Keyword Planner Alternative: Keyword Hub

Keyword Planner Alternative keyword hub

Keyword research is the essential part of blogging and SEO. Without it, we can’t lead further in blogging. The search volume assist in evaluating the value of any keyword. No one wants to work on a keyword having negligible or almost no searches. We were using the Keyword planner since a long time to solve this […]

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Important Tools Every Novice Blogger Needs

Important Tools Every Novice Blogger Needs

If you’re new to blogging, you may be unsure about where to start and what tools to use. Certain tools and systems have the potential to speed up your blogging progress and make it much easier to carry out this online activity. Below are some of the most important tools every novice blogger needs. – […]

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Dofollow Forum List to Build Quality Backlinks in Ethical Way

Dofollow Forum List

Dofollow backlinks are crucial for any blog or website SEO. They help in getting high rank in the Google. In the earlier time having dofollow backlinks was very easy, but after the Penguin update, Google started to put a penalty on bloggers and webmasters who were involved in creating spammy backlinks. Now, the earlier techniques […]

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11+ Catchy Blog Title Generator Tools

Catchy Blog Title Generator Tools

Today’s blogging world is quite dependent on content, which is freshly designed in various ways by great authors, writers, bloggers and newbies as well. In such a huge content competition. How can a blogger stand out? What is the main thing that a blogger has to do to get the attention of almost everyone who […]

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10 Amazing Ways to make money online in India

ways to make money online in india

It’s a human tendency to earn some money to make their life more peaceful and wealthy, but making money has been a daunting task. We can’t get money easily. To earn money from any source, you must give your best shot to make something out of your work. Read: How to stay Motivated when you are […]

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FPPT: The Best Resource to Download Free PowerPoint Templates


Whenever you think about presentations, PowerPoint comes to mind. With an estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations made each day, it is undoubtedly the best presentation app. Moreover, it provides cross-platform compatibility and the utility to create, view, edit and share presentations from the cloud. While you might have made several presentations over the years, have […]

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Indian Affiliate Summit 2016: Meet the RockStars of Online World

indian affiliate summit 2016

I attend many blogging related events. I also organize in my city Jaipur. I did one Bloggers meet in Jaipur so far. I will again organize second meet for Jaipur blogger, but right now I’m quite excited about IAS 2016. It’s Indian Affiliate Summit, which is the biggest affiliate event that brings together like-minded people at […]

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#Ask Q&A #1: Backlink Strategy, Link Relevancy, Link Indexing

Ask MyQuickidea Q&A

Welcome to the first session of #AskMyQuickidea. We will feature the expert on Myquickidea to answer your queries. If you have any Blogging related issue, submit your question for the next session. Question #1: Number of backlinks / day for a long term blog? How many Number of backlinks? Well, I must say- no policy describes […]

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AdCash Review: An Smart Way of Monetizing Your Blog

adcash review

Blogging has been everywhere in the world; you can find bloggers in every country and due the enormous increase in blogging the websites expensive has been lifted as well. Everyone must spend some money on blog or website to maintain their site in a proper way. Now after keeping some investment, they want to make […]

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CPX Centre Review: Don’t Wait Monetize Your Blog Right Away

CPX Centre review (1)

CPX Centre is one of the best ad serving platforms which is more reliable and is also affordable ad serving platform. CPX centre provides software to websites and advertisers to serve their ads on their websites with ease.  It provides in-depth analysis of the ads and its real performing capability. Actually, CPX centre was started […]

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Yes Advertising Review: Feel Free to Monetize Your Site

Yes Advertising (1)

Yes advertising is one of the popular advertising networks in the world. It’s a global digital media company which can expand your digital advertising reach. It’s a product from Yes up Media Inc. Yes up Media Inc, is a modern online and offline advertising company which is particular known for its easy advertising portal. Yes […]

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Long Tail Pro Alternative: Find Yours….

Long Tail Pro Alternative-1

Bloggers write many posts in the one month and expects that they will get massive traffic. This is just the imagination until and unless blogger doesn’t rank for keywords. To write the quality content and then ranking for that content is the primary necessity of blogging. Nowadays, the importance of Long Tail Keyword is increasing […]

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Elite Site Optimizer for all Your Seo Needs

elite site optimizer

Every website owners want to increase their site traffic and sales, but have ever thought how to do that; you might already know that with search engine optimisation and other tactics you can get traffic. But many bloggers and marketers often want to improve their performance, and they prepare their sites reports. And they also […]

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