducted a test to check the speed of ASO hosting.

The site was fully loaded with the images and text and I just plugged it into the Pingdom. The load time was under 1 sec. That is a good sign.

speed test for aso

I found this speed as the best speed. That’s why it is having the best shape when we see the speed.

Uptime – It is having the Strong Uptime of 99.97%:

Uptime is always crucial when it comes to site reputation. Usually, we don’t know when you’ll get massive traffic from different sources. For suppose if you have any article features on the popular blogs then you can easily get the tonnes and tonnes of traffic to your site and at that the uptime is very crucial.

If your site did well in speed, but it keeps getting low by an underperformed web host with the poor uptime statics then you will be crashed and it won’t get desired traffic.

Here at ASO, our test found that it has one the best uptime in the webhosting industry.

It has got me the results of 99.97% over the past one year. And you can say that’s simply awesome and it is the far best performing statics in the industry. 

Shared Hosting Plans:

Presently, A Small Orange company is offering four different shared hosting plans in that the first one is Tiny (500MB Space, 5GB Bandwidth) and the second one is Small (5GB space, 50GB bandwidth) many customers loved this small plan. And the third one was the Medium plan (15GB space, 150 Bandwidth) and finally the 4th plan is Large plan (30GB and 500GB bandwidth).

shared hosting plans

Although all the plans are having a difference in the web space and bandwidth. All the other features are similar to all the four plans, and I can’t find any significant differences between the features.

Most of the developers and designers only prefer the Small plan because of its affordable cost and if you want to go rather than that ASO simply charges more amount.

aso small plan

But when you compare them with the other webhosting services, then you can find that they are offering little amount money with the better disk space and bandwidth.

So, the only deal you have to look at in ASO is tiny, and the small shared hosting plans to save your money.

If you don’t have much traffic, then tiny is a better plan but if you have more traffic than its best to opt the small shared hosting plan. If you go beyond that, it can be worthy, but the cost will kill your minds. So it’s better to stay there.

Coming to the Overall performance – Is ASO Costly?

By seeing its results and other flexible shared hosting plans, it has proved that the two plans of the shared hosting are affordable and I believe that small is better in disk space and bandwidth as well.

  • Tiny (500MB, 5GB Bandwidth) — $2.92 per month ($35.04 per year)
  • Small (5GB, 50GB Bandwidth) — $5 per month ($60 per year)
  • Medium (15GB, 150GB Bandwidth) — $10 per month ($120 per year)
  • Large (30GB, 500GB Bandwidth) — $20 per month ($240 per year)

You can see that tiny and small are far more affordable than the other hosting plans like medium and large.

So, it’s better to opt a tiny and small plans which can give you enough disk space and bandwidth you require for your blogs or websites and it is can also boost your site with the speed and performance.  Although it’s having a quality support and a reliable hosting platform, it is best to choose small and tiny plans.

The primary defect of the ASO is it didn’t divide their plans perfectly, although it was the company which was acquired by Endurance group it didn’t have a clear plan or focus on the plans.

If you compare the plans with the blue host, you can find that blue host is much better in offering unlimited plans.

Customer Support:

Customer Support will let you down when you urgently needed it. It’s not like they won’t help you in urgency, but there is a considerable time difference in between raising a ticket and having a response from their side.

I had an issue with my blog Myquickidea and raised a ticket to resolve the issue. Actually, my blog got hacked by the evil souls. The support didn’t help me getting the blog data. Maybe they don’t store an additional copy of our data. 

But yeah, it was all fine with revamping my shared hosting account. The hacking attempt was not the fault of ASO. It seems that it happened due to my mistake. I don’t know the truth behind this. The response rate from ASO was 100%. I always got the guidance to sort out the issues.


If you are looking for a reliable, user-friendly and affordable host which has better customer support and blazing speed, then give it a shot but if you want the high bandwidth and unlimited plans, then it is better to leave small orange.

With our test and another review, we have found this information. Now, it’s all up to you think about the excellent plan which suits your site and enjoy blogging. This is all about the small orange review if you have any queries then feel free to comment us below. I’d love to see your comments.


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