10 Reasons Why Custom IT Solutions are More Important to Your Business than You Thought

The transformation of businesses into tech-run enterprises has prompted more companies to invest in their digital solutions heavily. This has made life easier for them through seamless operations and also boosting and exploring new revenue streams available from the digital space.

The majority, if not all businesses, highly depend on efficiency and profitability which go hand-in-hand. A quick and correct performance of a task can create a clear line between losing out and getting all the deserved profits.

However, so many myths and misconceptions concerning the digital space exist. As soon as a company wishes to invest in digital solutions, you will see them getting bombarded with tons of off the shelf options.

10 Reasons Why Custom IT Solutions are More Important to Your Business than You Thought (1)

According to the industry leaders, investing much in ready-to-deploy IT solutions for your business may not always be the best answer. Custom software development is ideal for any business growth as it offers it a personalized digital touch to cater to their specific needs. Off-the-shelf software solutions, on the other hand, are general and perform minimal tasks.

Here are our top ten reasons why custom IT solutions are more important to your business than you thought.

1. Avoid searching and testing numerous software

There are millions of software applications which are currently available in the market. Some are freely available, but it will take you a rather long time sampling them all. You might even waste your resources purchasing some which might not match your requirements at the end of the day. You might also get complex solutions with excessive features which are not helpful to you.

Avoid all these hassles by getting a unique software solution.

2. Avoid multiple software solutions

There are many tasks which you might be forced to handle manually. Sometimes, regular tasks such as payroll, invoicing, inventory, etc. will need different software to perform.

However, this information may need to be put together or integrated at some point, making it prone to errors. Avoid working on these repetitive tasks manually and get a system which performs them, error, and hassle-free.

3. Avoid non-scalability

Flexibility is key to all businesses today. Off the shelf, the software cannot adapt to the changing requirements of a company, whether big or small. The scalability of custom software is vital to the growth of a company as it can be tweaked to meet its needs.

Doing so will no longer limit your company’s growth to the scope of the available software.

4. Cybersecurity is still a major concern

According to the Gartner Report, there was a 30% growth of internet-accessible devices as from 2016, increasing the probability of hackers sprouting. Business executives have grown concern over the high numbers of confidential company information being hacked due to the lack of control of how their data is stored.

OTS software might have some loopholes in their security features, but getting a custom one will ensure that you have full control of your security. You will also be able to detect whenever a security concern arises, and sort it out immediately.

5. The need to meet compliance standards

Compliance details are usually very precise for some regulations. If your company does not capture the necessary information as required, you might get in trouble. Get to know all that is required of you, get custom software to handle them all, and you are good to go.

6. Minimal Interface Problem

Custom software solutions are created with specific requirements. There are way fewer complications which might arise concerning their functionality, as compared to the off the shelf types. Since they are equipped with only the software your company requires, it might not be as complex to maneuver through it.

Further, the application is tailored for each department within your institution. You should not face any interface problems, unlike the case for packaged software.

7. Complexities in system integration

A complete business depends on different operations made possible by different vendors. These tools all have their own independent technology infrastructure requirements, different development methodologies, architectural differences, and varying levels of implementation.

For a business to run more effectively, you ought to have a single streamlined technological ecosystem which can deliver value to your company. Integrating all these vendors to be accessible easily is more advantageous, unlike having them as individual services.

A custom suit will be created, integrating all the required applications, and having it used by the business to meet its demands.

8. Future proof innovations

The world is dynamic and is ever-changing. The business field undergoes major changes in innovation every day as new concepts and trends are made. To be on the safe side and be able to be competitive, companies ought to be flexible in accepting new changes.

One of the best ways this can be done is by getting custom-made software solutions which can be fine-tuned as time goes by. One of the major problems significant with ready to deploy solutions is when a new feature they want cannot be provided for by the vendor.

They will either have to wait until a newer version is released (which takes ages) or have to purchase from another vendor. Why not avoid all that by getting custom solutions?

You can still experiment on and be a market leader in introducing innovative concepts rather than establishing yourselves as latecomers.

9. Reduced costs in the long run

Many business executives become frantic with the mention of a custom software solution, mostly due to finances. Getting custom IT solutions at first might seem expensive but will save you lots of money in the long run.

The inexpensive solutions will seem okay when you use for the first time, but a few months down the line, it will become obsolete as you need advanced services. You will then be forced to get others, or an upgrade from a different vendor.

Custom solutions are prepared for change hence will remain relevant for a rather long time.

10. Unmatched support

Businesses will have direct access to the developers of tailor-made solutions. Issues can, therefore, be solved much faster, unlike the OTS packages where support can take days to reply to a client.


Save time and increase your profitability by getting custom IT solutions for your venture. Find out about what you really need and access it all in one click.

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