9 Ways to Improve Your Follow-up Emails

Following up on your customers is a great way of establishing a good relationship with customers. It usually leads to improved customer retention rates which is something every business should be targeting.

Your current customers are more responsible for the success of your business than new customers. It is for this reason that you should put a lot of effort into making sure that they stay loyal to your brand.

That’s where follow-up emails come in. This tool can be a great way of making sure that your customers don’t forget about you. But just like everything else in business, if not done properly, you can still find yourself to be unsuccessful even after ending a lot of follow-up emails to your customers.

9 Ways to Improve Your Follow-up Emails

Here Are The Best Ways to Improve Your Follow-up Emails

Follow-up emails have to be created well to make sure that they are effective. If not written properly, your follow-up emails can be unresponsive. At first, this task may seem challenging but with a little practice, you will see better results.

Sending follow-up emails can be frustrating, especially, when you don’t get any response. So what can you do to make sure you are more successful when following up on your leads? To make sure that your follow-up emails are successful, follow these tips.

1. Ask for Feedback

Ask for feedback

A way of making sure customers respond to your follow-up emails is by giving them the chance to send feedbacks. Ask customers to send feedbacks in each email you send. This feedback may be positive or negative.

Either way, you get some sort of response which is a step in the right direction. A positive feedback is encouraging and give you the chance to ask a customer to purchase your products or services.

2. Make it Simple

Make it simple

The truth is that no one wants to spend a lot of time reading emails. Already the inbox may be filled with loads of emails this leaves less time to read each email. On average, a person can receive more than 120 business emails a day.

According to Radicati, this number is expected to rise to 128 in 2019. So, when you write a follow-up email, remember that it should be as short as possible while still containing all the information. You can write as few as four to five sentences when following up on clients.

3. Clearly State Your Purpose

Clearly state your purpose

Always state your purpose for sending a follow-up email. Make sure that this is clearly stated in the subject line. Be specific and make sure the purpose is for a specific target group.

Defining the purpose of a follow-up email for a specific group will make it easier for you to create an effective subject line. Go directly to the point so that customers can know your true intentions.

4. Proper Timing

Proper timing

So, you have written your follow-up email. When is the appropriate time to send it? It is advisable to send follow-up emails to customers at least once every three months. You can, of course, send more frequently if you have new offers or something new to inform your customers about.

One thing you want to avoid is sending emails frequently as this can make you seem desperate. Sending too many emails causes people to unsubscribe from emails. So you have to avoid doing this.

5. Make it Relevant

Make it relevant

While many businesses may be scavenging for any opportunity to attract the attention of customers, it is important to make sure that it is in line with the needs of customers. Otherwise, you will end up offering something that customers will not respond to. When writing your email state how your offer will benefit your customers.

Offer valuable information regarding any new products or services that you have. State the advantages of your products because they may be considering the same offer that competitors may be offering. In short, make it about your customers, not about yourself.

6. Provide Something Interesting

Provide something interesting

Sometimes customers may not respond to all the follow-up emails that you might have sent. However, you should not give up. You have to put into consideration that they might not be responding because they are more interested in what your competitors are offering.

So why not offer them something that they won’t refuse. Make sure that your offer is something that customers need or are interested in. If done well, it can elicit a response from your customers. It is the best way of attracting the attention of customers.

7. Make it Easy for Customers to Respond

Make it easy for customers to respond

Have you ever stopped to think that you are not getting any response because it is difficult for clients to respond? Well, this can be the main reason you are not getting the number of responses you are targeting. You can make it easier for customers to respond to your follow-up emails by providing:

  • Surveys
  • Links that can be shared
  • Your telephone number
  • Social media platforms

8. Offer Customers Something New

Offer Customers Something New

You can send follow-up emails whenever you have any new updates. You don’t have to forget about previous leads when you are providing new updates. You can use the new updates as a way of following up on previous emails. In this way, you can achieve two goals with just one email.

9. Use Email Signature

Use Email Signature

NEWOLDSTAMP will help you to create a signature that you should use in all emails. Even though you are sending follow-up emails, they should still contain your email signature. This is because customers can identify your business through your email signature.

A business email signature will add value to your follow-up emails. There are various templates that you can use to generate email signatures for your business. The best part is that you can customize your email signature. You can use a professional email signature that suits your business.


Keep trying and send out those emails. Always offer customers something that they can’t resist as this is the most successful way to get a response. It might take you some time before you get any response. Just remember to not give up and keep trying until you get the response you want.

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